Zack Snyder Reveals Which Marvel Projects He’d Love to Direct


  • Zack Snyder, known for his controversial superhero films, is open to joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe but only if he can choose to direct an Elektra or Daredevil movie.
  • Snyder’s interest in directing an Elektra Lives Again adaptation shows his affinity for dark and complex comic book stories.
  • The characters of Daredevil and Elektra would align well with Snyder’s directing style, which is evident in his previous comic book adaptations like Watchmen and his own franchise based on DC characters.

Zack Snyder may have left the world of superheroes behind after his time in the DCEU, but that doesn’t mean he can’t return in the future. Would he return to the genre by joining the MCU? Maybe, but only if they let him choose the characters he was able to work with.

Snyder’s legacy within the world of comic book adaptations is enormous, despite the fact that he has unleashed so many controversies and divisions within the DC fandom, and that his projects have generated mixed reactions from audiences and critics. Even now that he’s away from the men and women in capes, questions about the superhero genre still come up in almost all of his interviews.

With the release of Rebel Moon, his next space opera for Netflix, just around the corner, Snyder can already think about his next steps. And while he already has plans to expand the universe of his new film, returning to comic books is not something he has ruled out.

In an article published by The Hollywood Reporter, the director revealed that he is interested in joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but only if it were to direct an Elektra or Daredevil movie. Especially if it was an adaptation of Fran Miller’s Elektra Lives Again.

Published in 1990, the graphic novel is one of the most recognized in Miller’s career. The story focuses on the return of Elektra Natchios from the grave, after Matt Murdock did everything he could to save her despite their complicated relationship. The story delves into the consequences of Elektra’s return on Daredevil’s life and, of course, how that affects the entire city he is supposed to keep safe.

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Daredevil or Elektra Movies Could Be Right Up Zack Snyder’s Street

Jennifer Garner as Elektra and Ben Affleck as Daredevil fighting with weapons
20th Century Studios

Snyder made his directorial debut in 2004 with Dawn of the Dead, and in 2007 he directed his first comic book adaptation, 300. The success of the Gerald Butler movie led him to direct Watchmen, based on the comic book series created by Alan Moore, one of the most dark and acclaimed of all time. Snyder was able to represent that gloomy world very well on the big screen, and again his success paid off. Warner Bros. Pictures chose him to direct Man of Steel, Henry Cavill’s first time out as Superman, and develop his own franchise based on DC characters, in order to compete with the MCU.

Although Warner Bros. wanted to put something akin to The Avengers on screen as soon as possible, this was never Snyder’s intention. As he said in the same interview, the studio bringing in Joss Whedon to complete Justice League made the movie something he never intended, and according to him, “wasn’t the answer.”

“We cared deeply about what we were doing. We weren’t trying to make an Avengers movie. We weren’t. We didn’t know how, quite frankly. They brought someone in that did. I’ve never seen the [Whedon version], but it wasn’t the answer.”

Daredevil, Elektra and other characters that featured in the Netflix Defenders universe, fit very well with the projects that Snyder usually brings to the screen. In fact, Marvel Studios recently announced a new banner within the company, which will see more mature content coming from the MCU, such as the upcoming Echo. Perhaps one day, Snyder will have the chance to develop something for Marvel Studios in this vein, but of course, right now, he is happier building his own epic universes, such as that of his new Netflix venture, Rebel Moon.

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