Yung Bleu Airs Out ‘Snake’ Boosie Badazz As Beef Heats Up

Boosie Badazz and Yung Bleu’s brewing feud has boiled over, with the former collaborators trading vicious words on social media.

The “Wipe Me Down” rapper and his former signee have been embroiled in a financial dispute for over a year over claims that Bleu and his current label, EMPIRE, owe Boosie a significant amount of money.

The Baton Rouge native has also alleged that his signature was forged to release Bleu from Bad Azz Music Syndicate, allowing him to join the independent record label and distribution company, which was founded in 2010 by Ghazi Shami.

Their latest — and most heated — back-and-forth was sparked on Sunday (September 3) when Yung Bleu posted a photo on his Instagram Stories of $1 million in cash he’d earned from his Love Scars Tour — angering his former mentor and label boss.

“N THIS N-GGA STILL DONT WANNA PAY ME‼️” Boosie vented while resharing the photo on his own Instagram page. “AT THIS POINT HE PLAYING ME LIKE IM JUST A BITCH ASS N-GGA.”

The Moon Boy singer issued a lengthy response on X, claiming Boosie didn’t honor the terms of their contract and invested barely anything into his career, yet is demanding $10 million.

He also said he offered Boosie $2 million and the publishing rights to his mixtape catalog, along with 50 percent of his new material, but Boosie turned it down and bashed him publicly.

Additionally, Bleu claimed he’s not the only artist who suffered on Bad Azz Music Syndicate, and that some of the label’s current signees privately complain to him.

“He not a yo gotti!” he wrote in part. “N-gga [want] 10 million for not investing 1 dollar. Yo brother put up money! I gave u my whole first deal funds. 100k off the love and the rights to all my mixtape shit. And 50% split. And offered u 2 million.

“U went on vlad and said fuck my 2 million! Now u going back on the deal we made when I [blew] up. Saying we did it behind your back! We coulda walked away from your deal without giving u any of that n-gga. Cuz u ain’t do shit in the contract I was paying for everything.”

He added: “Roc Nation told me I was stupid for letting u have all that when I coulda walked away from the contract it was VOID! And his old artist and the ones on side of em they write me every day complaining but scared to speak up.

“Spend the money! Do some marketing! [Don’t] let somebody else come and invest blow em up and expect a return on the work you ain’t put in. And if that do happen be [grateful] if they offer [yo] stingy azz anything! … If it’s fuck me it’s fuck you [too]!”

Boosie hit back with a lengthy response of his own, in which he accused Yung Bleu of lying and being “ungrateful” for everything he’s done for his career.

The 40-year-old also claimed he gave his former artist tens of thousands of dollars, along with cuban link chains and mink coats so he didn’t look like a “clown” while on tour.

“N-gga u big cap … u have a lying disease. You so stupid everything u got I gave to u whether through [Boosie’s brother] TQ [or] whether u was asking me for it. Yo promotion came from by bank account clown!” he wrote in an iPhone Note shared on Instagram.

“Them cubans you wore on your first couple tours was mines that u kept for a year. That wasn’t his jewelry lol! Didn’t want you to look like a clown with no jewelry (u ungrateful) them mink coats were my mink coats [in] your videos lol.”

Boosie Badazz Threatens To ‘Expose’ Yung Bleu & His Brother: ‘Them N-ggas Con Artists’

Boosie Badazz Threatens To ‘Expose’ Yung Bleu & His Brother: ‘Them N-ggas Con Artists’

He added: “You go do a deal for 5 mill [and] forge my signature [and] don’t tell me nothing #snake then wait till I get shot [and] bring me 100k on Instagram [and] say this for being my CEO but still never tell me about a deal[.] Guess your conscience was eating u up #snake.

“Now Empire say y’all did that forgery they ain’t have nothing to do with it lol that’s how they [gonna] do you until u make another hit. [And] they paying for your lawyers so you getting put [in] millions of debt with them [while] we argue.

“They playing u like a duck. The whole world knew u was my artist. Me singing yo songs [and] sending them viral what got yo songs hot clown … U mad at yourself for what u did cause you know u ain’t have to do that to me. Go get it tatted #MrUngrateful.”

Boosie then shared a screenshot of an alleged text conversation from July, in which Yung Bleu told him that he “can’t make Empire pay [you]” until their legal dispute is over and urged him to remove OVO, Drake’s label, from his lawsuit.

“When we discussing him paying me my shit for them forging my name this dick riding ass n-gga tryna GET DRAKE OUT THE LAWSUIT like really n-gga U worried about drake,” Boosie captioned the photo. “Tryna get me to drop the lawsuit saying we can work together smh N-GGA I DONT WANNA WORK WITH YOU I WANT MY MONEY now u bout to leave EMPIRE THIS N-GGA JUST A SNAKE.”

An angry Bleu returned fire by challenging Boosie to “show the receipts” while accusing him of being a “snake” by going back on a business agreement.

He also denied Boosie’s claims about the cuban link chains, instead saying that the Louisiana rap legend gifted him a fake Rolex watch that he wore out of loyalty.

“Everybody wronging Boosie he so real right? N-gga show the receipts,” he wrote on X. “I can show receipts of me giving u money (from Columbia, and out my pocket 100k each time). U can’t show me shit back … If u a real CEO drop the books.

“A Cuban? Hell no. U gave me 0$ and a fake Rolex off your wrist. That’s it. And I rocked that shit cuz it was from you never told nobody that. I rocked out with u 5 years for free but I got a family [too]! Your contract was no good n-gga u ain’t do anything in it.”

He added: “I never signed a co-sign deal with u. Your company agreed to spend a certain amount of $. And after 5 years instead of straight up leaving after u refused to spend money, I came to u with my idea of going to Empire.

“I kept it real and let u own 50% o the new shit and 100% of my old shit to end our business peacefully. After that I went up and u going back on what we agreed snake azz n-gga. [Then] to please u again, I offered u 2 [million] on top of that when u start bitching again. And u wanted 10 mill? … Should took that 2 [million].

“1 day you can sell that catalog I gave u and give it to ya kids so pray I keep the hits coming n-gga and selling shit out. Now I can’t post my hard earned shit? But u flexed up getting money? Everybody supposed to be broke while Boosie get money.”

In another post, Bleu claimed he’s simply caught in the crossfire between Boosie and his brother TQ, who have long been at odds.

“Him and his brother got a lifetime feud going on that span way deeper than me and I’m in the middle,” he added. “They business was sloppy TQ talks about it in a new interview but he still acting timid about speaking cuz end of the day they brothers.

“But I’ll tell ya with my chest. They business was fucked up your brother started Badazz [Music Syndicate]. And they been into [it] way before I came along.”

The back-and-forth became even more personal when Boosie ridiculed Yung Bleu for his marital problems with his wife, who recently put him on blast for allegedly flying out another woman.

“Mr ungrateful go get yo wife back with some sorrys cause yo dick aint go get her back lol [crying face emojis],” he tweeted. “I shoulda batted you with that rod n 2018-2019 when yall tried to steal from me the first time when u went n yo pocket a gave me that 30k on canal street‼️”

He continued: “Yo wife [crying face emoji] why you aint never claim ‘yo wife.’ Why you aint never do a interview about ‘yo wife.’ Why u aint never make a song bout yo ‘wife’. Why nobody dont know bout ‘yo wife’ cause u was shamed of ‘yo wife.’ she want a divorce lawyer now thats ‘yo wife.’ Thats n-gga fa ya lol.”

“That woman dont want no n-gga look like a dike [crying face emoji].”

Bleu responded by pointing out that he has in fact sung about his wife in numerous songs, saying that Boosie’s ignorance only illustrates what a poor record executive he is.

“I got platinum songs were I refrennce my wife Boosie called ice on my baby go check it out,” he clapped back. “If u was tuned in you would no that I dropped that when I was signed to u u wouldn’t no cuz yen help market. [crying face emoji] that’s yo 3rd lie today. I made another platinum song to called unappreciated about her to [salute emoji].”

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