XTC on the possibility of a band reunion: “Never say never”

XTC have spoken about the possibility of reuniting the band at some point in the future, with each member offering different perspectives about the prospect.

The Swindon post-punk four-piece – frontman Andy Partridge, bassist Colin Moulding, drummer Terry Chambers and guitarist Dave Gregory – have reflected on their legacy and looked to the future in a rare new interview with hometown paper, the Swindon Advertiser.

The band, known for songs like ‘Making Plans for Nigel’, ‘Sgt. Rock (Is Going to Help Me)’ and ‘Senses Working Overtime’, formed in 1972 and split in 2006.

The four members have now shared their thoughts on whether the band would ever reunite or release new music amid their own musical pursuits.

“I think we’ve all got our own things going as I do sessions at the moment and I’d want to do another EP probably next year as well of my own,” said Moulding.

“As for reforming now, I can’t see it really because we’ve all got different agendas because Terry wants to tour and Andy doesn’t and nor do I so it’s hard to reconcile that really.”

He added: “Never say never I suppose because with the internet you’re able to record remotely with one another and that could quite feasibly happen with the memories of XTC.

Moulding continued that there could be a “possibility” they “each individually record our parts at home and then somebody could mix it”.

Colin Moulding, Dave Gregory, Andy Partridge and Terry Chambers of XTC
Colin Moulding, Dave Gregory, Andy Partridge and Terry Chambers of XTC on 2/8/80 in Chicago, Il (CREDIT: Paul Natkin/WireImage)

Chambers, who still tours with his band EXTC, playing covers of the band’s original songs, shared: “It wouldn’t be a problem for me as I’m still playing live regularly but as for the others, ask them.

He clarified: “My feeling is no, it will never happen.”

Gregory also agreed that it would be dependant on a number of factors. “I’d be prepared for the four of us just to get together for a photo session just for austerities sake,” he said.

“If everyone was into it, I would join in but I’m not going to force it and I’m not even going to suggest it.”

He went on: “I mean I would jump at the chance, but I think Andy is very aware of these men in their 60s and older going out and trying to be his energetic and usual self as they were in their hay day.

“It would be nice but it won’t happen unless it’s Andy’s idea.”

Frontman Partridge, meanwhile, stated that it would “horrify” him, unless it was “just a kickabout”.

“Some of the saddest sights you will see, and hear, are old, fat, bald, hoarse pop groups, waddling around a stage, in front of people trying to relive their youth,” he explained. “Move on folks, get your feet out of the nostalgia swamp, it’s deadly.”

Partridge concluded: “I’d leave XTC as it is, a perfectly flawed historical event that left much good music in our vapour trail.

“The future belongs to the young.”

Elsewhere in the interview, the band reflected on the musical legacy they left in their Wiltshire hometown. “It’s nice to leave a legacy of any sort as we’re only here for a short time and if you’ve made your mark then that’s fantastic,” said Moulding.

“Thanks to all the people who have kept the legacy alive and my appreciation to all of those people who have.”

Partridge added: “My little pigeon chest glows with warmth when I think that folks have said they are proud to be from the same town as XTC.

XTC released 12 original albums between 1977 and 1992, starting with their debut ‘White Music’ in 1978 and bookending their Virgin discography with ‘Nonsuch’ in 1992. They released their final two albums, ‘Apple Venus Volume 1’ (1999) and ‘Wasp Star (Apple Venus Volume 2)’ (2000) through Cooking Vinyl.

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