WoW SoD: 6 Best Addons For Leveling Up In World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft Classic’s Season of Discovery is in full swing. However, diving headfirst into Wow’s leveling journey can be challenging.

As you embark on your journey through the phases of WoW’s Season of Discovery, you shouldn’t overlook the game-changing enhancements add-ons can offer. After all, WoW has been around for almost 20 years, and players have done nothing but try to enhance the experience since then. At the start of this journey, I’ve sifted through the vast add-on landscape to bring you the top six add-ons to enhance your leveling-up experience during the Season of Discovery.

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1. What’s Training

best season of discovery addons
Image via CurseForge

Spell learning is a huge part of WoW. However, I don’t feel like running back to my class trainer every time I level up. 

Enter What’s Training, a time-saving add-on that neatly compiles all available trainer spells for your current and upcoming levels. No need to alt-tab to external sources; What’s Training puts the power in your hands, ensuring you never miss a spell again. 

This leveling add-on is a time saver perfect for alt-levelers looking to manage their spell training efficiently and stay ahead of the leveling curve.

2. Questie

best SoD addons
Image via CurseForge

Did you just start WoW and realize that quest objectives aren’t clear and waypoints are pretty hard to follow. Well, Questie is here to save the day.

Questing is a core element of WoW Classic, and Questie is your trusty companion in this endeavor. This popular quest helper add-on enhances the game’s interface by providing a wealth of features, including detailed quest item descriptions, map icons indicating harvest locations and enemy spawns, and a comprehensive quest tracker. If this all sounds like basic stuff any MMORPG should have, you’re right.

With Questie, you can focus on the adventure rather than getting lost in the details. 

3. Zygor Guides

best leveling addons for seasons of discovery
Image via CurseForge

Zygor ensures a smoother and more efficient journey within the game. It pinpoints mission locations, suggests optimal equipment, and guides users through leveling zones.

Zygor Guides is seamlessly integrated into the WoW interface, providing a user-friendly, step-by-step format that optimizes the in-game experience.

As you dive into the Season of Discovery, Zygor Guides becomes a valuable asset, offering guidance and a strategic edge to tackle new challenges and quests efficiently.

Zygor Guides comes with a price tag, but the investment pays off with a comprehensive set of features. Plus, it has a solid free trial covering leveling, dungeons, dailies, professions, and more.

4. WeakAuras

best leveling addons for WoW
Image via CurseForge

When it comes to tracking buffs, debuffs, and other crucial in-game elements, WeakAuras stands out as one of the best leveling add-ons in WoW.

Once you’ve logged some serious hours in World of Warcraft, you might catch yourself daydreaming about how much smoother the game would run if they added in certain features. Well, there is a high chance that WeakAura has the solution.

This flexible framework lets you create highly customizable graphics on your UI. I know that’s vague, but WeakAuras is pretty much the key to creating the most customized WoW experience.

WeakAuras is a community favorite for its versatility, from cooldown tracking to monitoring buffs and debuffs. 

5. OmniCC

best leveling addons WoW SoD
Image via CurseForge

If you’re not into customization but still want to get a basic UI improvement, OmniCC is for you. The countdown to victory has never been clearer with OmniCC. This must-have WoW leveling add-on adds digital cooldown indicators to items, spells, and abilities.

OmniCC completely revolutionized how I managed my resources, especially in the Priest early game, when mana is as rare as a stable server.

OmniCC ensures you always know when your abilities will be ready for action. Stay ahead of the curve in raids, PvP zones, and dungeons by keeping a precise eye on your cooldowns, all within a sleek, digital interface.

6. Rare Scanner

Image via CurseForge

A Season of Discovery is all about finding those rare secrets. It comes as no surprise that an add-on that looks for rare NPCs or treasures is as good as it gets.

Rare Scanner is an invaluable tool integrates seamlessly with your map, providing an explorer window and pop-up alerts when a tracked NPC or event is nearby. It also gives you audio cues, which is great if you’re not a detail-oriented person.

Rare Scanner is perfect for completionists aiming to fill their collections or achieve rare-hunting feats before SoD ends.

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