WoW Mythic+ Explained (Full Guide)

World of Warcraft has plenty of endgame content that players can choose to engage in, with one of the most popular and lucrative being Mythic+, a mode designed to provide a challenge and an excellent way to get high-level gear.

This gameplay option might be confusing for newer or returning players, so we’ve put together this guide with details explaining how Mythic+ works in World of Warcraft, including how to do them and what rules and rewards you can expect.

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What is Mythic+ In WoW?

Image via Blizzard

Mythic+ is an endgame activity that allows players to challenge themselves and earn high-power gear in a nearly endlessly scaling mode. This mode sees a party of players taken on dungeons with added modifiers and tasks that provide additional hurdles to overcome in exchange for powerful gear that can’t be found elsewhere and several achievements and potential rewards such as mounts and titles.

With each season, a different selection of dungeons will be available as Mythic+ options, some from the current expansion and others from previous expansions. With each season, a new rotation of dungeons will become Mythic+ and replace the previous options, and with it, all scores and records will reset, and specific achievements and rewards will no longer be available.

How to Do Mythic+

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To do Mythic+ dungeons, you’ll first need to get a Mythic Keystone, which is available from clearing a Mythic dungeon. Once you defeat the final boss of a Mythic dungeon, this item will drop and contain the details on what Mythic+ dungeon you can undertake. Additionally, you can speak to Lindormi, found at 53.2 56.2, in Valdrakken, if you need to get a Keystone or if you would like to lower the level of your Keystone.

This Mythic Keystone will contain the following details:

  • The Keystone’s dungeon
  • Its difficulty level
  • Affixes
Screenshot by Gamepur

From this, you can decide if you are strong enough to take on the dungeon and consider what kind of party you might need. Additionally, it can determine what kind of rewards you can expect from the dungeon.

To begin a Mythic+ dungeon, you will need to do the following steps:

  1. Set your dungeon difficulty to Mythic before entering.
  2. Head to the dungeon listed on your Keystone and enter. Everyone in the party must be inside the dungeon for these next steps.
  3. Once you enter, you should see a Font of Power. This will look like a small podium you can interact with.
  4. Head over and interact with the Podium, and a UI window will appear, asking you to insert your Keystone.
  5. Place your Keystone from your Inventory into the slot, and it will update the UI with your Keystone’s details. You must have a Keystone that matches the dungeon for this to work.
  6. Click the Activate button, and the game will put you into a loading screen before reloading you back, only with a large ghostly wall at the beginning of the dungeon.
  7. After a 10-second timer, the dungeon will open, and the Mythic+ run will begin.

Rules and Conditions of Mythic+

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Mythic+ dungeons differ quite significantly from normal dungeons, primarily due to the multiple rules and conditions that make them more challenging. Mythic+ dungeons operate like Normal and Heroic dungeons in that you will have a five-player team consisting of a tank, three DPS, and a healer.

The primary difference is the inclusion of objectives that players must complete to finish their Mythic+ dungeon successfully.

These objectives include the following tasks:

  • Beating the timer – Mythic+ dungeons have a timer that players need to beat for the dungeon to be considered a success. This is usually around the 30-minute area, and completing a Mythic+ dungeon on time will increase your Keystone level, raising the challenge and the rewards. Failure to complete the dungeon in time will “deplete” the Keystone, causing it to go down a level, and finishing it quicker has a chance of increasing its level by multiple levels.
  • Objectives – You will need to complete two objectives while in a Mythic+ dungeon. The first is to defeat every boss in the dungeon, with Mythic versions having a few extra tricks or mechanics you will need to deal with during fights. The second is to defeat a certain number of “Enemy Forces,” which are the mods you find throughout the dungeon. Each dungeon has a different amount needed, and this is tracked via a percentage gauge seen where your quest log is located. You will need to complete both of these tasks and beat the timer for the key to succeed.
  • Affixes – Along with these objectives, you must contend with Affixes, which affect certain aspects of the dungeon and provide different challenges. These can include enemy and boss health increases, extra abilities to avoid and dispel, or additional mechanics to avoid during a dungeon. These unlock at levels 2, 7, and 14, and increase in power as you progress to higher keys.
Screenshot by Gamepur

As well as these, if someone leaves or disconnects before the Mythic+ dungeon is finished, you will need to restart the dungeon, which will cause your key to deplete and lower a level.


There are a few restrictions when undertaking this kind of content, the first being gear and talent locks. Once you begin a Mythic+ dungeon, you will not be able to change your equipped gear (except for weapons) or your talents, meaning you will want to make sure you have all the correct items and talents chosen before entering.

Additionally, Combat Resurrections, such as Raise Ally and Soulstone, are a shared resource, sharing the same cooldown. You can only store five charges at a time and gain an additional charge every 10 minutes.

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As a general rule, you should have an even spread of AoE/Cleave damage, combat resurrections, stuns, interrupts, and crowd control options to handle the various moves and enemies you will encounter during Mythic+ dungeons.

Rewards in Mythic+

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Unlike normal dungeons, Mythic+ will not drop your rewards for every boss. Instead, a chest will appear at the end of the dungeon, containing personalized loot for your party, depending on your class restrictions and specializations. For example, a Hunter will be the only class that a bow found in the dungeon will drop for in this chest.

It is possible to trade these rewards with eligible players if they are not an ilvl upgrade for the player who won the reward. At least two guaranteed loot drops will be assigned to random players in the party.

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In addition to the rewards found at the end of the dungeon, completing these Mythic+ dungeons will work towards your Great Vault rewards. These see you earn extra loot of higher power depending on your best Mythic+ runs over a week, and following the weekly maintenance and reset, you will have several higher-powered options to choose from.

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