Why Power Is Best Girl In Chainsaw Man

Buckle your seatbelts, today we’re going to be going over why Power is best girl in Chainsaw Man, and more importantly – why.

Disclaimer: major manga spoilers ahead. If you wish to avoid them, skip to “What Sets Power Apart”.

Let’s go over the main girls in Chainsaw Man:


Why Chainsaw Man's Makima Remains Likable Despite Villainous Acts
The scheming Makima

Makima is most definitely easy on the eyes, but inside she’s rotten to the core. Her manipulation of Denji should be enough to turn everyone away but some still find themselves happily barking as Makima’s pet. While she might be physically attractive, trying to enter a relationship with Makima would be impossible unless she feels like she can use you.


Who Is Asa Mitaka in Chainsaw Man? All You Need to Know | Beebom
Asa and Yoru

Asa Mitaka is Denji’s most recent potential love suitor. She’s well mannered and polite, but she does tend to snap at Denji when he comes out with the devious things that he does. The most defining part about Asa is that just like Denji, she secretly desires a romantic partner (well, Denji isn’t so secret about it.)


Who is Reze in Chainsaw Man?
Reze animated

Reze and Denji were an almost perfect pair until Reze revealed her true intentions. If she was being truthful about her plan to run away with Denji, things could’ve worked out really well for them. Reze might’ve been sly and scheming, but there’s a high chance that she was a kind girl at heart.


Chainsaw Man lets Kobeni fail, and that's why it's great anime - Polygon
The easily fightened Kobeni

It was a toss up between Kobeni and Power, and Kobeni almost won. Her wholesomeness and innocent nature make her serious contender for the main position. Her tragic backstory and life at home make things even harder for her but even despite her tendency to get scared, she proved herself capable when she rescued Denji from Sawatari and the Katana Man.


Why does Himeno have an eyepatch in Chainsaw Man? Explained
Himeno definitely made a few mistakes

Himeno isn’t particularly well received in Japan, but she hasn’t done so bad around the rest of the world. Despite her demise, she seemed to genuinely care deeply for Aki during the time that they were partners. Sure she had her flaws, but Himeno was by no means a bad person.

What Sets Power Apart

The death of Power - How did Power die in Chainsaw Man? - The Fanboy SEO
Power is very lovable

Power is funny. Really funny. If you don’t think so then that’s perfectly okay – you’re entitled to your opinion, but I think it’s fair to say that most of the Chainsaw Man fandom agrees on her funniness. If you’ve watched a lot of comedy anime, Power was a real breath of fresh air. A lot of comedy tropes get heavily reused in anime, so to see Fujimoto take a different approach with Power was brilliant. Her all-round goofiness and happy-go-luckiness is what sets her apart from the more serious girls in the series. Her character itself is a crucial part of what makes Chainsaw Man what it is, just her presence in a scene is enough to give off that Chainsaw Man feel. Power is reportedly inspired by Eric Cartman from South Park, which makes a lot of sense when you compare them.


Definitions of “best girl” differ. But in terms of Chainsaw Man, Power has to take the win. I’m sure a lot of you feel like Makima was robbed, but with a personality like hers it’s just not possible to give her such a title. Let us know your opinion down below!

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