Why Is There No Season 10 of Suits? Explained

Even though Suits never had a season ten, the popular legal drama has had a revival after ending its nine-year run in 2019. The franchise, and possibly even some of its characters, still have a future. Since its 2011 premiere, Suits has amassed a devoted following of viewers, many of whom persisted through numerous character transitions.

The New York-based company let go of fan favourites like Mike (Patrick J. Adams) and Rachel (Meghan Markle), leaving Harvey (Gabriel Macht), Donna (Sarah Rafferty), and Louis (Rick Hoffman) as the only surviving original cast members. On the other hand, Suits cast members like Samantha (Katherine Heigl), Alex (Dulé Hill), and Katrina (Amanda Schull) gave the show the momentum it needed to finish.

Suits (Credit: Netflix)

The series finale of Suits, “One Last Con,” successfully crammed two weddings and a child’s birth into its allotted time. Both Harvey and Donna and Louis and Sheila were married, and the latter pair had a daughter not long after. Suits have gained popularity on streaming services after the show’s finale, which has sparked speculation about a potential Suits season 10.

Why There Won’t Be A Suits Season 10?

Suits season 9 on USA Network had fewer episodes than its predecessors, with only 10 airings during its final season. Because of this, creator Aaron Korsh and the writers had to conclude all unfinished storylines faster than they usually did, but they were still able to do so.

After arguing with Faye Richardson (Denise Crosby) throughout the season, Harvey, Louis, and the rest of their allies manage to get her fired from the company. Mike was also there to assist his former teammates in defeating their common enemy.

In an unexpected twist, Donna and Harvey also tied the knot with the added revelation that they’re leaving the New York business to join Mike and Rachel in their firm in Seattle. The Suits series finale concluded on a cheerful note with Louis and Sheila’s wedding.

This means that when Harvey moves to the West Coast, the law firm would need to rename itself to reflect the remaining attorneys. With the departure of Harvey and Mike, the Suits saga concluded definitively with the release of No Suits season 10. The show’s contracts prevented Suits from producing a tenth season.

The idea that the show would go on without Patrick J. Adams as Mike seemed impossible. He departed after the seventh season, though he did make a cameo in season nine. In the early seasons of the show, Mike was a major attraction, practising without a license. But Suits moved on to other legal-based plots when his story concluded. The show’s other characters made it possible for it to go on without Mike.

Adams departed after the seventh season, which was when the contracts for the cast expired, according to Aaron Korsh, the creator of the show. The addition of Katherine Heigl as a new character gave the showrunners a satisfying manner to wrap up the series and ensured it would run for nine seasons.

Having said that, Suits season 10 was never considered because there was never a plan to continue with more than nine seasons. Korsh also said that they intended the last season to consist of ten episodes with a major summer conclusion for the show.

Suits (Credit: Netflix)

Indeed, Suits’s two-season run after Torres, Adams, and Meghan Markle’s departure in season 7 was unexpected. Whether the choice was the right one is still up for debate. The fundamental draw of Suits was the excellent chemistry between its principal characters, especially Mike and Harvey’s relationship.

Luckily, Adams returned to the role a couple more times before the show ended, allowing the producers to reproduce a portion of that chemistry. Even though Suits season 10 never happened and the show officially ended, ending on the notion that Mike and Harvey were reuniting for the greater good (since they work mostly on class-action lawsuits) was a satisfying way to wrap things up for viewers.

How To Watch Suits Online?

You can watch the Suits via Amazon Prime Video by following these steps:

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  2. Select ‘Sign in’ and ‘Create your Amazon account’
  3. Sign up for a Prime Video membership:
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