Why Is Adam Park the Best Power Ranger?

When it comes to discussing the best heroes of the Power Rangers franchise, certain names are staples, such as Tommy Oliver or Jason Scott. However, many other warriors deserve to be in the conversation. For example, Adam Park, the second Mighty Morphin Black Ranger, who then became the Zeo Ranger IV Green and finally acted as the first Green Turbo Ranger.

Adam, portrayed by Johnny Yong Bosch, took over the Mighty Morphin Black Ranger mantle after Zack Taylor left the team to become an ambassador of the World Peace Conference in Switzerland. Then, Adam gave his best in three different teams and returned several times in future seasons. This, combined with his kind nature and his martial arts abilities, make him the best Power Ranger in the franchise.

He Is a Well Rounded Individual

  • He plays piano, coaches soccer, and still has time to be a hero.

All Power Rangers have a personality beyond their heroics, but most of them still involve plenty of fighting. For instance, Jason’s hobby is martial arts. Adam may be a great combatant, but outside the battlefield, he’s so much more. For instance, he’s a great musician. During “Instrument of Destruction,” it is revealed that he has played the piano since he was a kid. Additionally, he often mentions his family — and in “Alone Came a Spider,” fans get to see a bit about his cultural past: his grandmother was from Korea, and he got to meet Kai Ogi, a sage from that country.

Additionally, the series shows him as the coach of Angel Grove’s soccer team — in which he meets Carlos. These small facts about Adam flesh him out as a character episode by episode, so he doesn’t feel tridimensional at all. Fans love this, so it helps make him an absolute fan favorite.

He Was Central to Stopping the Evil Alliance

The Mighty Morphin Black Ranger posing

  • He settled the score with the son of Rita and Lord Zedd.


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Almost two decades after he first acted as a Power Ranger, Adam returned to action to help the Operation Overdrive Rangers against Thrax, the son of Rita Repulsa and Lord Zedd. When the team got disconnected from the Morphin Grid in “Once a Ranger,” Adam became the Black Ranger again to assist them together with the Retro Rangers.

In the climax of the battle, the Black Ranger went solo against Thrax while the rest of the Retro Rangers and the Operation Overdrive Team dealt with the villain’s minions. To stop Thrax, Adam summoned the Defender Vest and combined it with his Power Axe to hurt the villain. This was a key movement to stop Thrax. There was certain poetic justice in seeing Adam help defeat the spawn of Rita and Zedd, two of the Mighty Morphin Rangers’ most iconic enemies.

He Is Funny without Being a Class Clown

Tanya And Adam In Power Rangers Zeo S1E19 Challenges

Since Power Rangers is a family show, it’s full of hilarious PG jokes. However, some of the franchise’s funniest characters are known for being funny more than heroic, such as Flynn McAllistair or Chip Thorn. This isn’t the case for Adam. He’s incredibly funny — even when he isn’t trying. Fans still remember his deadpan, self-deprecative delivery of the line “I’m a frog” when receiving the Ninja Powers.

However, he’s not just funny or the butt of the joke — like Skull and Bulk in the beginning. Instead, he’s funny and charming, full of quipping remarks, but also serious when things get dark, which stops him from becoming a bad stereotype.

He Dedicated His Whole Life to Being a Power Ranger

SPA agents Aisha Campbell and Adam Park video in during Power Rangers Once And Always

  • He had a cameo in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Once & Always.

The phrase is Once a Ranger, always a Ranger, but this isn’t always the case. Many Rangers from past seasons haven’t returned to action in years. Adam is one of the few heroes who truly lives by this motto. After being a member of three different teams, he has returned a couple of times to help others. After that, he became an operative member of the S.P.D.

His long-standing storyline in the franchise showcases Adam’s loyalty to the Rangers, which is a very important trait to have in this line of work. Fans are so used to having Adam help other teams that the fandom was disappointed when his last appearance, during Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Once & Always, turned out to be just a cameo.

He Always Helped His Teammates in and Outside the Battlefield

  • He took Justin under his wing.


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As one of the most reliable Rangers ever, Adam always went the extra mile to help his peers. In fact, he often took other Rangers under his wing without realizing it. The first time he did this was with Justin Stewart. The Blue Turbo Ranger, portrayed by Blake Foster, was only a kid when he became a Ranger, and even though he was a child prodigy, he still needed some help. Adam made sure to help Justin as a big brother, and he was central to helping the kid build confidence.

While all the Rangers did their part to make sure Justin felt comfortable as a Ranger — especially after his mother’s death –, Adam was always particularly sympathetic towards Justin. This is very similar to his first interactions with Carlos, in which he helped him get stronger, as well as his friendship with Zack in the comics. This speaks volumes about Adam’s commitment to the team and his friends.

He Understands the Importance of Teamwork

Adam Park And Carlos Black Mighty Morphin And In Space Power Rangers

  • He helped Carlos reach his true potential.

Adam understands teamwork as a central part of life — not just being a Ranger. While coaching Carlos’ soccer team, he realized Carlos’ potential, but he also noticed he was a bit self-involved and hot-tempered, and he preferred to work alone instead of relying on his team. Adam talked to him and had him change his mind.

This was a key moment for Carlos to become a true hero and eventually take the Green Turbo Ranger mantle, and it was all thanks to Adam’s belief that it’s more important to work as a team than to have success on one’s own. This is a key idea for a hero who works in teams like the Power Rangers do.

He Always Prioritized Kindness

Adam Park Black Mighty Morphin Power Ranger Collage

  • He kept Skull’s secret about his musical talent.

Unarguably, one of the main reasons why Adam is such a popular Ranger is his humanity. Since he first appeared on Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, he was always humble, generous, and kind to everyone around him. One of his best moments during the show takes place in Instrument of Destruction, the twelfth episode of Power Rangers Zeo. When Adam discovers that Skull is the Phantom Pianist, he keeps his secret, knowing he will be bullied.

Also, when Carlos finds himself unable to fight against Lizwizard, he’s there to help him and offer emotional support, and when things get too difficult in the battle against Thrax with the Operation Overdrive Rangers, he has a heart-to-heart with Andrew Hartford, reminding him that everything will be ok. Generally speaking, he does his best to make others feel better.

He Is a Great Leader

The Retro Rangers, morphed and unmorphed, from Power Rangers.

  • He led the Retro Rangers to glory.


Power Rangers Zeo Had the Franchise’s Best Build-Up

Before Power Rangers Zeo officially debuted, it was preceded by a forgotten series of shorts that highlight the complete absence of the Power Rangers.

When the Operation Overdrive Rangers lost their connection to the Morphin Grid, the Sentinel Knight assembled a team of veteran Rangers to help them. The Retro Rangers were Tori Hanson aka the Blue Wind Ranger, Kira Ford aka the Yellow Dino Ranger, Bridge Carson aka the newest S.P.D Red Ranger, Xander Bly aka the Green Mystic Ranger, and their leader, Adam Park aka the Mighty Morphin Black Ranger.

Adam led the Retro Rangers on the battlefield, he appeased the anxiety of the Operation Overdrive team, and he actually concocted a plan that allowed them to defeat Thrax. During this episode, Adam finally showed that, although he never got to be a Red Ranger, he definitely had the potential for it.

He Is an Incredible Martial Artist

Adam Park as the Black Ninja Ranger

  • He doesn’t need his suit to be amazing in battle.

Adam was never one of the strongest Rangers, but he is one of the best fighters in the franchise anyway, thanks to his incredible skills — Johnny Yong Bosch is a real-life martial artist, after all. All Rangers did a terrific job, but Adam was so great that Lord Zedd actually targeted him before he was a Ranger.

Most of Adam’s fights while wearing the Ranger suit came from Super Sentai, so it wasn’t Yong Bosch. However, when it came to unmorphed fights, Adam was always one of the best, and fans loved seeing him go against the Putty Patrollers. The actor was central to making the character so great.

He Has a Great Character Arc

  • He grew up a lot throughout the series.

Among all the great reasons why Adam Park is the best Ranger in the franchise, one truly makes him stand out: the fact that he had a subtle but powerful character arc during his time in the series. When he first debuted, he was shy, goofy, and a bit insecure, but as time passed, he turned into a fierce warrior.

Since Power Rangers juggles more than half a dozen characters per season, not all of them get proper character development, but Adam is one of the most developed Rangers in the whole franchise, even if he’s sometimes an underrated hero.

A collage of the black rangers from power rangers

Power Rangers

Power Rangers is an entertainment and merchandising franchise built around a live-action superhero television series, based on the Japanese tokusatsu franchise Super Sentai. Over the years the franchise has created popular comics, television shows, films, and theatrical performances, and they have produced numerous games and toys.

Created by
Haim Saban , Shotaro Ishinomori , Shuki Levy

First Film
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie

First TV Show
Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers

Latest TV Show
Power Rangers Cosmic Fury

First Episode Air Date
August 28, 1993

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