Why Did Edward Leave Bella Amidst So Much Love? Explained

In the book “New Moon,” Edward finds out that Bella might not be safe around him or his family, even though he tried really hard to keep her safe after what happened at her 18th birthday party. Because of this, I had to make up a story and leave Bella.

Everyone knows that a new moon means tragedy, loss of love, and its consequences. Edward left Bella. But why did he abandon her? Ever since New Moon was made into a feature film, there have been many questions and accusations regarding Edward’s absence.

Some things never disappear from pop culture. That is why The Twilight Saga is still relevant and still making a name today. And because of his continued popularity, fan theories are still rampant and popping up all over the internet.

Why Did Edward Leave Bella Amidst So Much Love?
Edward Cullen Volterra (Credite: Screen Rant)

In fact, one particular theory by Wattpad user even has Edward Cullen cheating on Bella, which led to him dumping her in New Moon. Although this theory seems a bit far-fetched, it is supported by some concrete evidence that may support it.

Edward’s First Encounter with Bella

Edward and Bella’s first meeting was harrowing and potentially dangerous, as her scent awakened his “animal side”. Edward considered killing her and her classmates to leave no witnesses, but no matter how hard he tried to hold on to what was left of his humanity, he would always have this danger within him. I realized that there is an aspect to it.

At that moment, Edward decided to leave Forks for a while, and Midnight Sun revealed that he was hiding in Alaska’s Denali National Park with the Denali family, whom the Cullens consider to be their cousins.

Denali appears in “Eclipse” and refuses to cooperate in the battle between the Cullens and Victoria because one of its members, Irina, wants to avenge Roran’s death, but Denali is defeated by Renesmee from the Cullens. I decided to go back and fight to protect Renesmee against the Volturi in Breaking Dawn.

Edward’s Genuine Reason for Leaving Bella

I am part of Team Edward and believe these accusations are unjust. Edward broke up with Bella because he loved her. In chapter 22 of Eclipse, he explains to Jacob that this was the hardest decision he had to make in his 100-plus years of life.

Edward's Genuine Reason for Leaving Bella
Edward and Bella Moments in Twilight (Credits: CBR)

“Jacob, when I learned that I loved her, I realized she only had four options.” 

Please read this part again. You can as well feel Edward’s pain speaking to you through the pages. He left because he loved her and didn’t want to risk hurting her because of his personality.

Chapter 22: Fire and Ice tells the story of why Edward left and why he made the decisions he made. He attempts to force Bella into a second choice and fails, nearly killing both of them.

Is it True Jacob Also Left Bella?

Now, for those who say Jacob never left Bella. Yes, um, he was. “Go home, Bella. I can’t go out with you anymore.”

Jacob also broke up with Bella. But it’s also to protect them. If you blame Edward, you also have to blame Jacob because he left Bella for the same reason, “her safety.”

Edward had done something long before Jacob, which left the decision up to Bella. While Jacob goes on and on about how good he is for Bella, Edward steps aside and lets Bella make the decision.

Is it True Jacob Also Left Bella?
Bella and Jacob (Credits: Screen Rant)

However, Jacob emotionally blackmailed her and raped her in Eclipse. I don’t blame people who like Jacob, but I don’t blame people who don’t realize that Jacob left Bella just like Edward did or who don’t accept what Edward did to protect Bella. I get frustrated with people who don’t.

“New Moon” is the story of Bella and Edward’s separation, how they dealt with the loss of love, and what consequences it had. All of New Moon’s events involved Bella dealing with a breakup.

Every thought and every action was somehow connected to Edward. The danger was in hearing Edward’s voice. Going out with Jacob was a pastime. Getting lost in the forest meant finding her pasture.

I’d like to end this rant/reflection by asking why people who hate Edward have to blame him for breaking up with Bella for selfish reasons. Didn’t the breakup hurt both of you? Didn’t they both die without each other? And wasn’t their life a pitch black night, without fire or shine, without any reason?

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