Why Are You Obsessed With Your Fake Wife? Chapter 14: ‘Nadia and Marquis Patched up their Relationship’ Release Date & Spoilers

Nadia finally got her much-awaited hug from Marquis in the previous chapter. Readers are curious to find out how Nadia would get Marquis’s attention in Why Are You Obsessed With Your Fake Wife? Chapter 14.

Many people in the village in the southern territory were falling prey to the black death. It was not just one family. The Marquis believed that it seemed like there had not been a day in recent months since they had not burned a single body.

The marquis told the villagers that apart from their village, the entire kingdom from the south to the north was in chaos.

They were worried that there was still no alternative treatment for the disease. But suddenly, the villager came in their direction and informed him that they had finally found a cure for the black disease.

Why Are You Obsessed With Your Fake Wife? Chapter 14: Recap, Spoilers & Release Date
Why Are You Obsessed With Your Fake Wife (Credits: Kakao Webtoon)

The Greenbrier herb tea was the cure for the disease. When the merchant heard the news, they rushed to get the green brier herb, but someone had already swept it away.

There was plenty of supply, so they did not rush there. The villager lady was worried that they were going to die like that.

The villagers lady was very grateful to Marquis for selling the supply to her so cheaply because whenever something like that happened, the prices of the supply always spiked, so ordinary people could not afford it.

Nadia informed the lady that the supply was provided by the marchioness, and she took care to ensure that anyone could get treated.


The lady told the Marchioness that if the North monopolized the cure, she was worried that the Southern lords might accuse them of intentionally spreading the epidemic.

The odds of that were slim because she was the only one who brought the green briers in the first place, not House Winterpel.

Nadia reminded her that she was the daughter of Duke Balajeet in the south. Nadia informed Mr. Shylock that she found out things were not going well with the merchant guild members and mentioned she was looking forward to his letter.

Mr. Shylock was surprised that she was testing them. Once the business was done, those in charge of brokering the greenbriers stayed behind.

She told the rest of them to go ahead, and Nadia mentioned that it was a pleasure working with him. Mr. Shylock told Nadia he was looking forward to seeing her again and wished her well.

Why Are You Obsessed With Your Fake Wife? Chapter 14: Recap, Spoilers & Release Date
Why Are You Obsessed With Your Fake Wife (Credits: Kakao Webtoon)

Marquis wanted Nadia to believe her that she would settle the debts after the dowry was called. Marquis told her she did not have the ability to see the future, but it was like it was going to happen.

Nadia explained to Marquis that when she was in the South, she saw a report on Lord Arryl. His illness first began in her father’s office after Nadia predicted that the black death could spread throughout the kingdom.

Nadia apologized for misinterpreting her meaning, and Marquis appreciated his gesture. Marquis told Nadia that he thought she was lying about paying off her debt after making money.

Nadia was wondering if it was because her father, Duke Balajeet, Marquis, told her that was true. He could not understand why on earth she would do something that was going to benefit him Because he knew that her father would not be pleased if he found out about it.

Nadia reminded Marquis that she did all that because she loved him. Marquis could not take Nadia seriously because of her love confessions, but he told Nadia that House Wintepel was indebted to her. 

Release Date & Where To Read

Why Are You Obsessed With Your Fake Wife? Chapter 14 is expected to be released on Saturday, November 11, 2023, at 9:30 AM KST. The international schedule is as follows:

  • Canada Time: 7:30 PM on Friday, November 10, 2023
  • Pacific Time: 4:30 PM on Friday, November 10, 2023
  • Australian Time: 11:30 AM on Saturday, November 11, 2023
  • Greenwich Time: 12:30 AM Saturday, November 11, 2023
  • Korean Time: 9:30 AM on Saturday, November 11, 2023
  • Central Time: 6:30 PM on Friday, November 10, 2023

Readers can find Why Are You Obsessed With Your Fake Wife? Chapter 14 Raw on Kakao Webtoon.

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