Why Anya Chalotra Would Be the Perfect Circe to the DCU Wonder Woman


  • Anya Chalotra is rumored to be playing Circe in the Creature Commandos animated series.
  • This likely means that Chalotra will play Circe in love-action, possibly fighting the DCU Wonder Woman.
  • This will finally put Wonder Woman’s iconic witch on the big screen after she didn’t show up in the DCEU.

Wonder Woman is one of the greatest heroes in the DC Universe, and that’s still sure to be the case in the rebooted cinematic DC Universe from James Gunn. There are still rumblings as to how much — if anything — will be retained from the previous DC Extended Universe continuity. At the same time, there are now rumors that one of Wonder Woman’s greatest foes will be showing up in the new DCU before she does.

Ever since the comics of the 1980s, Circe has been a mainstay of Wonder Woman’s rogues gallery. The same witch that was once written of by Homer, this accursed sorceress is one of the most powerful and resourceful DC villains. Now, the actor who’s rumored to play her can bring all of that to the big screen, especially given her pedigree.

The Witcher’s Anya Chalotra Is Rumored to Play the DCU’s Circe

Anya Chalotra As Yennefer In The Witcher Netflix Series

James Gunn Clears the Air on Creature Commandos Release Rumors

Before the theatrical debut of James Gunn’s Superman: Legacy, the DC Universe will begin on the Max streaming service with the animated series Creature Commandos. Based on a more obscure team of supernatural DC monsters (including the creations of Dr. Frankenstein), the show will seemingly pave the way for what comes next. It’s unknown exactly how it might tie in to later projects, but the talent voicing the characters in the show will also play them in live-action productions. Thus, one potential casting choice might manifest in multiple mediums.

As shown on X (formerly Twitter), a screenshot of The Witcher actor Anya Chalotra’s resume previews a future role of hers. This CV screenshot states that she’s voicing the villainous Circe in the Creature Commandos animated TV series. So far, this hasn’t been confirmed by Chalotra or any of her representatives. Nevertheless, this suggests that Wonder Woman’s iconic antagonist will be a part of the series and thus, the DC Universe as a whole. If so, it can finally bring one of Wonder Woman’s most notable opponents to the big screen.

Who Is DC Comics’ Circe?

Circe gloats as she addresses Wonder Woman in DC Comics

How Much of Blue Beetle is Canon to the DCU?

Based on the same character spoken of in Homer’s Odyssey, Circe was cemented as a Wonder Woman enemy in the post-Crisis on Infinite Earths continuity. She first appeared in this new canon in Wonder Woman #17 as part of the now landmark run from the series’ writer/artist George Pérez. Depicted as the mythical witch of the island Aeaea, she was a follower of the dark magical goddess Hecate. In exchange for her soul, Hecate gave Circe incredible magical power that went beyond her island home. This made the hateful woman’s wiles pit her against the Amazons, and when Wonder Woman appeared in modern times, she vowed to vanquish the ultimate legacy of the Amazon women.

Since she first appeared in this context, Circe has remained a firm part of Wonder Woman’s rogues gallery. She instigated the “War of the Gods” crossover that ended Pérez’s run, and she was subsequently kept around in numerous other runs featuring the character. She was even featured in a now classic episode of the Justice League Unlimited cartoon, where she drew upon her literary counterpart’s machinations and turned Wonder Woman into a pig. This has remained her greatest adaptation, but she’s sadly yet to really shine on the big screen.

Both Ares and The Cheetah (the other two most prominent enemies of Princess Diana) appeared in the DC Extended Universe Wonder Woman movies, but Circe wasn’t so much as referenced. There were rumblings that she was the intended villain for Patty Jenkins’ unmade third Wonder Woman movie, but there’s been no confirmation of this. Given that DC continuity from the previous movies is not being carried over for the most part, this means that Wonder Woman’s mythos will start from scratch. That being said, Anya Charlota is easily the perfect actress to portray the witch of Aeaea.

Anya Charlota Can Channel Yennefer As the DCU’s Circe

The Snyderverse Doesn’t Need to Be Retconned – Here’s How it Can Exist in the DCU

Even if it’s not confirmed yet, Anya Charlotra portraying Circe would be perfect casting. The actor is most well-known for playing Yennefer of Vengerberg on the Netflix adaptation of the book series The Witcher. Yennefer is a powerful sorceress, though she started out in more humble circumstances. Born as a hunchback, she was abused and hated by her parents. Nevertheless, she went on to undergo sorceress training, with her magical mastery allowing her to change her appearance. Eventually, she meets Geralt of Rivia (ironically portrayed initially by former Superman actor Henry Cavill), becoming a firm ally of his and also his lover.

This transformation in exchange for magical power is a lot like Circe’s deal with Hecate in the Wonder Woman comic books. Conversely, she’s incredibly graceful yet also pompously sultry, which is the same sort of arrogant energy that Circe brings to the table. Add in her natural accent, and it’s easy to see how Circe will be a haughty threat to anyone who encounters her. At the same time, there is a degree of humanity to be found in the villainy, namely due to her somewhat tragic deal with Hecate. As noted, Yennefer was tragic for her own unique reasons, and this dualism is necessary in order to make Circe come off as a well-rounded, fleshed out character. Of course, it’s still unknown exactly what capacity Circe will be portrayed in throughout the DC Universe.

More than likely, Circe’s appearance in Creature Commandos is only a stepping stone, with further appearances (perhaps including the live-action TV series Paradise Lost) cementing her as a character who frequently fights Wonder Woman. Likewise, due to the aforementioned casting rules, Anya Charlotra would voice Circe in animated projects as well as in live-action. In the case of the latter, all it requires is for her hair to be made purple while wearing a green outfit, and her transformation from Yennefer to Circe will be complete. Likewise, it will finally put one of Wonder Woman’s biggest foes in movies, highlighting her villains in ways that should have been done for years. Whether this eventually results in Diana being turned into one of Circe’s famous pigs, it seems that her most bewitching villain is on her way to the DCU.

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