Who Is The Traitor In Tokyo Manji Gang? Answered

Time travel stories are a big hit when done right, as the mechanics related to it have many doors of possibilities. However, Tokyo Revengers combined that with Yankee with it and gave us a crime series that was a great ride to hop on. However, where there is a crime, so are the tales of betrayal, and unsurprisingly, there was a Traitor In Tokyo Manji Gang.

But before we get to it, here is a little background of the series. The mystery starts with a store employee going by his daily life with nothing much going on in his life, a man without a future. He was at the lowest of the food chain and could provide for no one but himself in his life.

One day, Takemichi got despondent news of his high school girlfriend dying in an accident along with her younger brother. He had long since cut ties with them, but the news shook him still, though there wasn’t much he could do. That doesn’t remain a fact for long as he goes back to the future and finds himself in the year 2005.

Takemichi only remembers being thrown in front of the train before making it to this place, not knowing what had happened. But seeing that as a miracle, he decided to relay the message to Naoto, his ex’s younger brother. He told him that Hana would die in the future and that he must become someone who could save her in the future.

Traitor In Tokyo Manji Gang
Tokyo Revengers (Credits: Pocket)

Takemichi in Tokyo Revengers

Takemichi is what one may call a weak protagonist, weak in body, and can’t kill a fly. And for that reason, he was insulted by fans on many occasions, but the guy got things done through sheer will. He would get up no matter what and fight his way to change the future for the better.

However, his fights aren’t as simple as they seem, as the future keeps getting changing in different ways. Moreover, new mysteries start to unravel as he makes friends with the members of the Tokyo Manji gang. Because in 2005, they were nothing more than a group of school delinquents who were trying to be big loudmouths.

This led to Takemichi getting involved with the people who were the foundation of the Tokyo Manji group, though all of them were human, from what he could tell. Thus, before Takemichi knew it, he went on a journey to help his new friends and mend his old friendships to get a better future for everyone. Meanwhile, a big truth started to reveal itself as the series kept on going.

No matter what happened, Hana’s death couldn’t be avoided, indicating that there was someone in particular who wanted her dead. It was Kisaki who led to the formation of the Tokyo Manji gang and the continued death of Hana. Hana’s death is ultimately avoided when Kisaki dies in an accident, and the future becomes bright, or so it seems.

Traitor In Tokyo Manji Gang
Tokyo Revengers (Credits: Pocket)

Traitor In Tokyo Manji Gang

Despite Kisaki’s death, The Tokyo Manji still took the path of villainy and became the notorious villains they were in the past timeline. And the reason behind that was more complicated than Takemichi, and he lost the key to go to the past. However, after confronting Mickey in the present, he learned a bit about what went down and that Mickey needed saving.

After going back to the past, he got to meet his friends once again in the past. But this time, it will be the last of him going back in the past, as the one he needs to meet is the one who wants to kill him. However, during this time, there was a Traitor In the Tokyo Manji Gang who let them down the new path.

The Traitor In Tokyo Manji Gang was a member that was hiding in plain sight. It was Yasuhiro Muto who had led the group down the sinister route. And the one responsible for making things for Mickey and leaving him all isolated in the end.

To know how the events in Tokyo Revengers went down, read it on Pocket. 

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