Who Does Olivia End Up With On Bachelor In Paradise? The Recent Episode Left Many Confused About Her Fate

Ever wonder what exactly the rejects of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette do with themselves after they get sent away from these shows? Well, they take their bags and walk right toward the set of Bachelor in Paradise all the way in Mexico.

The producers of the show have already milked out nine seasons of the show, each following, more or less, the same flow. We start out with more women than men in the show, some of which end up going back home during the first ceremony of ‘rose-giving’.

Following this, the makers introduce to the cast some new and extremely good-looking men who get to charm women, and at the second rose ceremony, it is the women who get picked and chosen, leading the men without the rose to leave the show. 

This continues for about seven weeks, till finally, there are just couples left on the show. This reality series has been airing since 2014, and it recently launched its ninth season on September 28th, 2023.

The new season has been interesting, to say the least. With shocking revelations and love triangles, this season is giving us a life’s worth of drama, and we are not complaining. The seventh episode of the show left many fans who couldn’t tune in curious about Olivia’s fate.

If you’re curious about what happened between Olivia and John, then stay with us till the end to find out all about it.

Olivia and John's first date together on the show (Credits: ABC)
Olivia and John’s first date together on the show (Credits: ABC)

What was Olivia’s fate on the show?

If you have followed the recent episodes of the show, you would know that Olivia has tried her luck with a bunch of men on the show since episode one. Kicking things off with Will Urena, who leaves her for another woman, followed by Peter Cappio, from whom she even got a rose, till finally, our guy, John Henry Spurlock, enters the frame.

The two spent some cozy time together and seemed to be attracted to each other, convincing many that they might end up being the end game. Their bond and the tension they shared was felt by all of us, and we all hoped for them to be together, until one tiny change.

Kat Izzo was first spotted with Brayden Bowers, but the two did not last all that long, and Kat moved on to Tanner Courtad. But as fate would have it, Tanner could not hold Kat’s attention for long, and the latter found her eyes locked in on John.

Kat revealed that she was extremely attracted to John, so much so that she was ready to become the third wheel in John and Olivia’s thing. Kat took the direct way, wooing John in a very straightforward manner, not backing away at all.

Kat Izzo and John Henry in the show, Bachelor in Paradise (Credits: Life & Style)
Kat Izzo and John Henry in the show, Bachelor in Paradise (Credits: Life & Style)

This had many fans worried about Olivia, and it even caused tensions to rise between the two girls. In the last episode, Brayden ended up giving Olivia a rose, which was surprising but still an important moment in the show since it saved Olivia from getting eliminated for the time being.

But fans are convinced that the tables have changed and that it might be Olivia’s turn to go home soon without any partner. Kat has managed to charm John, and fans know this because photographs of the two have been circulating on the internet, leading many to believe that the show would end with the two getting engaged.

While Genevie’s departure in the recent episode of the show was surprising, it was Brayden’s turn during the rose ceremony that left many curious to know how the future episodes will roll out. John and Kat got closer to each other sometime during episode six of the show’s season and their relationship has progressed fairly quickly.

The season was filmed over the course of a little more than two weeks, so we know that the filming process is already over. With Kat and John being spotted together, fans are excited to know that the two will be the end game, though many are saddened by the fact that Olivia failed to find love a second time as well.

We also do not know what will be her fate on the show, but her social media posts seem to be pointing at something. One of her Halloween posts with a mystery guy had fans asking about the man’s identity, to which the short but layered reply was, “I’m just Ken”. 

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