Who Did Vegeta Kill In DBZ & Super?

Vegeta is one of Dragon Ball’s most fascinating figures and someone who’s truly and completely evolved from a reckless villain into a loving hero. Vegeta’s problematic and prideful past has made him a very reactionary character whose emotions often get the better of him. This proves to sometimes be a disadvantage in battle, but it also means that Vegeta is sometimes the only character who’s willing to turn to fatal measures when it’s necessary.

Vegeta’s victory record pales in comparison to Goku. However, the Saiyan Prince is responsible for many deaths – especially in Dragon Ball Z – that are worthy of attention. Even the Dragon Ball Z movies and OVAs highlight Vegeta’s killer instinct when he takes out Cooler, Android 115, and Dr. Raichi. Vegeta has turned over a new leaf, yet his copious kills are a testament to his troubled legacy.

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Vegeta is a Dragon Ball powerhouse who’s delivered iconic lines throughout his memorable appearances in the manga and anime.

11 Lesoy & King Moai Become Early Casualties

Dragon Ball Z, Episode 11, “Terror On Arlia”

Dragon Ball Z effectively creates suspense out of Vegeta and Nappa’s impending arrival on Earth by briefly checking in with them along the way. ”Terror on Arlia” is an anime-original filler entry, but it’s significant for the fact that it depicts Vegeta’s first on-screen kill and a preview of his ruthless nature. “Terror on Arlia” eventually concludes with Planet Arlia’s destruction. However, Vegeta plays around with the planet’s insectile inhabitants before he decides that they’re a lost cause.

Lesoy and King Moai are two prominent Arlians who personally experience Vegeta’s wrath before he eviscerates their entire world. Vegeta uses mere energy blasts from his fingers to take out these two Arlians, which indicates he’s much stronger than the previous Saiyan that was faced, Raditz.

10 Vegeta Takes His Frustration Out On A Stubborn Saibaman

Dragon Ball Z, Episode 23, “Saibamen Attack!”

Vegeta triggers his Dirty Fireworks attack to kill a Saibaman in Dragon Ball Z.

Dragon Ball Z loves to feature different threat levels before the final villain steps into the spotlight. Vegeta and Nappa insist that Earth’s strongest will need to first contend with their manufactured Saibamen before they’ll expose them to true Saiyan strength. The Saibamen are no pushovers, and they even cause Yamcha’s death. However, Vegeta senses that one of the Saibamen didn’t give their all against Tien.

Frustrated, Vegeta teaches a lesson to the rest of these creatures when he destroys the insubordinate Saibaman. Vegeta uses his explosive Dirty Fireworks attack to take out the Saibaman, which also sets a precedent for his willingness to kill his own allies once they’ve outlived their usefulness.

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Vegeta may not be Dragon Ball’s main hero, but Ultra Ego & Super Hero are proof that the Prince of All Saiyans is giving Goku a run for his Zenni.

9 Nappa Gets Demoted From Ally To Collateral Damage

Dragon Ball Z, Episode 29, “Goku Strikes Back”

Vegeta hurls Nappa into the sky before killing him in Dragon Ball Z

Dragon Ball loves to play with the audience’s expectations, which is exactly what happens during Dragon Ball Z’s introductory Saiyan invasion. Nappa is Vegeta’s taller, burlier partner. Nappa takes on Earth’s strongest before Vegeta does, and his overwhelming strength makes him seem like the superior Saiyan of the duo. Nappa’s strength results in the collective deaths of Tien, Chiaotzu, and Piccolo. This all gets beautifully undercut upon Goku’s arrival, when he immediately disarms Nappa without any difficulty. It’s a brilliant way to illustrate just how much Goku’s strength has grown.

Dragon Ball Z goes one step further in this area when Vegeta, disappointed with Nappa’s failure, personally executes his partner. It’s a shocking death that proves that Vegeta has no loyalties, especially if they’re a liability to his own survival. Curiously, Nappa is one of the many fallen fighters who escape from hell in Dragon Ball GT, only for him to once again face defeat from Vegeta.

8 Cui Is The First To Experience Vegeta’s Wrath On Namek

Dragon Ball Z, Episode 45, “Frieza Strikes!”

Vegeta threatens Cui and gets ready to kill him in Dragon Ball Z.

Dragon Ball Z moves out of its comfort zone in more ways than one when the characters leave Earth to retrieve Planet Namek’s Dragon Balls and revive their fallen friends. Krillin, Gohan, and Bulma lead this charge, but their agenda clashes with Vegeta, who’s still determined to use the Dragon Balls for his own immortal purposes. Namek is filled with reinforcements from Frieza’s army, many of whom have no idea what they’re up against when it comes to these Saiyan visitors.

Cui is a rather forgettable character who ranks below the likes of Dodoria and Zarbon. Vegeta makes quick work of Cui with his effective Dirty Fireworks attack. Cui never poses a real threat and his death is more so a way to highlight Vegeta’s persisting rage.

7 Dodoria’s Death Comes With A Lofty Reveal

Dragon Ball Z, Episode 49, “The Prince Fights Back”

Vegeta fights Dodoria and goes in for the kill in Dragon Ball Z.

Frieza proves to be the top threat on Planet Namek. However, he’s more than willing to let his underlings do his dirty work for him, whether that’s the collection of the Dragon Balls or the elimination of imposing warriors. Frieza is frequently seen with Dodoria and Zarbon, his two right-hand men. Dodoria is the more bristly of the duo, and he also turns out to be much weaker than Zarbon.

Dodoria, despite his past accomplishments, is no match for Vegeta’s rage. His death doesn’t tax Vegeta in the slightest, but what does vex the Saiyan is Dodoria’s bombshell regarding the truth of Planet Vegeta’s destruction and Freiza’s role in the Saiyan genocide.

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6 Appule Is In The Wrong Place At The Wrong Time

Dragon Ball Z, Episode 56, “Zarbon’s Mission”

Vegeta kills Appule on Namek in Dragon Ball Z.

Vegeta turns Frieza’s henchman, Dodoria, into dust. That being said, Vegeta is not as lucky when it comes to Dodoria’s partner, Zarbon. Zarbon defeats Vegeta and leaves him within an inch of his life. Rather than finish the Saiyan off, Zarbon orders Appule to put Vegeta in a Medical Machine to heal his wounds and later question him regarding the Dragon Balls.

Dragon Ball Z’s Frieza Saga really embraces the Saiyan concept of “zenkai boosts,” which indicate that a Saiyan increases their base level strength whenever they have a near-death experience. Vegeta is successfully healed in the Medical Machine, but his new and improved strength leads to Appule’s evisceration. Vegeta’s target here is Zarbon, but Appule is evidently in his way and becomes a casualty in the process.

5 Zarbon’s Transformed State Is No Match For Vegeta’s Boosted Power

Dragon Ball Z, Episode 57, “Gohan, The Hunted”

Vegeta blasts through Zarbon and kills him in Dragon Ball Z

Frieza sets new standards when it comes to villainous transformations, but Zarbon is also no slouch in this regard. Zarbon initially looks like a sophisticated soldier, but his transformation turns him into a more beastly, brutish monster. Vegeta wants to get revenge against Zarbon and his recent zenkai boost gives him the power to do so. Vegeta’s rematch against Zarbon is extremely cathartic and the Saiyan completely turns the table against his former aggressor.

Vegeta kills Zarbon in a particularly brutal manner. Vegeta impales his fist through Zarbon’s Saiyan armor and into his stomach, at which point he releases a Galick Gun from the inside. Vegeta dubs this brutal procedure his Final Galick Cannon and it leaves no doubt over Zarbon’s chances at survival. He’s annihilated.

4 Vegeta Decapitates Guldo & Humbles The Ginyu Force

Dragon Ball Z, Episode 63, “Guldo’s Mind Binds”

Vegeta decapitates the Ginyu Force's Guldo in Dragon Ball Z.

Frieza is a galactic tyrant who’s feared across the entire galaxy. At the same time, Frieza’s primary mercenary team, the Ginyu Force, have revered reputations and countless victories to their name. Gohan, Krillin, and Vegeta are forced to work together for the first time against the Ginyu threat. Guldo, the Ginyu Force’s weakest member, possesses an impressive skill where he’s able to freeze time for as long as he can hold his breath.

It’s a unique power that Dragon Ball Z doesn’t really do much with before the character’s death. Vegeta swoops in and decapitates Guldo with a concentrated slash to his neck. It’s a kill that comes as a complete surprise, but the Ginyu Force soon regains control once Recoome steps up to the plate.

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3 The Ginyu Force’s Recoome, Burte, & Jeice Are Too Weak To Defend Themselves

Dragon Ball Z, Episode 68, “Ginyu Assault” & Episode 73, “Gohan, Defeat Your Dad!”

Vegeta kills Burter against Goku's wishes in Dragon Ball Z

Vegeta, Gohan, and Krillin see early success against the Ginyu Force’s Guldo. However, Recoome’s brute strength nearly takes them all out before Goku finally arrives on Namek. Goku’s improved abilities completely overwhelm Recoome, plus he’s able to simultaneously take on Burter and Jeice’s exceptional speed. What’s interesting here is that Goku is the one who beats these Ginyu Force members, but he doesn’t execute them.

Vegeta seizes the opportunity to kill Recoome, Burter, and later Jeice after Goku does all the heavy lifting. Goku is actually angry that Vegeta opts for murder instead of giving these villains an opportunity for redemption. These are cowardly kills, albeit ones that still make Vegeta stronger and set him down a very specific path during his time on Namek.

2 Vegeta’s Takedown Of Android 19 Proves That Machines Do Experience Fear

Dragon Ball Z, Episode 130, “The Secret Of Dr. Gero”

Super Saiyan Vegeta toys with Android 19 in Dragon Ball Z

Dragon Ball Z’s Android invasion turns the tables in some exciting and unexpected ways. The arrival of a new Saiyan, Future Trunks, plus the introduction of time travel forever changes the series’ scope. Vegeta also returns from a lengthy sojourn, stronger than ever, and eager to showcase his new Super Saiyan strength. Vegeta’s power boost coincides with an alarming period of helplessness on Goku’s part when he begins to fall prey to a debilitating heart virus. Goku’s health condition makes him useless against Android 19, but Vegeta is more than willing to tag himself in and prove that he’s now the strongest Saiyan.

Vegeta’s destruction of Android 19 is particularly vicious and he goes so far as to mock his mechanical foundation and lack of humanity. Android 19 is one of Dr. Gero’s earlier models, which means that he absorbs energy through his hands. Vegeta makes this strategy no longer possible once he rips off Android 19’s arms. Vegeta proceeds to show off his new energy technique, the Big Bang Attack, which completely destroys Android 19.

1 Pui Pui’s Death Proves That Babidi Needs New Majin Minions

Dragon Ball Z, Episode 222, “Vegeta Attacks”

Buu’s reign of terror on Earth leaves Vegeta feeling especially vulnerable, and he experiences a temporary identity crisis that leads to his Majin possession by Babidi. Before this occurs, Goku, Vegeta, and Gohan precariously enter Babidi’s spaceship and prepare to take on his Majin minions. Goku showcases his Super Saiyan 2 upgrade through Yakon’s defeat and the pressure then shifts to Vegeta, who faces the vile alien, Pui Pui.

Vegeta hasn’t yet achieved Super Saiyan 2 status, but he takes out Pui Pui with minimal difficulty despite being subjected to Planet Zoon’s more intense gravity. Vegeta triggers his Double Galick Cannon and proves that a misguided alien won’t get the better of him.

Dragon Ball Super anime poster.

Dragon Ball

Dragon Ball tells the tale of a young warrior by the name of Son Goku, a young peculiar boy with a tail who embarks on a quest to become stronger and learns of the Dragon Balls, when, once all 7 are gathered, grant any wish of choice.

Created by
Akira Toriyama

First Film
Dragon Ball: Curse of the Blood Rubies

Latest Film
Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero

First TV Show
Dragon Ball

First Episode Air Date
April 26, 1989

Sean Schemmel , Laura Bailey , Brian Drummond , Christopher Sabat , Scott McNeil

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