Where to Watch the ‘Doctor Who’ 60th Anniversary Specials

In celebration of the highly anticipated 60th Anniversary of Doctor Who, fans are being treated to the franchise’s new trilogy of special episodes. David Tennant makes his return as the Fourteenth Doctor – a distinct iteration from his equally memorable Tenth Doctor portrayal. Returning alongside Tennant is Catherine Tate, who reprises her role as Donna Noble. Timed with the show’s celebratory events, and just right after Thanksgiving dinner, these specials present a high-octane journey through time and space in true Doctor Who fashion. With a stellar cast, including Yasmin Finney, Miriam Margolyes, and Ruth Madeley, along with returning characters, the specials are a blend of adventure and nostalgia. Brace yourselves for the ultimate holiday time-traveling experience, one that is sure to leave a lasting mark in the illustrious history of Doctor Who.

Read on to find out where to watch and stream the Doctor Who 60th Anniversary Specials.


Doctor Who

The show follows the adventures of a Time Lord “The Doctor” who is able to regenerate, and the Doctor’s human friends. The Doctor and companion’s journey through time and space in the TARDIS – a time-traveling ship shaped like a police box – saving the universe with a combination of wit, bravery, and kindness.

Release Date
March 17, 2006

Main Genre



Editor’s Note: This article was updated on December 8.

When Are the Release Dates of the ‘Doctor Who’ 60th Anniversary Specials?

The first Doctor Who 60th Anniversary Special premiered shortly after Thanksgiving, on November 25, 2023. The schedule for the specials is as follows: the first aired on November 25 and was followed by the second on December 2. The third and final special will be released on December 9. For those in the U.K., the Doctor Who 60th Anniversary Specials are airing on BBC One at 6:30 pm GMT and made available for streaming shortly after on BBC iPlayer.

Where Are the ‘Doctor Who’ 60th Anniversary Specials Streaming in the US?

Image via BBC

For viewers in the US (as well as everyone else who doesn’t live in the UK and Ireland), the 60th Anniversary specials of Doctor Who are streaming on Disney+. You can use the following link to watch the first special on the service!

Watch on Disney+

Watch the Trailers for the ‘Doctor Who’ 60th Anniversary Specials

The Doctor Who 60th Anniversary Specials, set to mark the series’ major milestone, unveiled its latest trailer on October 26, 2023. The special episodes see Tennant reprising his role as the Fourteenth Doctor and Tate returning as Donna Noble. On top of that, the trailer also confirms rumors of Neil Patrick Harris stepping into the role of the classic Doctor Who villain, the Celestial Toymaker. As the 60th Anniversary Specials approach, fans can eagerly tune in to the unfolding of this new chapter in the Doctor’s adventures, just right in time before Ncuti Gatwa takes the place of the Fifteenth Doctor in 2024.

A sneak peek for the first special, “The Star Beast”, was released on November 25. This was followed by the preview for the second special, “Wild Blue Yonder”, on November 29. The preview for the final special, “The Giggle”, was released on December 7. You can watch all three previews below:

‘Doctor Who’ 60th Anniversary Specials Release Schedule

A total of three episodes are planned for Doctor Who‘s 60th Anniversary. Check out the table below to find the titles and release dates of each. You can also click on each title to read our reviews of the specials.

All the specials are written by showrunner Russell T. Davies. The directors of the specials are Rachel Talalay (“The Star Beast”), Tom Kingsley (“Wild Blue Yonder”), and Chanya Button (“The Giggle”).

Will the ‘Doctor Who’ 60th Anniversary Specials Be Available on DVD and Blu-Ray?

David Tennant as the Doctor and Catherine Tate as Donna Noble hugging in Doctor Who
Image via BBC

Good news! The BBC has officially revealed that the upcoming Doctor Who 60th Anniversary Specials will be available on DVD, Blu-ray, and as a 4K Steelbook on December 11 in the U.K. Shipping is available to the US and Canada, so you can preorder them from the official Doctor Who website now with this link:

Pre-Order Now

The release will consist of three discs and will offer exclusive additional content. Exclusive content included in the 60th Anniversary specials release includes Scene Breakdowns by directors Rachel Talalay, Chanya Button, and Tom Kingsley. The release also features a range of special behind-the-scenes content and additional bonus material. here’s the full list of special features:

  • DOCTOR WHO: UNLEASHED – the first three episodes
  • THE STAR BEAST Behind The Scenes
  • The Fourteenth Doctor Reveal
  • WILD BLUE YONDER Behind The Scenes
  • THE GIGGLE Behind The Scenes
  • THE GIGGLE In-vision Commentary
  • THE STAR BEAST In-vision Commentary
  • David and Catherine’s Flashbacks
  • Yasmin Finney Introduces Rose Noble
  • Designing the Fourteenth Doctor
  • Set Tour with Yasmin Finney
  • THE STAR BEAST – Behind The Scenes Trailer
  • WILD BLUE YONDER – Behind The Scenes Trailer
  • THE GIGGLE – Behind The Scenes Trailer
  • The Cast Introduce the Villains in WILD BLUE YONDER
  • Behind The Scenes Fun with David and Catherine
  • Video Diary with David Tennant’s Stand-in
  • TARDIS Set Tour with David Tennant and Phil Sims
  • Ruth Madeley Introduces Shirley Bingham
  • Neil Patrick Harris Introduces the Toymaker
  • Becoming the Toymaker

What Is ‘Doctor Who’?

Catherine Tate as Donna Noble David Tennant as the Doctor and Yasmin Finney as Rose Noble in Doctor Who: The Star Beast
Image via BBC

Doctor Who is a beloved British science fiction television series that first premiered in 1963. Over the last 60 years, the show has grown to become a massive phenomenon, racking up millions of fans across social platforms/channels and over 100 million video views on YouTube in the last year alone. The show follows the adventures of the Doctor, a Time Lord from the planet Gallifrey, who travels through time and space in the TARDIS, a time machine that looks like a British police box on the outside. One of the key characteristics of the Doctor is his ability to regenerate, allowing different actors to portray the Doctor over the years. The Doctor is often accompanied by various companions he meets along the path, and together, they face a myriad of alien creatures, historical figures, and futuristic dilemmas – all for the sake of thwarting the forces of evil across the universe.

More Quintessentially British Shows Like ‘Doctor Who’ That You Can Watch Now

Sherlock TV Poster


Release Date
July 25, 2010

Main Genre



In this contemporary take on Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s renowned stories, Sherlock Holmes (Benedict Cumberbatch), navigates the complexities of 21st-century London – a city teeming with mystery, crime, and deception. Sherlock follows John Watson (Martin Freeman), an army doctor discharged from the military after sustaining injuries in Afghanistan. As the two team up and tackle enigmatic cases together, Holmes and Watson find themselves in a constant rivalry with Moriarty (Andrew Scott). With unconventional, and often times questionable, methods of dedication, Holmes lends his talents to the police, unraveling some of the country’s most intricate puzzles.

Buy Episodes on Amazon

The Crown TV Show Poster

The Crown

Release Date
November 4, 2016

Main Genre




Dive into the early years of Queen Elizabeth II’s (Claire Foy) reign, with The Crown first introducing her as a young newlywed confronted with the monumental task of leading the world’s most renowned monarchy. Set against the backdrop of a declining British Empire and a tumultuous political landscape, the young queen is expected to navigate the challenges of her position, all while dealing with the troubles of her private journey concealed behind the closed doors of Westminster and Buckingham Palace.

Watch on Netflix

Bridgerton Poster


Release Date
December 25, 2020

Main Genre




Brought to life by Shondaland, much of the Bridgerton series revolves around the Regency London’s fiercely competitive marriage market, where young ladies of respectable standings such as Daphne Bridgerton (Phoebe Dynevor) enter the social arena with the hope of emulating parents’ romance, driven by genuine love. As the matchmaking season goes into full spring, the mysterious Lady Whistledown (Julie Andrews) fuels scandal through her high-society gossip column. Deliciously sensational, the series is a testament to undeniable romance, all while navigating the rigid expectations of society for their future.

Watch on Netflix

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