What Is The Horn of Valere on The Wheel of Time?


  • The Horn of Valere is a powerful artifact in The Wheel of Time.
  • The Horn summons legendary heroes back to life.
  • Mar Cauthon’s destiny is linked to the Horn of Valere.

The following contains spoilers for The Wheel of Time Season 2, Episode 8 “What Was Meant to Be,” which is now streaming on Prime Video.

The Wheel of Time is a massive world that is arguably one of the most in-depth fantasy worlds in literature. On top of the deep history of the Westlands and the multitude of cultures and civilizations, The Wheel of Time also has countless powerful artifacts. Some help the user to draw upon the One Power, while others help the user enter whole new realms. Yet, one of the most powerful is the Horn of Valere, and the role of this Horn has finally been revealed in the Season 2 finale.

The Wheel of Time tells the story of the Dragon Reborn, a legendary hero who is reborn into a new age. The story focuses on the concepts of rebirth and the repetition of history throughout time. Many of the characters uncover secrets from the Age of Legends, whether these secrets are locked within their own minds or knowledge that they acquire through their adventures. The Horn of Valere is an artifact of tremendous importance, not only to the main characters but to everyone in the Westlands. Without the Horn, defeating the Dark One at the Last Battle will be almost impossible.

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What Is the Horn of Valere on The Wheel of Time?

The Horn of Valere on the cover of The Wheel of Time: The Great Hunt

While not much is known about how the Horn actually works, the function of the Horn is not in doubt. When the Horn of Valere is blown, it summons all the legendary heroes of old from within the Pattern. The Pattern is teh very fabric of time. The “Wheel” weaves the Pattern and the Dragon Reborn may break the Wheel. Inscribed on the Horn is the phrase “The Grave is no bar to my call,” this is because the heroes may be dead, but they will always answer the call of the Horn and serve the horn blower. The one caveat to that clause is that the Heroes will only serve the Light; no Darkfriend or Forsaken could even hope to have the Heroes serve them.

The reason the Horn is so sought after is that it plays an essential role in the Light winning the Last Battle against the Dark One. This battle is spoken of in the Dragon Reborn prophecy, and the use of the Horn is alluded to in the lines “The trumpets of war shall sound at his footsteps,” and “When the Fox marries the raven, and the trumpets of battle are blown.” The trumpet in this case is assumed to be the Horn of Valere. This is why nations hold a great hunt for the Horn. People from all over the world gather to become Hunters of the Horn. These people are considered to be brave souls who strike out on a great adventure in search of myths and legends. While The Wheel of Time Season 2 didn’t focus on the Hunt for the Horn, it’s no doubt that the Horn is essential to the finale of Season 2.

In th show, the Horn of Valere was held by the city of Fal Dara for protection and those warriors feel obligated to protect it. They lost it when the Trollocs tried to invade Fal Dara and Padan Fain snuck in and took it. Perrin, Loial and the Shienaran’s pursed them until they were captured by the Seanchan. It wasn’t until the Battle of Falme that the Horn was returned to the side of the Light. These events all lead to Mat Cauthon blowing the Horn and becoming part of a legendary group of heroes.

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The Horn of Valere In The Wheel of Time Season 2 Finale

Horn of Valere in The Wheel of Time Season 1

When Padan Fain stole the Horn from Fal Dara, killing many soldiers during this attempt, all hope seemed lost for the Last Battle. Loial fought desperately to complete his goal of getting the Horn back from the Seanchan, who Fain and Ishamel had given it to. Mat Cauthon had an unclear role in Season 2, especially after he abandoned his friends in Season 1 when Moraine took them into the Ways. With the Battle of Falme finally taking place in the finale, Mat gets his chance to be the hero and chose to serve the Light. As the Seanchan close in around him, he blows the Horn, bringing back the legendary heroes. This also reveals to Mat that he is one of these legendary heroes. The Horn of Valere is Mat’s destiny and blowing it at Falme sets up his trajectory for much of the story to come.

The turn of events for Mat was much anticipated and much deserved. Mat is an essential character in the books, yet the show has seemed to struggle with what to do with the character. Mat is a close friend of the Dragon and is important to many of the events that lay ahead for the young heroes. With Mat finally unlocking his destiny, his story can now move forward in earnest. Mat has become the Horn blower which means that he needs to be alive and well during the events of the Last Battle. By unlocking his own past life, he will also have to combat with the knowledge of who he was versus who he has become.

The Horn of Valere is an incredibly cool artifact that can summon all the dead heroes of old to once again fight for the Light. As Mat has now blown the Horn of Valere, the Wheel weaves the old heroes back into the Pattern for them to once again serve the Light. The Horn ends up saving many of the characters during the Battle of Falme and with Mat being the Hornblower, his fate has been sealed, and he will need to fight for the Light at the Last Battle.

All of The Wheel of Time Season 2 is now streaming on Prime Video.

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