What Happened To YandereDev? Game Developer Is Accused Of Grooming A Minor

Yandere Simulator’s creator, Alex Mahan, better known as YandereDev, has been accused of predatory behavior after his Snapchat and Discord chats with underage fans were leaked.

Always known for his creepy attitude and way of dealing with fans, Alex Mahan is the main and sole developer behind the popular stealth and action murder game. The game Mahan created centers on Ayano Aishi, a young high school girl who eliminates other girls who have a crush on her “Senpai.”

Screenshots of him talking to a minor girl are making the rounds on the internet, and YandereDev has even released an apology on the Yandere Simulator blog. The creator has been blocking off many teenagers from his platforms since the news came out in an attempt to prove himself to be a better person now.

What Happened To YandereDev?

While it was no new news that Alex Mahan or YandereDev was a guy with a concerning personality, a video was released in September 2023, which showed solid proof of Alex trying to groom a minor, who was just 16 and was one of the game’s fans. 

What Happened To YandereDev?
Ayano Aishi, the protagonist of Yandere Simulator, kills rivals (Credits: YandereDev)

The video shows Alex trying to take the conversations to a more sexual level, asking for personal details about the teenage girl. The girl, Jane (not her real name), later revealed that she never wanted to expose Alex Mahan this way, and it was her best friend who felt that Alex was grooming her and needed to be exposed for what he was doing.

After Jane’s friend leaked their chats, YandereDev tried to convince Jane to take his side. She later revealed that Mahan was only flirting with her and that it “wasn’t that serious.”

More evidence shows YandereDev talking to a 12-year-old and asking her about puberty and other things that a 35-year-old should not be talking about to someone who’s almost 23 years younger than them.

This isn’t the first time Mahan has been accused of something like this. A few years ago on Tumblr, a girl revealed that YandereDev allegedly made her undress and perform sexual acts through a webcam. Mahan later banned her and tried to spread lies about the teenager, according to the Tumblr post.

After the recent allegations, YandereDev has tried to own up to his mistakes and claimed he was in a bad place mentally. Not having left home since 2019 and working on game development constantly has made him a person only capable of mistakes.

What Happened To YandereDev?
Alex Mahan’s (Cosplay fan) chats with a 16-year-old (Credits: AllyMcC’s YouTube)

In an attempt to make the situation better, Mahan has come out with new announcements on his blog, which state that he is now going to use Discord very less and will be answering his volunteers only through email and not Discord. 

Mahan has also stated that Yandere Simulator attracted many minors, and he was always aware of this fact. Alex came out with a video in the past talking about Yandere Simulator only being an adult game since it has some dark themes that aren’t appropriate for children.

In the Yandere Simulator blog announcement, Mahan even states that he will be trying to now make more friends of his age, although the community has a larger teenage fanbase. To deal with the damage, YandereDev has said that he will now be making a new 18+ community on Discord instead of imposing an 18-only rule on the existing server.

Coming to his efforts in trying to be a better person, YandereDev revealed that he was now using online therapy and trying to leave his house more often. Mahan seems to be going on a different path, but his history of grooming allegations might lead Yandere Simulator to face problems. 

Ever since Mahan’s texts have been revealed, many of Yandere Simulator’s major volunteers and voice actors have left the game. The voice of Ayano Aishi, Michaela Laws, has left the game as well, creating a setback for Yandere Simulator.

Some users of Yandere Simulator have called for a ban on the game, while others continue to support the video game’s development. In a game that uses inappropriate pictures of teenagers as a currency, it’s no surprise that its creator would turn out to be a groomer. 

For now, Yandere Simulator’s already long development will be pushed back further as YandereDev is trying to focus on making positive changes in his life. 

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