What Happened To Uta In One Piece? Explained

One Piece is the biggest shonen manga, filled with many adventures and mysteries, along with a world worth exploring. Along with that, many non-canon movies explore different aspects of the series while still retaining the core. One particular movie did the same with the introduction of the character Uta In the One Piece universe, but she left with some mystery.

There is a great mystery surrounding where Uta came from and what her powers were capable of. She is the adoptive daughter of Shanks and has known Luffy since the two first met via Shanks 12 years ago. However, their relationship isn’t exactly on good terms, as we come to learn the truth about it later.

But how did these two come to meet again? The straw hat pirate had gone on a journey at Elegia. The place was in festive mood thanks to a concert being performed by none other than Uta. Uta had gotten a name for herself in her 12-year journey before she left to pursue the dream. Once her concert is over, she greets Luffy.

We are then told more about what her life is and what she decides to do in the future. However, the moment she mentions her intentions with the straw hats, they go on the defensive and make a run for it. Uta wants to force peace on the world by trapping everyone inside her ‘sing world’ where she believes everyone will be happy.

What Happened To Uta In One Piece?
One Piece Film (Credits: Crunchyroll)

Uta’s Plan for World Peace in One Piece

We learn in the middle of the movie that Uta doesn’t like pirates as she grew up learning about their misdeeds since Shanks abandoned her 12 years ago. This led her to resent the pirates and everything related to them, giving a new meaning to her singing dream. Once we learn about this from her, she traps everyone in her dream dream world, along with straw hat pirates.

And to make things worse, Uta had been pushing herself to stay awake so that her singing world wouldn’t end. She had been taking wake shrooms to stay awake but at the cost of her life. When Luffy and the others learn of it, they take action to stop Uta before she dies from her singing.

The Marines, Red-Haired pirates (particularly Shanks), and Luffy try to stop Uta in the real world before she meets her end. The marines came prepared to not be trapped by her singing but were overwhelmed by the concertgoers and forced into the sing-sing world. With only Shanks, Luffy, and Elegia’s king (also the man who raised Uta to be a singer) left, it was time for a showdown.

Uta made one final plea to Luffy to come to her side, but the straw hat captain refused. Uta then makes her move to kill Luffy in the real world but is stopped by Elgia’s king. Who reveals the truth about the incidents of 12 years ago and how Shank left her to protect her but also had to leave her.

What Happened To Uta In One Piece?
One Piece Film (Credits: Crunchyroll)

Uta’s fate in One Piece

The action film ended in a tragic moment. However, the conclusion of the movie is left to the viewer’s imagination. The idea for stopping Uta was to kill the demon Tot Musica that resided in both worlds. A discovery that was made apparent on both sides of the world, the real and the sing-sing world.

However, Tot Musica is a different entity and, despite being summoned by Uta, isn’t in control of her. Uta said that Shanks had destroyed the kingdom of Eleiga twelve years ago, the damage of which was controlled by Shanks. However, given his involvement in the matter, Shanks couldn’t take Uta with him, or she would be branded a pirate and never pursue her dream of singing.

The Tot Musica is defeated with the help of Straw hat pirates and red-haired pirates. But after the battle was over, Shanks and Uta had their father-daughter reunion with not much to say for each other. Luffy and his crew leave at the end of the movie on their path.

As for Uta’s fate, we are never told what exactly happened to her. The only glimpse we get of her fate is the coffin on the Red-Haired Pirates ship. And given that she had been taking wake shroom earlier her time to stay awake. It can be assumed that she died due to the side effect of the mushroom with Shanks taking Uta to bury somewhere.

One Piece Film: Red is available to watch on Crunchyroll.

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