What Happened To Kakashi In Boruto? Explained

Boruto is many things, one of them being the successor to one of the biggest franchises in the world. Boruto manga has inherited many of the characters from its parent series along with its successors. However, this isn’t true for all the characters in the series. As we hardly got to see Kakashi in Boruto or his child per se.

Kakashi was first introduced in chapter 3 of the series and chapter 3 of the anime, respectively. The character didn’t come off as charismatic in the beginning, somewhat dull, but he would change his tune at the drop of a hat. This made him interesting, as it was hard to predict what his next action would be or what he would end up doing.

Kakashi’s role in the story to the very end of the Naruto franchise has been of great importance. Without his presence and guidance, a lot of things wouldn’t have come into play, and neither of the two protagonists would have gotten far. Moreover, Kakashi himself went through a period of growth in the series while still retaining what kept him unique.

It is no stretch to say that he is one of the best characters in the anime medium. He even inspired now breakout character Gojo Satoru from Jujutsu Kaisen, who was inspired by his look, his abilities, and his being famous, too. Thought the last part was a coincidence, but one can’t help but feel it was all thanks to Kakashi’s charm on him.

Kakashi In Boruto
Boruto (Credits: Manga Plus)

Kakashi’s History In Naruto Series

Kakashi didn’t get as much screen time in Naruto and Shippuden, for he was a supporting character. However, in every scene he was, it was nothing short of awesomeness every time he showed up in the chapters. His presence added a different flair to the series, the likes of which can’t be seen in any series.

Mentors are an important part of a story. Without them, the main characters would get no direction in the series. Moreover, they also provide a comfort zone for the protagonist to come back to while not being too safe in their approach. This is one of the reasons why Kakashi is one of the better mentors out there. Despite his strength, he is still balanced.

However, what makes Kakashi a great mentor is not his skill, his chakra, or even his Sharingan but his desire to teach others. Kakashi is a broken man himself, having lost many comrades and unfulfilled promises with them that he can never commit to in life. He lives a life wearing a mask, literally and figuratively, hiding his pain while making sure others don’t go down the same road.

Naruto and Sasuke were sent to him out of concern, training the two properly. One was a container for ancient demons and outcasts of the society, and the other was a survivor of a clan massacre and traumatized by it. And there was no man better than the man who was once an elite member of the Anbu cops.

Kakashi In Boruto
Boruto (Credits: Manga Plus)

Where is Kakashi in Boruto?

We didn’t get to see much of Kakashi In Boruto manga or anime, he comes and goes every few chapters. Kakashi was the talk of the community when he came with Shiden in the anime, a modified version of Chidori. While weaker in piercing power than Chidori, it overcame Chidori’s weakness of being limited to Sharingan.

But other than that, we haven’t seen much of Kakashi. It would be nice if he had gotten kids at one point in life to show his legacy. However, that never came to pass. Maybe it will be in some future chapters, but it doesn’t seem likely. Boruto manga is doing its own thing while also not paying much attention to the power scaling of its predecessor.

It could be said that Kakashi in Boruto manga is unavailable due to some writing choices. The man remains one of the wisest characters, and with his inclusions, many things won’t even come to pass. This is true, but it is quite sad since Kakashi is one character everyone remembers when growing up.

For the latest adventures of Konoha and its residents, read Boruto on Manga Plus.

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