What Are The Most Popular Perks? (October 2023)

1) Windows of Opportunity: Reveals the auras of pallets, breakable walls, and windows to players within a specific radius. This is a passive Perk that’s incredibly useful in a chase. There’s not much more to it than playing normally and paying attention to the information available to get away from the Killer. Prestige Kate Denson once to unlock this Perk for all Survivors. She starts with it regardless. 2) Made For This: Activates in the Injured State. Gain Haste while running for a short time, and Endurance after completing a healing action on another Survivor. It can’t be used when suffering from Exhaustion. This Perk is a bit of a clutch one. It’s great if players keep letting injured, giving them a quick getaway, but it should be coupled with a way to heal pretty soon after. Players need to Prestige Gabriel Soma at least once to unlock this Perk across every Survivor. 3) Adrenaline: Survivors are instantly healed by one health state as soon as the Exit Gate is powered. They also sprint at 150% standard speed for 5 seconds. If players are trapped or stuck when it should activate, it’ll hold. When playing against The Nightmare, Adrenaline will also pull players from the Dream World. Ignores Exhausted Status but will trigger it after activating. Adrenaline is a great way for players to ensure they have a last chance at getting away from the Killer. It’s incredibly powerful, but Killers will also work around it if they’re expecting it. Pairing it with something else to keep Killers on their toes is best. Players must Prestige Meg Thomas once to get this Perk on every Survivor. She’ll have it from the start of the game. 4) Resilience: Increases action speeds, healing, repairing, sabotaging, cleansing, blessing, opening, vaulting, unhooking, and unlocking by a small percentage while injured. The key to this Perk is starting the Trial injured or getting injured as soon as possible. This will help speed up everything else. Pairing it with another perk that allows players to heal themselves is good because they can deliberately take damage, repair every generator, and then heal to full health for the exit assault. Available to all Survivors. 5) Lithe: Survivors break into a sprint at 150% run speed right after a vault for a maximum of 3 seconds. Then, they’ll be hit with the Exhaustion Status for a short time and must recover before Lithe can activate again. With this Perk, players need to make the most of being chased. They can be the bait and escape Killers pretty quickly if they know what they’re doing. Prestige Feng Min at least once to unlock this Perk for every Survivor in the roster. She’ll have it to start with. 6) Self-Care: Allows Survivors to heal themselves without needing a Med-Kit. Players need to remember to heal themselves with this Perk active. It’s an unusual one but really can be the difference between a win and a loss. Self-preservation is key because this one character can heal an entire team if they can stay healthy. Prestige Claudette Morel once to unlock this Perk for every Survivor. She’ll have it to start with anyway. 7) Deja Vu: The auras of the three closest generators are always revealed to the player, and they’re automatically added to a Map item if the player is holding one. The player’s repair speed is also increased. Players can easily track every generator with this Perk. In fact, it’s overpowered when combined with a map, allowing one Survivor to cover the whole map and outsmart the Killer by working on every generator easily. Unlocked for all Survivors from the start. 8) Sprint Burst: When Survivors start to run, they break into a sprint at 150% their normal speed for 3 seconds. Causes the Exhausted Status. This is a fairly simple Perk, but its drawback is very harsh. It’s almost not worth using if players are going to keep getting chased, so it should be paired with something else that deters Killers. Players will need to Prestige Meg Thomas once to unlock this Perk for all Survivors. It’s unlocked for her from the start. 9) Dead Hard: Activates after being unhooked or the player unhooking themselves. Players can then press the active ability button while running to trigger Endurance for 0.5 seconds to avoid taking hit. Then, players must work through the Exhausted State for a short time. This Perk is a last ditch effort at survival. If players find themselves constantly on the hook, it’s a great way to dodge damage for a short while longer and make Killers suffer for chasing them. Players need to Prestige David King once to unlock this Perk for all Survivors. He’ll have it as soon as players pick him up. 10) Kindred: While the player is hooked, all Survivors can see each other’s auras. When Killers approach the hooked Survivor, their aura is revealed to every Survivor in the Trial.
When Survivors other than the player are hooked, the player sees the auras of all other Survivors. They’ll see the Killer’s aura if they approach a hooked Survivor too. This Perk is all about providing information to help the player. They can see the Killer’s position if they’re too close to a hooked ally, and that gives players a chance to get more safe rescues in. Likewise, other players can do the same based on the information being broadcast to them. All Survivors have this Perk automatically.

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