Werewolf By Night Villains, Ranked

Werewolf by Night isn’t the most mainstream Marvel character, but he has been howling around for several decades. Introduced during the horror boom of the Bronze Age, this era gave Jack Russell and his lycan alter ego several supernatural adventures. This has allowed him to face just as many enemies, some of which have proven particularly deadly.

While he doesn’t have a robust rogues gallery, the Werewolf has fought supernatural threats and enemies with more grounded ambitions. Some of his biggest enemies are even heroes, with these characters later becoming close allies. With the hero’s horror movie special re-releasing in color for Halloween, it’s worth looking back at some of the foes who’ve fought him over the years.

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10 Moon Knight

Moon Knight throwing crescent darts at Werewolf By Night in Marvel comics

Werewolf By Night #32-33 (by Doug Moench and Don Perlin) introduced Moon Knight, who actually began as an antagonist. Hired to take out the Werewolf, he did so with acrobatics and low-tech gadgetry that made Russell vulnerable. With weapons and clothing covered in silver, Moon Knight completely eclipsed Jack Russell in their first meeting.

The heroic Moon Knight eventually gave up his contract and became an ally of Werewolf by Night. Still, their first encounter was anything but friendly, with the white-garbed vigilante emerging the victor. This was also during a time when Moon Knight didn’t have powers, relying entirely on skill and ingenuity.

9 Hangman

The Hangman trying to kill Werewolf by Night.

Harlan Krueger was a violent vigilante who saw things in black and white when it came to good and evil. Thus, it’s no surprise that he saw the Werewolf by Night as a monster. With little more than guile and grit, he constantly tried to kill the beast, wishing to rid the world of his “evil.”

This version of the Hangman eventually met his end, but his ability to constantly get the jump on Jack Russell says a lot. As mentioned, he was merely a normal human driven by a deranged sense of ethics. In this way, he showed that the real monster might be humanity itself.

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8 Aelfric

Aelfric the Mad Monk vs the Werewolf by Night.

Aelfric the Mad Monk was a mystic that worshiped Satan and sought to restore the mystical Darkhold. Even after the monk’s death, scrolls were found near his remains. These were eventually read by Gregory Russoff, with this act cursing him and transforming him into a werewolf.

Russoff passed this curse down to his children, including his son Jack Russell. Thus, Aelfric is in many ways the reason why the Werewolf by Night even exists. The two eventually fought, with the revived monk trying to plunge the world back into pagan darkness.

7 Andrea Timly

Andrea Timly in front of the Darkhold.

Andrea Timly was a powerful sorceress, skilled in the dark arts. Seeking the knowledge of the Darkhold, she knew about Gregory Russoff’s research. This led to her torturing his son Jack for information about the fabled object’s location.

Timly wasn’t defeated by the Werewolf by Night, but rather her lack of knowledge about the Darkhold. This saw an attempt to summon a dark god become fatal, although Jack had nothing to do with it. Beforehand, she tortured him thoroughly, making the Werewolf’s mortal form completely helpless against her.

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6 Karl Malus

Karl Malus in classic Marvel comic books.

Karl Malus has vexed several Marvel heroes, with the Werewolf by Night simply being one of them. Jack Russell sought his help in getting rid of his werewolf transformations. Unaware that Malus was a villain, Russell was put under his hypnotic control.

This control collar was a rather simple device, yet it allowed Malus enough control to pit the Werewolf against Malus’ old foe, Spider-Woman. When the tables were turned, Malus was at the Werewolf’s mercy. Still, he was one of numerous feathers in the villain’s cap, proving that he had the panache to take on anyone.

5 DePrayve

DePrayve's monstrous form from Marvel Comics.

DePrayve was essentially the “human” equivalent to the Werewolf by Night. Trying to use an experimental compound to cure Jack Russell, a mix-up of chemicals caused it to work incorrectly on himself. This allowed Winston Redditch to turn into DePrayve, who was full of rage and fury.

DePrayve was able to fight the Werewolf on his own terms, being an example of humanity’s physical potential through chemical refinement of the brain. Like Russell, he was essentially a hapless victim and slave to his other self. Likewise, his status proved that science-based transformations were as strong as any curse.

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4 Tatterdemalion

Tatterdemalion using his supernatural powers.

Originally a wealthy man who inherited his parents’ talent for show business, Arnold Paffenroth eventually became Tatterdemalion. Opposing wealth and material possessions and having vague mystical abilities, he ran afoul of several heroes, including both the Werewolf and Ghost Rider. Despite his frequent defeats, he continued to vex several heroes.

Tatterdemalion initially had no supernatural powers, but was still capable of fighting both the Werewolf by Night and the Spirit of Vengeance. Conversely, his premise of outright destroying money and belonging set him apart from similar villains. Sadly, he was ultimately only a “threat” to the Werewolf due to his continued persistence.

3 The Committee

The Committee from Marvel Comics making corrupt plans.

The Committee was a group of financiers that had ties to political and economic events around the world. Their tendrils reached deep, even causing the death of Jack Russell’s mother. This put them in the crosshair of his alter ego, the Werewolf by Night.

The Committee wasn’t made up of costumed supervillain or paranormal foes. Instead, they were an even more inhuman and intangible threat, based around corrupt political power. This presented a problem that even the Werewolf’s fangs couldn’t crush. The group went on to vex his former rival Moon Knight, as well.

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2 Morbius

morbius looking menacing in the comics

Morbius the Living Vampire suffered from a similar affliction as Jack Russell, although his was due to a scientific experiment and not a curse. His scientific acumen had Jack Russell seeking him out for help. Unfortunately, this eventually lead to a skirmish between their baser instincts.

Morbius is one of the strongest opponents that Werewolf by Night ever fought. With great strength, healing, flight and other vampiric abilities, he has a physical edge over Russell. Luckily, the two eventually made amends and became allies.

1 Dracula

Dracula from the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe's Book of the Dead

The greatest enemy that the Werewolf by Night ever fought was none other than Dracula himself. Jack Russell encountered him after searching for a cure for his curse in Transylvania. This led him to Dracula’s castle, where he ended up at the mercy of the king of the vampires.

Dracula easily overpowered the Werewolf in physical strength and raw power. In fact, there were several times when the vampire almost fed upon him. It’s only a series of technicalities that prevent this from happening. Given that the Werewolf was at full power and still relatively helpless, this proves that Dracula came the closest to bringing a final end to the Werewolf by Night.

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