Warframe Hydroid Rework (Everything You Need To Know)

Hydroid is one of the most insane Warframes players can pick up. It transforms players into what is effectively a sci-fi version of Poseidon, and now it’s had a complete rework.

With the Abyss of Dagath update to Warframe, developer Digital Extremes looked at Hydroid and changed how it worked to make it more viable for the player base. The changes pull it forward to be a modern option and something everyone will want to add to their collection. However, the changes take some getting used to for those who know how it used to play.

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Everything That’s Changed With Hydroid in Warframe

hydroid warframe
Image via Warframe Wiki

Pretty much everything has changed with Hydroid as a Warframe in the Abyss of Dagath update. A minor one for all abilities is that they have new sound effects for players to enjoy, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Hydroid Warframe Ability Changes

For example, its old passive is gone, replaced by one that makes enemies more vulnerable to Corrosion Status, with the initial status hit reducing armor by 50%. It’s actually stronger than Hydroid’s previous passive, lasting from the moment an enemy is attacked until it dies, applying a massive 100% stack at times. It also means this status is applied by default, with no need for inventory or ability management.

A big overhaul to the Warframe’s charge mechanics has also been implemented. Tempest Barrage and Tentacle Swarm now no longer require players to charge them up, making them more fluid and much easier and overall enjoyable to use while playing Hydroid.

We’ve broken down how every other aspect of Hydroid has changed below so players can see exactly what’s new and what’s at least familiar or similar to the older version of the Warframe.

Tempest Barrage

Using Tempest Barrage deals damage and causes enemies to stagger instead of ragdoll. This should make them easier to finish off because they’ll still be in range and have heads where players expect to see them.

The Corroding Barrage augment Mod is now called Viral Tempest. It has a chance to apply the Viral Status Effect, not the Corrosive Status Effect, and also doesn’t grant Ability Strength. This brings it in line with modern changes to Warframe that most players expect these days.

Tidal Surge

Hydroid now has some steering control over the wave to allow for at least some tactical decision making as to where it ends up as well as its enemies. The ability’s base speed has been increased and no longer increases with Ability Range, and can be stopped early if players leap off the wave.

A big change is that enemies will now be dropped at the end of a surge instead of flung off into the distance. It makes for better grouping and overall gameplay feel. Like everything Hydroid does, Tidal Surge will apply the Corrosive Status Effect, and it’ll cleanse Hydroid of any negative Status Effects. This change actually takes inspiration from the Tidal Impunity Augment Mod.

Undertow (Removed)

Undertow no longer exists and is now known as Plunder. This ability is more enjoyable for players because it keeps Hydroid moving and doesn’t lead to inconvenient situations with enemies piling up around the Warframe without dying.

Plunder (Added)

This new ability blasts enemies with the Corrosive Status Effect, instantly removing their armor. It’ll then restore armor to Hydroid and grant a bonus to weapon damage, growing stronger based on the number of enemies affected by the Corrosive Status. With a full stack of Corrosive Status, all armor will be removed, and Hydroid will get a tonne of it back.

To go alongside this, the Curative Undertow Augment Mod has been renamed to Rousing Plunder alongside the ability rework. It’s the best mod for this ability and any Hydroid build. It actually causes the ability to heal Hydroid in addition to all the other benefits and heal allies within Affinity range. This, more than anything else, makes Hydroid a Warframe worth having.

Tentacle Swarm

The most iconic ability the Warframe Hydroid has to offer has changed to now hold enemies in a steadier position, making it easier to attack the enemies they hold. If the enemy a tentacle is holding is killed, it’ll just grab another from somewhere nearby if it can instead of disappearing. Overall though, it just looks better, and that’s the real improvement we all want to see.

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