Wack 100 Calls In ‘Gay’ Backup To Fight Saucy Santana For Akademiks

Wack 100 has stepped up to the plate on behalf of Akademiks, calling in a member of the “gaygency” to “run the fade” on Saucy Santana amidst the ongoing feud between the pair.

On Friday (November 3), the music manager went on Ak’s podcast and called up someone by the name of Donat, who runs their own YouTube channel and was thought to be gay by Wack (Donat would later clarify that they were bisexual, not homosexual).

Wack 100 explained that both he and Akademiks were limited in what they could say to Saucy Santana because both were straight men, whereas Donat isn’t and could, theoretically, be a bit more uncensored in their approach.

“Saucy Santana said something to bro [referring to Akademiks], [and] he can’t deal with that,” Wack said while speaking to Donat on the phone. “I need you to run the fade for me. ‘Cuz he gay. And you know, if we say something, we’re gonna get in trouble. You openly gay. Can you run that fade?”

“First of all, I’m bisexual,” Donat clarified. “Second of all, n-gga, I’ll run that fade!” Donat went on to say that there was “too much talkin’ on the Internet” and invited the “Walk Em Like A Dog” rapper to hit them up directly to square off.

In the second clip, Wack 100 tells Saucy Santana to leave Akademiks alone, because “Donat, my n-gga from Clubhouse, he runnin’ the fade.” Akademiks then tagged the aforementioned Donat in the post. Check out the full exchange below.

The spat between the pair reached a boiling point when Santana addressed the podcaster in an Instagram rant on Monday (October 30), in which the make-up artist/rapper said he doesn’t want to pull up to Akademiks’ headquarters but would rather get active in the streets.

“Pull up to your headquarters? N-ggas is in the streets,” he replied, referencing a previous comment from Akademiks. “I’ma be in the road. What the fuck is someone meeting you at your headquarters for?

“That’s the problem. I’m starting to think that maybe this is your aesthetic. You do the fake internet shit and then you sit in a room full of mutafuckin’ cameras.”

“I want to meet you outside,” he added. “I don’t want to pull up to no muthafuckin’ headquarters, bitch. Corporate ass n-gga… I want to meet you in the club, I want to meet you in the streets. Let’s get active.”

Saucy Santana continued to diss Akademiks and referred to the Off the Record host as a “BBW.”

“After I beat you, I’ma fuck you in your ass because you’re a bitch-ass n-gga,” Santana warned. “That’s what we do to you. You always pressing a BBL, f-g. Bitch, you sitting on your thick-ass. Bitch, I got a BBL and you got a BBW.

“That’s what you do. You a big Black woman. Sitting on that muthafuckin’ couch… You talking with so much aggression and hostility for a n-gga we don’t see in public.”

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Queen Latifah Co-Signs Mysonne Calling Out Akademiks’ Over Black Woman Disrespect

The next day, Akademiks struggled to fight back tears while on a Rumble live stream, claiming that he feared getting “canceled” if he responded to Saucy Santana the way he wanted to.

“I’m not tryna get canceled to fuck up what we got going on. I’m never tryna get canceled saying the wrong thing — I know what we got going on, I love it,” he said before pausing and welling up. “I’m trying not to get canceled.

“But this shit does bother me. Put it like this: with everything we’ve talked about, I’ve never cared about — I don’t care what rapper got at me, bro. Ever. But really, there’s certain shit I really don’t fuck with in my life that I will never do.”

“But I’m in America, I gotta sit here and just act like I don’t fuck with certain shit. I don’t like it. Just please,” he continued, his voice breaking. “I hate certain shit to the soul of me. I’m only pretending because if I say what I want to say, I will never be here for y’all. But I don’t want to be that person.”

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