Villain Upgrades That Green Lantern Could Use, Ranked

The Green Lantern Corps represent the greatest peace-keeping force in the DC universe. Created by the Guardians of the Universe, they channel the power of will through their rings, which allow them to form hard light constructs. As great as these heroes are at battling evil throughout the universe, they can always use an upgrade that can help them in their mission, and some of these come from villains.

Green Lanterns like Hal Jordan, John Stewart and Kyle Rayner have come into possession of a wide variety of weapons, technology and upgrades in their time. All of these helped them face their deadliest foes, such as Sinestro, the Anti-Monitor and Parallax. However, there’s no upper limit on the upgrades they can add to their arsenal in the fight against evil. Some villains in the universe possess powers and technology that could be of great use to these space cop superheroes.

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10 Darkseid’s Mother Box

Primarily used by the New God residents of Apokolips and New Genesis, Mother Boxes are among the most important devices in the universe. These have a variety of powers that include the ability to change one’s appearance, heal injuries and generate Boom Tubes (portals through space).

Mother Boxes aren’t exclusively used by villains, but they’re certainly a key tool in the arsenal of Darkseid and his subjects on Apokolips. Having regular access to a Mother Box could aid Green Lanterns immensely in their travels through space and battles with villains, especially when it comes to facing the New Gods themselves.

9 Metron’s Mobius Chair

As one of the most powerful beings in the universe, Metron uses his Mobius Chair to aid him in his exploration of the cosmos and accumulation of knowledge. Heroes like Batman have shown that, through possession of the Chair, a being could become almost omniscient.

The Mobius Chair would likely be better off in the hands of the Guardians of the Universe than any one Green Lantern, but it could still be of great use to the Corps. The Chair could alert the Corps to problems before they even arise, averting major crises, like the destruction of their Central Battery.

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8 Major Force’s Energy Containment

Major Force Suicide Squad from DC Comics

Major Force was meant to be the equal and opposite of Captain Atom. Created by a military super soldier experiment, the villain is essentially living energy contained within a special suit. In his encased form, Major Force can absorb energy, allowing him, if he so chooses, to contain harmful radiation to save other people.

Although Major Force is not worthy of his abilities, seeing a Green Lantern gain such abilities could make for some interesting moments. Whether it’s a human hero or a new state of an alien Corpsman, having the power to contain harmful radiation could certainly be important for a Lantern.

Metallo's Origins

Although foes like Zod are often seen as Superman’s enemies, it’s fairly common for the Green Lanterns to have run-ins with Kryptonian bad guys. Quite often, these encounters see the Corps woefully ill-equipped to deal with the threat posed by people like Zod or even evil versions of Superman.

Having some kryptonite on hand could have made a lot of Green Lantern battles against Kryptonians much easier. Villains like Metallo have shown how to make good use of kryptonite, even finding out ways to derive energy from it while also having a handy weapon against these god-like beings.

6 Degaton’s Time Vision

per degaton with the Justice Society in the background

Degaton remains one of DC’s most under-utilized villains, in part due to his interesting abilities over time. One such power is the villain’s Time Vision, an ability that allows him to look into the future due to being out of sync with time. This allows him to witness his enemies’ actions before they actually happen.

Any character, hero or villain, can always benefit from the ability to see things before they happen, even though it’s safe to say that no Green Lantern would want this ability permanently. Such a power certainly could have come in handy in stories like “The Sinestro Corps War” or “Emerald Twilight.”

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5 Qwardian Technology

The Qwardians are the weaponers of the DC universe, and have been responsible for forging items such as Sinestro’s Yellow Lantern rings and lanterns. Residing in the Anti-Matter universe, these beings have access to technology that allows them to create weapons and items of immense power.

It’s safe to say that both the Guardians of the Universe and the Green Lanterns themselves have a huge interest in controlling this technology. Many stories have shown various forces within the DCU forging new weapons, and the GLC being able to build tech as needed could make them all the more formidable.

4 Giganta’s Size Regulation

Giganta pursuing her opponent at night in DC Comics

As her name suggests, Giganta is a DC villain who is able to regulate her own size to the point of growing to gigantic proportions. This has made her a threat to characters like Wonder Woman and even Superman. Despite often being somewhat one-note, this could be a great power in the right hands.

The role of the Green Lantern Corps takes them all over the universe, and often lands them in conflicts with beings completely different from themselves, in size, shape and all manner of categories. Being able to magnify their size could put a Green Lantern on an even playing field with some of the universe’s larger threats.

3 Doctor Alchemy’s Philosopher’s Stone


DC’s magical side is home to many powerful items that heroes can use when needed. One of the best mystical villains has been Doctor Alchemy, a title held by a few of DC’s villains. One of the super villain’s go-to weapons has been the fabled Philosopher’s Stone, which allows its user to merge matter.

Batman and Superman recently used the Philosopher’s Stone to defeat Hal Jordan, so it’s safe to say the hero would want such power in his own hands. After all, it would allow various Green Lanterns to merge with one another to combine will power and strengthen their constructs.

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2 Prometheus’ Helmet

Prometheus activates his powered armor in DC Comics

Created by Grant Morrison to be a villainous take on Batman, Prometheus was raised by a couple of spree killers who were gunned down in front of him as a child. From there on, his life was an inverted mirror image of the Dark Knight, using his parents’ ill-gotten gains to turn himself into the ultimate super villain.

Prometheus uses a high-tech helmet that records and can download the knowledge and skills of others directly into the wearer’s brain. For a Green Lantern, using this helmet could turn them into the greatest fighter in the cosmos, as well as a master tactician on par with Batman himself.

1 Brainiac’s Ship

Brainiac with bottled cities behind him in DC Comics

Brainiac is one of the deadliest and most powerful beings in the cosmos. Directed by his core programming to collect all knowledge in the universe, the android achieves this by collecting cities from planets, only to destroy that world to ensure no new knowledge is created that he cannot assimilate.

Brainiac’s ability to miniaturize and store these cities could definitely come in handy for the Green Lanterns when faced with the most desperate of situations. Utilizing this miniaturizing tech could be of great benefit to any user, especially intergalactic peace-keepers.

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