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Following an epic conclusion for Fortnite’s Chapter 4 seasons, LEGO Fortnite was revealed alongside two other fantastic game modes. However, this brick-based open world survival crafting game has become the star of Epic Games’ roster, but it’s not that simple to get stuck into and start building with.

There’s a lot to do in LEGO Fortnite, from collecting resources to upgrade the village and inviting locals to stay and work to heading out on adventures into caves to claim a load of tools and weapons from the skeletons holding out in them. It feels like the game is hiding a secret around every corner, and that feeling doesn’t go away, even for those using our massive collection of guides.

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LEGO Fortnite: A Complete Guide

LEGO Fortnite Flexwood
Screenshot by Gamepur

Once players delve into LEGO Fortnite, they’ll see how deep this rabbit hole goes. There are dozens of mechanics to consider and little surprises that can help or scare players, depending on what they enjoy. Below, we’ve listed all of our guides for the game in what we believe are the main categories players need to learn about.

All players struggling with a Village upgrade because they need to find a specific resource, want to figure out how to travel faster, or the rest who just want to know what Rainbow Butterflies do can find all those answers and more here.

All LEGO Fortnite Mechanics

Make a Plane LEGO Fortnite (1)
Screenshot by Gamepur

In this section, we’ve listed all the LEGO Fortnite guides we’ve written that explain the game’s mechanics. Both simple and complex mechanics are highlighted because while some players might pick something up quickly, someone always needs a nudge with a simple guide on a simple concept. Often, it’s us.

All LEGO Fortnite Resources

LEGO Fortnite Temporary Hearts
Screenshot by Gamepur

The world of LEGO Fortnite is positively packed with resources and materials to gather. A core part of the game is bringing these together to create a bustling Village. However, outside of the starting biome, all of these resources feel impossible to find and get while players are attempting to seek them out for the first time.

The guides below will help all players locate every resource they’ll need to complete the main portion of LEGO Fortnite’s survival crafting adventure.

LEGO Fortnite Beginner’s Tips

LEGO Fortnite Glider
Screenshot by Gamepur

In this section, we’ve highlighted a few beginner’s tips that we wished we’d had when first playing LEGO Fortnite. While most players will likely pick up on these within an hour or so, we feel it’s better to point them out so players have every advantage going in.

Gather Wood and Granite and Build a Village as soon as possible. The first and only objective players should have in LEGO Fortnite is to build a Village. This is the heart of their base and what will allow them to eventually build better tools and structures as they upgrade it over time. If players take too long to build the Village, they might get bored or miss the point of the game, which would be a real shame. It could also hinder them on the first night when they’ll be murdered by skeletons over and over again.

Explore with friends. Everyone on the team has had a ton of fun with LEGO Fortnite, but we all agree the best times we’ve had are when playing with others. This game is designed to be played with friends and strangers, and progress is so much faster with them. One player can gather basic materials while another heads off to caves. More players still can build and farm, and a base is pretty much complete in two hours as a result.

Don’t underestimate the weather. The lush green biome players start LEGO Fortnite in is temperate and kind to their souls. Every other biome will hurt them, though, either freezing or burning them. Players will learn how to cope with these temperatures over time, but we recommend just avoiding them as much as possible until a Village upgrade requires players to venture into them.

Watch out for Rollers. What we thought were angry sheep when we first started playing LEGO Fortnite turned out to be Rollers. These creatures live up to their name and roll at players to attack them. They hit like a train, and that’s not what players need when they’re thousands of miles from their base with the materials they need for a Village upgrade.

Things You Might Want to Know About LEGO Fortnite

LEGO Fortnite Frostpine
Screenshot by Gamepur

In this section, we’ve listed all the LEGO Fortnite guides we’ve produced on subjects that players might want to know after mastering the game’s core mechanics. While not essential, they are good to know for the future, especially as the game is updated.

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