Unwelcome 2023 Filming Locations: Where Is The Folk Horror Filmed?

Irish folk tales meet the world of horror films in Jon Wright’s 2023 film Unwelcome. Offering a fresh break from the usual paranormal beings, this movie involving the intriguing Redcaps was released earlier this year in January 2023. 

After being attacked by hoodlums, Maya and Jamie, a young couple, decide to move away from London and live in a safer area. When the opportunity to move into an inherited home in Ireland arrives, Jamie and Maya take up the chance without any hesitation, only to find out later that the house is visited by “special guests” every night.

Made of gore and suspense, Unwelcome is a refreshing horror movie that revolves around creatures called Redcaps. Besides Hannah John-Kamen and Douglas Booth playing the couple Maya and Jamie, other cast members include Colm Meaney playing Daddy Whelan and Jamie-Lee O’Donnell playing Aisling. 

While this Jon Wright movie has received mixed reactions due to its faster pacing and uneventful ending, Unwelcome does deserve praise for its perfect use of prosthetics, filming styles, and CGI, as all of the dangerous little goblins were played by real actors.

Unwelcome 2023: Filming Locations

Just as the storyline of Unwelcome goes, the major filming spots for this 2023 film are England and Ireland. With cinematographer Hamish Doyne-Ditmas, filming for Unwelcome began back in 2022. 

The concept of Unwelcome was thought up by Kamen and Booth in 2020, with it being initially called “Little People.” Shaune Harrison, Paul Catling, and Paddy Eason are the brains behind the prosthetics and visual effects seen throughout the intriguing film. 

Unwelcome 2023 Filming Locations: Where Is The Folk Horror Filmed?
Major filming locations include London and Ireland (Credits: Warner Bros. Pictures)

London, England, UK:

As Unwelcome begins, we see that Maya and Jaime are hoping to live a good life in London now that they are soon going to be parents. Once they are attacked by random hoodlums, a pregnant Maya almost ends up with an injury, forcing the couple to rethink their decision to stay and build a life in London. 

The initial scenes from Unwelcome were filmed in various places in and around London. Whether you’re looking for a calm, slow-paced life or a city with great nightlife, London’s got all sorts of places to offer.

Besides Unwelcome, London has served as the filming location for Loki, Barbie, The Crown, Stranger Things, Doctor Who, and many other popular shows. 

Ireland, Europe:

Things change for Maya and Jaime when they are allowed to move into a small town in Ireland. After the scary attack, this was something Jaime and Maya were actively in need of, so they took the opportunity without knowing much about the house or the locals. 

Ireland has many interesting folklores, and Redcaps, the main “antagonists” of Unwelcome, are believed to be malevolent goblins that inhabit abandoned castles and areas that have witnessed brutal murders or deaths.

Scenes for the latter parts of Unwelcome were shot in Ireland once the crew completed scenes to be filmed in London. Filled with all kinds of lush green colors everywhere, Ireland is rightfully called the Emerald Isle. 

Unwelcome 2023 Filming Locations: Where Is The Folk Horror Filmed?
Scenes from Unwelcome shot in Ireland (Credits: Warner Bros. Pictures)

If we ignore the horrifying Redcaps part of Jaime and Maya’s new home, the area they live in is secluded and cozy, which is how most of rural Ireland really is.

Besides scenic forests and landscapes, Ireland also has all kinds of interesting holiday activities, making it a popular tourist spot. Films & TV shows like Game of Thrones, Vikings, Cocaine Bear, and Sons of Anarchy were all filmed in Ireland. 

Unwelcome: About The Film

The pacing of Unwelcome may seem a bit off, but don’t let it distract you from the attractive storyline. It begins with Jaime and Maya moving into an old house left behind by Jaime’s great-aunt. 

As they’re preparing to fully incorporate into the cozy Irish countryside lifestyle, Niamh, a friend of their aunt, warns them about a tradition that needs to be maintained at all times. 

Now that they were a part of Maeve’s home, they would have to leave blood offerings outside every night. Initially, Jaime and Maya think of it as a joke, but as the film goes on, they realize that everything Niamh had warned them about was true.

With exciting new twists coming out of nowhere, Unwelcome is a one-of-a-kind horror film that explores both folklore and modern horror elements.

At present, Unwelcome is available to stream on Prime Video.

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