Undead Murder Farce Episode 10 Review

undead murder farce episode 10 a
The Remains of The Burnt Werewolves’ Bodies, Rosa & Jutte

The case of horrifying Werewolf serial murders suddenly takes a turn into real terror as a young painter in the village reveals herself as the golden werewolf. Banquet behind-the-shadow acts and Royce agents’ sudden assault is nothing compared to Shizuku’s worrying situation after falling down to a river and being dragged by the flow of a waterfall.

Royce Night Assaults

undead murder farce episode 10 b
Cnut Tells the Story When He Found Wounded Pregnant Rosa

The first part of this episode continues the focus on information-digging about the mysterious Werewolf in the village. The detective essence can be felt strongly as Rindo carefully and thoroughly questions the village’s mayor and the three main suspects: Dr. Heinemann, Cnut, and Alma.

undead murder farce episode 10 c
Alice & Kyle Suddenly Burst Into Dr. Heinemann’s House and Attack Rindo’s Group

The mysteries keep being stacked one by one, before all of a sudden two familiar unfamiliar people storm and attack our protagonists. Alice Rapidshot and Kyle Chaintail from Royce Insurance who only appeared briefly in the previous episode now take their chance to assault their targets, before all the heat and threats are solved with a truce for the sake of solving the werewolf case, which suddenly takes a wild turn the night after.

Alma the Golden Wolf

undead murder farce episode 10 d
Young Louise Finds Out That Jutte is a Werewolf

While some parts of the werewolf hunting are connected to Cnut the engineer who saved the burnt werewolves in Episode 9 and some question marks related to Louise is still in the air, shockingly this series brings us the reveal of the werewolf’s identity. The brilliant painter named Alma who seems to have a layered past is apparently the haunting and terrorizing golden werewolf.

undead murder farce episode 10 e
Alma in Her Human Form

Although it has been unveiled already, Alma’s revelation feels off and hangs more threads that have not been connected properly, which indicates there will be more surprises and twists coming to fill the blanks in this arc. Not to mention that Alma seems to not be under the control and her transformation and actions go against her own will.

undead murder farce episode 10 f
Alma’s Werewolf Transformation

As the mayor said, the new generation of werewolves is stronger and more impenetrable, even with holy water or silver bullets. In her werewolf form, Alama is strong, fast, and even bulletproof.

The Bravery of an Obedient Servant

undead murder farce episode 10 g
Shizuku is Drowning and Falling from The Waterfall

Due to the difficulty of taking Alma down, Shizuku and Tsugaru are having a tough time pursuing and handling her. In the end, the brave and resolute maid must pay the price to save her master. Shizuku takes a bold step to move Rindo’s cage from drowning into a waterfall, and in exchange, she is the one who gets dragged by the swift flow of the waterfall.

Final Verdict

This episode shows how the story is brilliant enough to subvert the audience’s expectations and bring dreading stakes one after another. The detective and mystery aspects in this episode are genuinely strong and impactful, while the action sequences are also nerve-wracking with their fast pacing.

undead murder farce episode 10 h
Banquet Monitors Rindo’s Movements

Aside from the tense storylines, somehow this episode shows a defect in the animation quality multiple times. One thing that became a big praise for Undead Murder Farce was how every episode delivered amazing constant animation quality, whether it is merely a static scene or a dynamic action-packaged one. But for some reason, there are few shots and frames in Episode 10 that seem to be underworked and imperfectly polished.

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