Unbelievable Gaming Records That Will Blow Your Mind

In the competitive landscape of video gaming, dedicated players consistently achieve mind-blowing gaming records, pushing the boundaries of the imaginable. From marathon sessions that challenge human endurance to speedruns that demonstrate unparalleled skill, these feats captivate enthusiasts and casual gamers alike.

As the gaming community buzzes with excitement, these trailblazers not only set gameplay benchmarks but also redefine what it means to excel in the gaming world, highlighting the passion, strategy, and expertise that drive the industry forward.

Marathon Gaming Sessions: Beyond Endurance

Ghost takes point in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II (2022)

Gaming enthusiasts have always pushed the boundaries of what’s possible. Marathon gaming sessions are not just about the duration but also about the skill, strategy, and mental fortitude required to sustain such long hours of gameplay.

In 2010, poker professional Phil Laak made headlines when he embarked on a marathon poker session in one of the prestigious casinos on the Vegas Strip. He played continuously for almost four days (115 hours). This record-setting event wasn’t held in the comfort of his home or in a virtual setting, which is more common today with the rise of online gaming platforms. Instead, Laak’s marathon was streamed live via webcam. According to the World Record Academy, an average of 130,000 viewers from over 90 countries tuned in daily to watch Laak’s gameplay. To sustain himself, he was allowed a five-minute rest every hour, which he could accumulate for longer breaks.

Okan Kaya, from Australia, set a remarkable record in the world of first-person shooters. In November 2012, Kaya played the popular game Call of Duty for over five days straight, totaling more than 135 hours. He chose to remain in his office for the duration of this marathon. His gameplay was live-streamed on UStream, allowing fans and curious viewers to watch his record-setting journey.

Kory Breaden from British Columbia, Canada, aimed to surpass Okan Kaya’s record for Call of Duty. For almost a decade, Kaya’s record stood unchallenged. However, in a recent attempt, Breaden played the game for 145 hours and 29 minutes, almost six full days, surpassing Kaya’s record. His gameplay was primarily streamed live on Twitch, but he also used Zoom meetings when there were issues with the streaming platform.

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Marathon gaming sessions, while impressive, come with their own set of challenges. Players need to be prepared both mentally and physically. They often face fatigue, eye strain, and other health concerns. However, the drive to set a new record, achieve a personal best, or simply challenge oneself keeps these gamers going.

The titular Cuphead fighting a boss in Cuphead game

Speedrunning is a fascinating corner of the gaming world where players aim to complete games in record times. This requires not only an intimate understanding of the game but also the ability to exploit glitches, shortcuts, and other techniques to shave off precious seconds or even minutes from the clock.

Cuphead is a game that has captured the attention of many due to its challenging gameplay and unique 1930s cartoon aesthetics. While an average player might take hours to complete the game, speedrunners have managed to finish it in under half an hour. One such gamer, ClipBoardGuy, completed the game in just twenty-eight minutes and ten seconds. This achievement is particularly impressive given the intricate boss battles and platforming sections that the game offers.

Mirror’s Edge is a game that emphasizes speed and agility. It’s a first-person parkour game that encourages players to move swiftly through its levels. While the game can take several hours to complete for a regular player, Voetiem, a speedrunner, managed to finish it in just twenty-six minutes and fifty-five seconds.

Elden Ring is an action RPG known for its expansive world and challenging gameplay. While the game can take dozens of hours to complete for most players, FirstTwoWeeks managed to complete the game in just nineteen minutes and forty-nine seconds. Super Meat Boy is a game notorious for its high difficulty level. Despite its challenging levels that can take hours to complete for many players, Matte, a speedrunner, managed to finish the game in just seventeen minutes and twenty-seven seconds.

Portal is a unique puzzle-platformer game that can be completed in a few hours. However, speedrunners have found ways to bypass many of the game’s puzzles, significantly reducing the completion time. User CantEven utilized these shortcuts to finish the game in a mere five minutes and fifty-three seconds.

Doom, a classic first-person shooter released in 1995, has always been a favorite among speedrunners. A speedrunner known as Therealpaisano managed to complete the game in an impressive four minutes and forty-three seconds. Super Mario 64 is a classic platformer that many remember fondly from their childhood. Speedrunners, however, see it as a challenge to be conquered. Murph_E managed to complete the game in just three minutes and fifty-four seconds.

Mobile games have also found a place in the speedrunning community. Soul Knight is a game that can take hours to complete for the average player. However, Phaze_in_Spaze set a record by finishing the game in just two minutes and fifty-two seconds.

Refunct is a peaceful platformer that typically takes less than an hour to complete. However, TastyMeowmix managed to complete the game in just two minutes and forty-one seconds. Minesweeper, a classic game that doesn’t have a set completion time, has also been speedrun. SheenSimpson, a player, managed to complete the beginner mode in just one second.

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Speedrunners employ a variety of techniques to achieve these records. They study the game meticulously to find shortcuts, glitches, and optimal routes. They practice repeatedly to perfect their runs, often replaying sections hundreds of times to shave off milliseconds of playtime each and every try.

Quirky and Unique Gaming Achievements

Image of ‘Minecraft' title top-centre, above Minecraft Steve and Alex, a tamed wolf, pig, sheep, skeleton, creeper, zombie, and spider on grass hill.

While many chase high scores and speedrun records, there’s a subset of gamers who pursue more eccentric goals. These quirky achievements often leave us both amused and amazed, showcasing the lengths to which some players will go to leave their mark.

One such record involves the lovable pigs in Minecraft. While many players have spent countless hours raising and utilizing these creatures, one player, LJ Pegross, holds the unique distinction of having ridden a pig for the longest distance in the game. Pegross traveled an astonishing 667km (414 miles) on the back of a pig in his procedurally generated world. This record not only showcases the player’s dedication but also the limitless possibilities that games like Minecraft offer.

Dance games, known for their energetic gameplay, have also seen their fair share of unique records. Carrie Swidecki, a teacher from California, danced her way into the record books by playing Just Dance 4 for an incredible 138 hours. This wasn’t just a personal achievement; Swidecki used her marathon session to raise $7,000 for the Children’s Miracle Network. Beyond her dance marathon, Swidecki is known for breaking multiple dance game records and even hosts Just Dance events at schools throughout California.

Katie Fleming stands out with her dedication to the Tomb Raider series. After starting a fan site in 2000, Fleming has spent decades sharing high-quality screenshots from the various installments in the franchise. Her dedication was recognized in 2013 when she was awarded a Guinness World Record for the “Largest Collection of Tomb Raider Screenshots”. Beyond her screenshot collection, Fleming’s research-focused work has earned her accolades and even a position as a community manager in the gaming industry.

Jason Camberis, on the other hand, took his love for arcade games to towering heights. He built the world’s largest arcade machine, standing at 14.47′ tall. This gargantuan machine, which took two years to assemble, plays titles like Rising Spirit on a screen so massive that players need a ladder to access it. Camberis’ motivation was to recreate the nostalgic feeling of being a child in an ’80s arcade, looking up in awe at the towering arcade machines.

Another record that defies gravity involves playing Super Mario Galaxy 2 while in freefall. Gaming journalist Jesse Moerkerk set a record in 2011 by playing the game during a freefall that lasted 18 minutes and 52 seconds. While many might find the idea of playing a game while plummeting through the air daunting, Moerkerk’s record showcases the lengths some gamers will go to for a unique experience.

In a blend of the real and virtual worlds, a promotional event for the Tomb Raider reboot film saw a gathering of 316 Lara Croft cosplayers, breaking the previous record set in Paris. However, this achievement was not without controversy, with some arguing that it was more of a publicity stunt by Warner Brothers than a genuine gathering of fans.

The world of gaming is vast and diverse, with players finding unique and often humorous ways to set records and leave their mark. These quirky achievements highlight the creativity, dedication, and passion of gamers worldwide.

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From players who push their physical and mental limits in marathon sessions to those who meticulously dissect games to achieve record-breaking speedruns, the dedication is evident. It’s not just about the mainstream achievements. The quirky records, from riding pigs in virtual worlds to assembling colossal arcade machines, showcase the diverse ways gamers express their love for the medium. These records, whether mainstream or eccentric, underline the universal truth: gaming is not just a pastime but a platform for expression, innovation, and unparalleled achievement. As the gaming industry continues to grow and evolve, one can only anticipate the new records and feats that future gamers will set, further solidifying gaming’s place in global culture.

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