Trickster Vocation (Everything You Need To Know)

While players explore the vast open world of Dragon’s Dogma 2, they’ll need to master the various roles their character can fill in battle. The sequel introduces a variety of new systems as well as the completely new Trickster Vocation, which will throw even experienced players a curveball.

The original Dragon’s Dogma is a fairly challenging action RPG that pulls players into a hostile world where no one can rest easy for long. As the story progresses, players must fight bigger and more terrifying beasts as they battle to reclaim their heart from a colossal dragon. Along the way, they must use various classes, known as Vocations, and Dragon’s Dogma 2 builds upon the first game’s with the Trickster.

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What is the Trickster Vocation in Dragon’s Dogma 2?

Image via Capcom

The Trickster Vocation is unlike anything players will have seen before in open world ARPGs. Their job is to draw the attention of enemies so they don’t attack allies. The Trickster is equipped with a ceremonial Censer filled with incense that deals almost no damage. As it spreads its unique scent, it’ll attract enemies and cause them to focus all their attacks on the Trickster.

Aiding in drawing attention is a special move called Suffocating Shroud. This sees the Trickster spin their Censer around and unleash a cloud of incense that causes more enemies in the area to force their attacks on the player.

The point of all this attention is not to deal damage. It’s to trick the enemy. Once the Trickster has drawn enough enemies away from their allies, they can use their Effigeal Incense ability to create a decoy version of themselves made from a cloud of incense. Enemies will attack the cloud, which should be placed where the Trickster desires, allowing allies to sneak up and deal damage to them from behind.

Players can teleport their decoy to their location as long as it hasn’t been destroyed. This allows them to draw aggro to one location, place a decoy, then move the decoy to a new location, draw more aggro, and keep pulling enemies around an area so allies can slowly take them all out.

Of course, there’s no point to this without buffs, and the Trickster has plenty to give. It’s a support class, so it will buff allies, boosting their strength, health, and defense so they can do all the fighting instead of the player. The Trickster can even summon an illusionary dragon to terrify enemies and debuff them, making them easier for Pawns to defeat.

Furthermore, the Trickster can create surfaces and walls made from incense that appear real to enemies. They can hide behind the walls and create fake floors for enemies to walk on using the surfaces. Their final ability allows them to create an astral projection of themselves and scout an area for as long as their stamina holds out. Astral projections can call decoys to their location, allowing players to pull enemies onto fake surfaces and force them to fall to their deaths if a fight proves to be too tough.

What are Vocations in Dragon’s Dogma 2?

Image via Capcom

Vocations are Dragon’s Dogma 2‘s character classes. An example of how they might look in another series is with Final Fantasy 14‘s job system. Pawns, who are the helper race in the franchise’s universe, can only learn one Vocation. The player character, on the other hand, also known as the Arisen, can learn hybrid Vocations that feature strengths from multiple Vocations.

A hybrid Vocation will combine a melee Vocation with a magical one, such as an archer with mystical powers who can shoot elemental arrows or a spear user with magic applied to their weapon. It’s useful for Pawns to stick with one Vocation because they will use it effectively and fulfill vital roles in a party.

Any fans of the Dragon’s Dogma franchise keen to learn more about Dragon’s Dogma 2 can visit our release hub to keep up to date with the latest information on the game, such as when it will be released and how all the new systems work together.

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