Top 5 Historical BL Web Comics: Romance Through the Ages

There’s something special about historical BL web comics. They combine the allure of romance with the intrigue of past eras, giving readers a unique blend of love stories set against the backdrop of history. From ancient palaces to societal norms of bygone times, these comics offer a fresh take on timeless tales of passion and drama. In this article, we’ll explore five standout historical BL web comics that have captured the hearts of many.

Our list is a mix between our own personal opinions and their respective ratings on database websites like MyAnimeList.

5. One Thousand and One Nights


one thousand and one nights manhwa
The king, who sleeps with a different person every night before killing them

In a captivating twist on the classic tales of the Arabian nights, Shahrazad is not the enchanting storyteller we know but a desperate boy aiming to save his sister’s life. For one thousand and one nights, he keeps the mad Sultan engrossed with tales of Aladdin, Ali Baba, Sinbad, genies, and other mystical creatures. However, those seeking a romance-centric BL might find this more of an intricate narrative than a straightforward love story. That’s why this entry takes our bottom part of this list.

4. Taming the Tiger


taming the tiger manhwa
Ahn Geumhoo and Beom

On a quest to find a butcher for his ailing brother’s medicine, Ahn Geumhoo encounters a nameless, peculiar-looking individual. Intrigued, he names him “Beom” and, drawn by an unexplainable charm, invites him into his home. The story unfolds as Ahn becomes increasingly captivated by Beom’s allure. However, potential readers should note that while the narrative is engaging, some fan translations might not capture its essence fully. The dynamics, especially Beom’s seemingly happy life being enslaved (and that it might perpetuate some racial stereotypes), are eyebrow-raising.

3. To Take an Enemy’s Heart


to take an enemy's heart manhwa review thumbnail
to take an enemy’s heart manhwa review thumbnail

The tragic tale of Kassan, the believed sole survivor of the Azkun clan, unfolds as he’s enslaved by Master Igen, the very man behind his family’s massacre. Amidst the torment, Kassan finds a glimmer of hope in Lanour, another slave who dares to show him kindness. But as Kassan’s feelings for Igen grow, he remains oblivious to Igen’s dark secrets, setting the stage for a dramatic confrontation, especially with his vengeful brother in the shadows.

2. Steel Under Silk

Link (Content Warnings for S*xual Abuse and Violence)

steel under silk manhwa web comic
Yeonjo (Left) and Hee-ryang Kwon (Right).

From a life of privilege to one of revenge, Yeonjo’s journey is fueled by his desire to avenge his family, betrayed and executed for treason. His plan for retribution involves getting perilously close to his nemesis, Hee-ryang Kwon. As he hides a blade behind his beguiling smile, Yeonjo’s strategy is to strike from within, even if it means sharing intimate moments with the enemy.

This comic is quite dark and still ongoing. The reason why it is so high on the list is because of the intricate worldbuilding against the beautiful artwork, as well as the psychological elements. Yeonjo hates the situation he is in and wants to preserve his masculinity (feeling like he is emasculated), but if he wants revenge, he sees enduring as the only option. This tale is a tragedy in that regard.

1. Painter of the Night

Link (Content Warnings for S*xual Abuse and Violence)

painter of the night manhwa 001
Seungho and Na-kyum

Baek Na-kyum, a gifted artist, is renowned for his evocative paintings that capture men in their most passionate moments. However, his decision to retreat from this world is thwarted by Yoon Seungho, a nobleman with insatiable desires. Seungho forces Na-kyum back into the realm of erotic art, using him to illustrate his debauched nights. As Na-kyum becomes more entangled in Seungho’s world, he must navigate a maze of lust, jealousy, and threats that lurk at every corner.

The reason this comic took the #1 spot is because we see multiple people’s thought processes, all played out in a manner that is not detracting from the main story. From Seungho’s past lovers to a hitman for hire, we see that everybody’s got tons of issues. In addition, the artstyle is gorgeous to look at. This story has intense criticism surrounding it for fetishizing power dynamics and abuse, something we know is rampant in the BL sphere.


Please recall that our list is a mix between our own personal opinions and their respective ratings on database websites like MyAnimeList. If you disagree with any of our picks, be sure to let us know in the comment section!

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