Top 5 Free Steam Games You Should Check Out in October 2023

Within the gaming industry, every month represents an opportunity to enjoy a slew of new free games on the Steam platform. Unsurprisingly, purchasing two or three of those new games can be quite the drain on your wallet and savings, but not every new game released costs as high as 70 dollars. With that in mind, let’s explore the top 5 free games worth checking out in October 2023.


playing notes during gameplay in Rhythm Game Milthm
Image Source: 森零制作组

Kicking off our list is Milthm, a free rhythm game on Steam with a delightful anime aesthetic and tasty tunes to match.

This title is similar to other rhythm games like Trombone Champ or Guitar Hero, as you’ll be tasked with hitting the notes onscreen as they descend toward you. What Milthm undoubtedly does different, though, is how the tracks and notes can move and dance around mid-song.

That may turn out to be a charming addition to a game that already has plenty of style and substance in its gameplay and options. Meanwhile, Milthm can also be played on Windows with the keyboard’s arrow keys, or on mobile devices thanks to the developer’s efforts in cross-platform play.

Dark Table CCG

Free Dark Table CCG game board showing cards, deck, and four players
Image Source: Doonamai, LLC

Dark Table is an online multiplayer collectible card game for those who tire of duels between just two people.

This is because Dark Table CCG allows four players on Steam to duke it out in strategic matches. That said, don’t think it’s always that cutthroat, because alliances, temporary or otherwise, are an optional feature in this free to play game.

Deterministic unlocks is the name of the game here, because Dark Table CCG lets players unlock whatever card they want. That means everything can be bought with in-game currency or real money. You won’t find any loot boxes or card packs of any kind, which is a big plus if you’re looking for a microtransaction-free distraction.

Additionally, the game’s 3D boards, cards, and dice are customizable, giving each match a different look and feel.

It should be noted that Dark Table CCG will be releasing via early access though, so bear with it if there are any early build glitches and bugs.

My Hero Ultra Rumble

Free Game My Hero Ultra Rumble splash screen showing Izuku Midoria, Bakugo, and Shoto Todoroki
Image Source: Bandai Namco

Though it did technically release in September, My Hero Ultra Rumble is undoubtedly one of the best free Steam games you can play in October 2023.

The title is a 24 player free battle royale game wherein players take the role of their favorite characters to try and emerge victorious. The game features five classes amongst its roster, and players can boost their quirks mid-match by finding items, saving civilians, and defeating villains.

Beyond that, Ultra Rumble’s 14 heroes and four villains should ensure that most matches will feel diverse. Additionally, as future seasons drop, more characters will be released, thus increasing the quirk-based chaos.

Outside of its competitor Fortnite, Ultra Rumble is one of the best ways for you to truly play as the iconic heroes and villains from the show. Unlike said previous juggernaut, however, you thankfully won’t find All Might sporting an assault rifle this time around.

Warframe: Abyss of Dagath

Warframe Abyss of Dagath splash screen showing Dagath Warframe
Image Source: Digital Extremes

If you’re looking for guns, blades, and space magic, then Warframe is a compelling free to play choice. You’ll have immediate access to our whole solar system complete with a wide variety of missions and even large open worlds.

Additionally, there has never been a better time to start playing thanks to the Duveri Paradox roguelite mode. This feature acts as an alternative start for new players, easing them into the spectacle that is Warframe’s lightning-fast gameplay.

Now, starting October 18th, the Abyss of Dagath update looks to expand Warframe further. Dagath, the update’s new Warframe, has powerful area of effect abilities that transmits a spreadable curse for major damage.

Alongside Dagath, you can also look forward to the Hydroid Warframe rework that can now steal armor and convert it to bonus damage. Meanwhile, companions are getting a huge quality of life update allowing them to live much longer. That’s just the start too, so whether or not you’re new to Warframe, this Steam game will keep you busy!

Counter Strike 2

Screenshot of players in Free Steam Game Counter Strike 2
Image Source: Valve

The Steam game that almost needs no introduction, Counter Strike 2 is Valve’s latest free update to the always-popular competitive shooter.

Using the new Source 2 engine, CS2 brings the shooter into the next generation with all new graphics, textures, and audio. Alongside the graphical overhaul comes dynamic smoke grenades that can be manipulated for more strategic play.

Counter Strike 2 also includes new backend technology that alters the game’s tick rate, letting every shot count far more often. Finally, every item players had in CS:GO has been ported forward into CS2. This is all while still remaining playable on most computers released in the past half-decade, ensuring most anyone can dive into the fun.

There has never been a better time to try one of the most popular shooters in the world, and you could do a lot worse than to make this your obsession for the month of October.

About the author

Ali Taha

Whether its new releases, or a new Destiny 2 season, Ali will flex his gaming and freelancer skills to cover them extensively. He started off writing features for Game Rant but found a better home here on Twinfinite. While Ali waits for the next Monster Hunter title, he enjoys publishing his progression fantasy novels as an indie author.

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