Top 15 Nintendo DS Games That Are Worth a Fortune

The Nintendo DS remains a legendary portable console, both in terms of its hardware sales and the amount of exceptional games it featured. Many of these games are now worth a fortune too, with the console’s resale market remaining strong thanks to people wanting to go back and play them.

As the years have gone by though, said games have skyrocketed in price, and a select few have reached some truly astronomical values. Among them, these are 15 in particular that are worth a fortune and stand as the most financially demanding to go back to.

Before proceeding, please be aware that the prices listed are based on those found at Price Charting at the time of writing. The ranking of each entry is based on its New price, but their Used price has also been included for your reference. We’re also only including one version of game cartridges which contain both an actual game and at least some gameplay, so Pokémon distribution cartridges, trailer cartridges, and multiple versions of the same Pokémon game have been excluded.

15. Mega Man Star Force 3: Black Ace

$360.00 New | $69.99 Used

Image Credit: Capcom

We’ve got bad news if you were hoping for an affordable first entry on our list, as Mega Man Star Force 3: Black Ace runs you a pretty penny in its pristine condition.

One of two versions released for the game back in 2008 and 2009 in Japan and the west respectively, the Black Ace variant remains the more popular one even 15 years after its initial launch. This in turn has led to its substantial markup, with new and unopened copies of the game costing $360 on average. If that amount seems like a lot, it’s because it is, as you could buy yourself a full outfit from some mid-level designer clothing brands for the same amount.

Fortunately, the game is fairly affordable loose or used with an average price of $69.99. Still though, you could buy a brand new game for the same price — and, given Mega Man Starforce 3’s critical reception, you’re incredibly likely to nab a better game overall.

14. Pokemon Diamond

$366.73 New | $33.50 Used

Image Credit: Game Freak and The Pokémon Company

A Pokemon game making an appearance on this list shouldn’t come as much of a surprise. However, the current value of Pokemon Diamond is likely to make you regret ever opening your copy if you had one.

Whereas the abundance of used copies have made the title fairly affordable for those just looking to play the game, collectors are in for a shock due to the new version’s value of a little over $366. Not for nothing, but you could easily buy a Nintendo Switch and a new game to play on it for that price.

Heck, you could buy the latest Pokemon game of your choice and leave it sealed, creating your own valuable collectible a few years from now. Just be prepared to wait about 18 years for it to reach the same heights as this one.

13. Digimon World Dusk

$375.22 New | $36.57 Used

Digimon World Dusk Cover Art (Top 12 Nintendo DS Games That Are Worth a Fortune)
Image Credit: Bandai Namco Entertainment via Twinfinite

While this entry may not be too expensive used, it once again exemplifies how high the barrier of entry is if you’re out to collect DS games in pristine condition.

Released in 2007 alongside Digimon World Dusk, this 2D RPG take on the Pokemon competitor didn’t enjoy the critical or commercial success of its world-dominating rival. And yet, thanks to some charming gameplay and a wide variety of Digital Monsters to collect, it’s still held in decent regards among fans both in terms of content and monetary value.

All the same, you wouldn’t be blamed for balking a bit at its nearly $380 price point. You could instead buy most every other game tied to the series that has released in the past few years, including the rather admirably well made Digimon Survive.

12. Sideswiped

$399.00 New | $60.78 Used

Sideswiped for DS Cover Art Showing One Car Slamming through Other Cars (Top 12 Nintendo DS Games That Are Worth a Fortune)
Image Credit: Majesco via Twinfinite

Racing games aren’t typically among the most valuable entries in a console’s library, but Sideswiped is a worthy exception.

Part of Majesco Entertainment’s extensive catalogue of titles, this portable racer is held in fairly high regard by those who have played it. Sadly, it didn’t have the record-breaking sales tail of the console’s AAA fare, so new copies are only becoming harder and harder to find.

This has resulted in the game’s $399 valuation, and has made it all the harder for new fans to give the game a look in its intended form. For prospective collectors though, it’s an affordable title that seems primed to increase in value as time goes on.

11. Dokapon Journey

$399.95 New | $79.41 Used

Dokapon Cover Art
Image Credit: Atlus via Twinfinite

Running for slightly more than the last entry, Dokapon Journey is one of the stranger entries on this list of Nintendo DS games worth a fortune.

To be sure, it’s by no means a bad or lackluster game. Its premise of blending RPG mechanics with a multiplayer board game approach is novel, and it’s a terrific game to play with friends as a result. And yet, it’s hard not to think this game ballooned in value due to its limited fanbase abroad and it being published by Atlus in the West; who, as most collectors well know, is notorious for doing limited runs of games during their initial release if they aren’t part of a larger series.

The end result is a title which costs roughly the same as either several new releases on modern consoles or a monthly health insurance payment in the States. That total doubles if you’re looking to get the full experience alongside some friends with copies of their own too, so this one isn’t for the faint of heart or light of funds.

10. Pokemon Ranger

$412.20 New | $26.44 Used

Image Credit: Creatures and HAL Laboratory

The next of many Pokemon titles that will appear on this list, Pokemon Ranger has definitely become a hot commodity among fans in recent years.

Launching the spin-off series back in 2006, this first entry has only become more and more valuable with each passing year; or at least, its complete and unopened versions have. Whereas loose and used copies are worth roughly $26, new copies have climbed to an exceptional $412 per sale.

To put that into perspective, you could buy… well, the same thing as the previous entry on this list, but with the added bonus of being able to afford some airport snacks. Still though, that’s a crazy amount of scratch to put toward a game that is 18 years old, and it’s even crazier when you consider some shrink wrap is all that sets it apart from its used counterpart.

9. Powerbike

$475.00 New | $70.11 Used

Powerbike Cover Art of Red Bike Doing a Jump
Image Credit: Majesco via Twinfinite

Most everything said about Sideswiped can be applied to Powerbike, but with the caveat that Powerbike is just ok.

It’s not revolutionary by any standards, but it’s also not marred by any clear flaws. Instead, it’s merely a serviceable title through and through, and saw its spike in value due to the low number of copies in the wild and yet lower total of copies which are in perfect condition with their cases.

Still, by all intents and purposes, that’s not the worst fate for such a game. At $475, it’s fairly sought after by collectors and should either hold or climb in value as time goes on. If you’ve got some extra scratch lying around but aren’t in the mood to buy a refurbished modern console, this is the item for you.

8. Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Darkness (Explorer’s Guide Edition)

$550.00 New | $196.43 Used

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Darkness Cover Art (Top 12 Nintendo DS Games That Are Worth a Fortune)
Image Credit: Chunsoft via Twinfinite

Ok, so to be entirely up front with this entry: While the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Darkness Explorer’s Guide Edition is worth more than other versions of the game, the reason why is a bit silly.

While Explorers of Darkness is a fine game and a fun spin-off experience for Pokemon fans, The Explorer’s Guide included with this edition is the sole reason for its exceptional price range. Said Guide isn’t substantial by any means, and is more so an artifact of paper products and hard copy game walkthroughs that used to be included with games.

Keep this in mind, and consider whether you care enough about preserving gaming’s history before dropping your hard-earned paper on the game. After all, you could fly out to most any country across North, South, and Central America for that same total, or eat out a whopping five times at top of the line restaurants.

7. Solatorobo: Red the Hunter

$552.62 New | $210.35 Used

Solatorobo Red the Hunter Cover Art Showing Characters Next to Mech
Image Credit: CyberConnect 2 and XSEED via Twinfinite

Solatorobo: Red the Hunter may not have the biggest fan base out there, but it’s certainly got one of the most passionate ones.

Released in 2010, this action adventure title from CyberConnect2 and Bandai Namco Entertainment is a surprisingly emotional romp from the perspective of furry, anthropomorphic characters. Or at least, that’s what fans have had to say about it both in previous years and more recently.

This, alongside the rather limited supply of copies in the wild both new and used, has led to the game’s exceptional resale value. Even if it is worth as much as the average monthly payment on a used car, it’s kind of nice to see there are still fans who are committed to playing this game in its original version. And, as an added bonus, it’s a perfect throwback for fans of the Fuga: Melodies of steel series, which bears a striking resemblance to the title.

6. Mega Man Star Force Dragon

$591.25 New | $65.58 Used

Mega Man Star Force Dragon Cover Art
Image Credit: Capcom via Twinfinite

It’s not exactly shocking that a game with three different versions has a particularly rare one among the bunch, and Mega Man Star Force Dragon clinches that distinction.

Having come out in 2006, this early entry in the Nintendo DS’ Mega Man titles already has the benefit of age increasing its overall value. Thanks to the increasing scarcity of this specific type of the game though, it’s monetary worth has only continued to climb, with new copies still in the case now running fans over $590.

Does this mean you should drop such a sum on the game without a second thought if you’re a diehard Mega Man fan? Well, probably not. It wasn’t given glowing reviews by fans and critics when it first released, and age hasn’t exactly been kind to it. Still, if you’re a diehard Capcom or Mega Man fan, you’ll find this game is worth a fortune both monetarily and in terms of its sentimental value.

5. Shepherd’s Crossing 2

$647.00 New | $182.00 Used

Shepherd's Crossing 2 Cover Art Showing Two Characters Next to Title Sign (Top 12 Nintendo DS Games That Are Worth a Fortune)
Image Credit: Grafiti Entertainment via Twinfinite

Never underestimate the value people put into cozy games; especially when they’re considered cult classics.

Released in 2010, Shepherd’s Crossing 2 is a fairly well-regarded farming sim title that has largely faded from the public consciousness. This isn’t hyperbole either — images, promotional material, and even reviews or coverage pieces tied to the game are exceedingly rare, with the game seeming to have come and gone with little more than a whimper when it first released.

And yet, despite all that, there’s still a fervent market of collectors looking to own copies of the game. If you wish to count yourself among them, be ready to pony up around $200 for a used copy or $650 for a new copy.

4. Veggy World

$760.00 New | $55 Used

Veggy World Cover Art
Image Credit: Rhino Studios and Jack of All Games via Twinfinite

If the sheer value of a new copy of Veggy World has your mouth agape, you’re not alone.

While there are plenty of used copies out in the wild, the number of those which are brand new and still in-case is substantially lower. Part of this is due to the game not being a well-known title among the DS’ library, but it’s also more than likely that those who bought the game didn’t bother to save its case for later resales.

It’s good news for collectors and resellers though, as this case scarcity has catapulted the value of the game’s unopened copies to a $760 value. That’s not bad for a random shoot ’em up title from 2010, and selling one would allow you to purchase a modest 4K flat screen television.

3. Pokemon HeartGold (Figure Bundle Version)

$857.14 New | $581.63 Used

Pokemon HeartGold Cover Art (Top 12 Nintendo DS Games That Are Worth a Fortune)
Image Credit: Game Freak and Nintendo via Twinfinite

It should come as no surprise to Nintendo fans that the top of our list is occupied by the Nintendo DS’ Pokemon games, and Pokémon HeartGold comes in as the third most valuable title.

Bundled with a rare official figure of Ho-oh and only sold via Walmart during the remakes’ release back in 2009, this version of HeartGold runs for a pretty penny regardless of if you buy new or used. The same amount of legal tender could be put toward most all of the more recent entries in the series and you’d still have some funds left over. Heck, it could even be used to buy groceries for a single US adult for two whole months!

Still, if you’re intent on adding a flex-worthy title to your collection of games worth a fortune, this is one of your best options that doesn’t dip into the quadruple digits.

2. Pokemon SoulSilver (Figure Bundle Edition)

$2,992.00 New | $1,096.69 Used

Pokemon SoulSilver Cover Art
Image Credit: Game Freak and Nintendo via Twinfinite

Pokemon SoulSilver has long been touted as the superior version between the two DS remakes of the second entries in the franchise, and fans seem to have confirmed this fact with their wallets.

Coming in at nearly double the value used and triple the value new of similar versions of HeartGold, the Figure version of this title runs for some serious dosh. Even if it is a version that was only sold by one retailer back during its release in 2009, it’s wild to think someone could make the same amount from selling this game that they could by working a full-time job in several states across the US.

It also serves as proof that Pokemon fans aren’t to be trifled with when it comes to brand loyalty. Shelling out this much cheddar just because this version includes a small official figure of Lugia — which could be recreated unofficially via some creative fans on Etsy for a fraction of the price — is admirable in a terrifying sort of way.

1. Pokemon Pearl (Carrying Case Bundle Edition)

$5,000.00 New | $1,785.71 Used

Pokemon Pearl Cover art (Top 12 Nintendo DS Games That Are Worth a Fortune)
Image Credit: Game Freak and Nintendo via Twinfinite

Look, you more than likely already know plenty about this game, so let’s take a moment to appreciate how much money the Carrying Case version of Pokemon Pearl is worth.

The fact that a used version of this version goes for nearly $1,800 is absolutely wild, especially since it shows the game has increased in value by 36 times its original sales price. This sum alone would allow you to buy not only a shiny new Switch OLED, but also a dozen of its best games.

And then there’s the new version of the game’s price point. For $5,000, you could travel to a different country and live it up comfortably for a couple weeks. That five grand could also go toward a semester of school at a state college, or allow you to live in a modest closet in New York or Los Angeles for a solid three months.

All of these are hard facts, and it’s all because the game comes with a promotional carrying case for a console that launched over a decade ago. And honestly, it’s enough to make a person wonder why anyone even plays games when they can be resold for this amount of money a decade later; you know, aside from the fact that they can offer genuinely touching experiences that shape and mold a person for years.

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