Top 12 Weirdest Roblox Games

Roblox is a den of the bizarre. Luckily for you, we have sifted through everything the site has to offer in order to bring you the twelve weirdest Roblox games.

Since anyone can make a game on Roblox for free, the available games are only limited by user’s creativity. Because of that, there are hundreds of games on Roblox to choose from. Options range from the cute to the horrific, and we can’t forget the decidedly weird. While what anyone considers “weird” is, of course, subjective—there’s a good chance you’ll find something funky on this list. If you are a connoisseur of the unusual, look no further than these expertly curated weird games on Roblox. 

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Be A Dad And Get Milk by br7h Productions

A yellow, lego-like, animated man stands in his blocky but shabby living room with his block wife and block son.
Image via Roblox

The plot of Be A Dad And Get Milk Simulator is pretty self-explanatory. You are a dad, and your family thirsts for milk. Will you bring some milk back to your calcium-deprived family and bring yourself one step closer to getting that “Number One Dad” mug for Father’s Day? Or will the siren song of the road lure you away from your loving family, possibly forever? There are multiple endings to this game depending on what you decide to do.

Create Words Or Die! By SL Studios x Type or Die

An anagram generator hovers above a pool of lava. A box shows the player has five hints remaining.
Image via Roblox

Have you ever seen a pop-up ad for one of those anagram games and thought to yourself, “Ah, if only this was stressful!” If so, then you’re in luck. In Create Words Or Die! you must create as many anagrams as you can, as quickly as you can, or perish in rising lava. 

Don’t Press The Button by Crazy. Studios

A block person in a yellow winter outfit prevents a carefree block in a pink squid hat from pressing the button.
Image via Roblox

Don’t Press The Button is so easy, the easiest game you’ve ever seen. All you have to do is not press the button sitting tantalizingly in front of you looking so incredibly pushable. Maybe you could press it and nobody would know… After all, what’s the worst that could possibly happen? Buttons are meant to be pressed!

Escape Papa Pizza’s Pizzeria by PlatinumFalls

A sinister italian chef brandishes a rolling pin and glowers out at you with pointed teeth and red eyes.
Image via Roblox

This Pizzeria has a very unique special ingredient—humans! If you’re not careful, you’ll end up on the menu. In Escape Papa Pizza’s Pizzeria, your goal is to escape the pizzeria while being chased by a crazed Papa Pizza, the proprietor of this perilous pizza palace. If you manage to escape Papa Pizza’s Pizzeria alive, be sure to leave him a bad Yelp review. 

EUGENE by Kwasant

A terrifying red crab creature comes towards the player down a sinsiter dark road.
Image via Roblox

If your favorite episode of SpongeBob is Rock Bottom then EUGENE is the game for you. This horror parody game places you in a dark and twisted version of Bikini Bottom where eldritch versions of the show’s popular characters are after you. Your goal is simple: survive. 

Frogge by Sleep Paralysis Demons

A strange yet weirdly cute (picture a cheaply made Kermit the Frog knockoff plushie) animated frog runs with an axe.
Image via Roblox

Frogs are usually kind of cute, but not in this game. Frogge pits you against a witch’s evil frog doll from 1692, and this frog has only murder on its mind. Try to survive for as long as you can by finding spots to hide around the map. The murderous frog in question looks a bit like a Kermit the Frog plushie you would find in a questionable market stall, so he’s not exactly the most intimidating. While he’s much scarier when wielding an axe, he’s still a weird choice for an antagonist. However, if you’ve got a secret fear of Muppets this game might succeed in giving you a good scare.

Gang Up On People Simulator by laughablehaha

Two Roblox "noobs" kick a third noob while he's down. However, it's all in good fun.
Image via Roblox

While you can do other things in Gang Up On People Simulator, we all know why you’re playing this one. You can goof off and harmlessly socialize in this game, but why would you when the option to mercilessly wail on a stranger is right there? The only friends you’ll be making in this game are the ones you beat up other players with… until they turn on you too! 

POV: You Are A Cockroach In My House by AstroCode

A semi-realistic Roblox roach stands facing away from the screen and looks out into an apartment. A stepstool is visible.
Image via Roblox

In POV: You Are A Cockroach In My House, which is inspired by true events, you play as a cockroach. Explore, move things around, pester the sleeping inhabitant of the apartment, and live your best roach life. The surprisingly realistic design of the roach is also weirdly endearing. 

Raise A Peter by Petir Greffin

A two-dimensional Peter from Family Guy stands among a three-dimensional Roblox exterior scene.
Image via Roblox

Have you ever wanted to raise your own Peter Griffin, from Family Guy? No? Well, too bad. He’s your son now. In Raise A Peter, you can decorate your home, run errands, make sure Peter’s eating, and keep Peter out of traffic. Resist the urge to shoplift and keep an eye out to make sure that you and Peter don’t become the victims of a crime. Do a good job and enjoy the rewards of parenthood. 

Shrek in the Backrooms by MonkeyMan Fan Club

A very intense closeup of Shrek stands in an eerie, dimly lit, hallway. It appears that there has just been a jumpscare.
Image via Roblox

Shrek In The Backrooms has over 28 layers of onions—apologies—over 28 liminal levels. If you are on the internet at all, you’ve probably seen some screenshots from this game before. This wildly unauthorized game is chaotic to the extreme. Explore the labyrinthian backrooms as you search for hidden items, bizarre easter eggs, and—most importantly— try to avoid Shrek at all costs. You are not wanted in this swamp. 

Roblox Titanic by Virtual Valley Games

A digital rendering of the Titanic stands against a dark sky.
Image via Roblox

Is it too soon to make a video game about a nautical disaster from 111 years ago? Roblox Titanic says “No.” Explore the iconic ship as a passenger on its ill-fated maiden journey. You can even spot the infamous iceberg. Will you find a lifeboat and escape the wreck or go down with the ship? It’s your decision as you roleplay as a passenger or a member of the crew. The ship is explorable and surprisingly detailed, so make sure to take a look before it starts to flood. This game arguably has some educational value, but something about it is just jarring. 

Walmart Tycoon by RIPPER0NI

Text reads Walmart, followed by the Walmart logo, with text reading Roblox beneath it. Everything is against a blue background.
Image via Roblox

Do you dream of labor? Walmart Tycoon lets you assemble and run your own Walmart, with a McDonald’s attached! So really, it’s a two-for-one. Hire employees. Build your own Walmart. This game is all about the details—so make sure to take a close look at the products you are stocking at your store. 

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