Top 10 Video Games That Should Have a Netflix Anime Adaptation

Netflix has shown that it can handle animated adaptations with releases like Castlevania and Arcane, both top-performing shows. But what else would they be able to bring to life now that we know what it is capable of?

When it stepped into the animation world, Netflix knew what it was doing, especially tapping into the anime genre. And while there have been some flops to come out of the steaming service, there have also been hits that fans have enjoyed watching repeatedly. We are curious to see what franchise Netflix will get a hold of next. Here are some top games that Netflix should adapt into an anime.

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10. Portal

Image via Valve

Portal is a game that players fell in love with from the moment it was released and continued its popularity with Portal 2. With witty dialogue, characters that everyone loves, and lore to dive into, this game series would make a great adaptation. And with a lot of nostalgia being used to appeal to audiences these days, bringing back the source of a catchphrase that will always be ingrained in Millennials’ minds will definitely bring some attention. Maybe they could answer if the cake was a lie.

9. Fire Emblem

Fire Emblem
Image via Nintendo

Fire Emblem has years’ worth of story to tap into for an anime adaptation. All of the games have characters and well-crafted stories that players have loved since 1990. The game’s art style makes it easy to translate into a 2D anime style. Although it did get an anime adaptation in 1996, having a new adaptation with a more modern animation style would make a great tribute to the long-standing fans and a perfect way to bring in newer potential players.

8. Bloodborne

Image via FromSoftware

Bloodborne is an award-winning souls-like game that has stunning gothic visuals and fight sequences that would look fantastic with the right animation. It has that gritty Lovecraftian influence that would attract all kinds of people and not just the players who were there from the start. While I haven’t been able to play the game myself, I have seen others play, and it made me wish I was much better at the souls-like genre.

7. Elder Scrolls

Elder Scrolls
Image via Bethesda

There is certainly plenty of lore to tap into with the Elder Scrolls franchise. It has a huge, well-crafted world with so many possibilities that players would love to see come to life. I wouldn’t mind seeing something centering around the Dark Brotherhood myself. Who knows, maybe we will get an anime adaptation before we get that next entry in the Elder Scrolls series. It sure does feel that way.

6. Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley
Image via ConcernedApe

Stardew Valley is definitely not like the others on this list. However, it’s a popular game in its own right, with a great storyline and characters that players absolutely adore. This would be a great, cozy anime to watch when life is just a bit overwhelming. With the slice-of-life genre being so popular, this one would be a great addition to the list as there is a rise in more lighthearted anime.

5. Mass Effect

Mass Effect
Image via BioWare

Mass Effect does actually have an anime movie that came out in 2012 that had some major voice actors like Travis William and Laura Bailey, and it was directed by Atsushi Takeuchi who has worked on Ghost in the Shell and Star Wars: Clone Wars. However, the movie didn’t do well, and I’m sure the fanbase wouldn’t mind seeing a redemption. The franchise has the potential for something great since it was able to capture the hearts of so many people. Maybe Netflix can do a better job or give the anime adaptation the budget to bring it the love it deserves.

4. Final Fantasy VII

Final Fantasy 7
Image via Square Enix

While just about any of the Final Fantasy games could be turned into an anime, Final Fantasy VII seems to be particularly loved. It does have a couple of adaptations under its belt, with Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children winning a couple of awards. This game would be perfect to create a series that followed the game’s story or a series that expanded the world. It is a monumental game that has the potential to turn into another award-winning anime.

3. Baldur’s Gate

Baldur's Gate 3
Image via Larian Studios

Baldur’s Gate, taking place in the DnD world, has so much potential to make a series. And with so many lovable characters and a fanbase that will watch cutscenes for hours, making an anime would give them everything that they want. Critical Roll has shown that turning a DnD world into an animated series does lead to success. I certainly wouldn’t mind seeing more of my favorite characters in new and exciting adventures.

2. Legend of Zelda

Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdon
Image via Nintendo

There are plenty of games to turn into an anime in the Legend of Zelda Franchise. Netflix could choose one depending on the feel of the anime they wish to create. If they want something more serious and gritty, Twilight Princes or Ocarina of Time, and by extension Majora’s Mask if they really want to traumatize viewers, are the perfect fit. Breath of the Wild and Windwaker would make excellent lighthearted adventures. While this is getting a live-action, I think an anime adaptation would do the series more justice.

1. Hades

Image via Supergiant Games

There is a reason that Hades was the game of the year. It has an amazing story, characters everyone loves, and absolutely stunning art. In the official trailer for the game, we have seen its potential as an animated series and it certainly looks top-notch. Get the game’s writers to help with the anime’s direction, which could be another success for the franchise. Bonus points if they get the original cast to voice the characters.

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