Top 10 Spooky Minecraft Skins For Halloween

With the spooky season already upon us, there are plenty of ways to get festive through gaming in October. Whether it be joining a new Minecraft server, starting a brand new world, or just getting your cosmetics in order, there are a huge amount of things you can do to get ready for Halloween in the virtual world. In this list, we’ll show you some of the best spooky skins you can find for Minecraft this Halloween season.

10. Skeleton

Image via SkinDex

If you want to be a skeleton without committing too much to the bit, try this Skeleton skin out for size. It has all the aesthetic of a skeleton without going full bone, making it a convenient middle ground. The shading on the hair and jacket is decent, with more detail being evident in the back via the hair and clothing.

9. Pumpkin Cat

Image via SkinDex

If you want to run around as a catgirl dressed up for Halloween, this skin is perfect for the occasion. Every color, right down to the eyes and the hair, is warm, just like the season. This one may be on the cute side more than spooky, but it fits the bill if you need something a little lighthearted. If you’re more the type to have a human character instead of a ghoulish one, this one works great. Plus, it shares the same palette with a piece of candy corn, which is always nice.

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8. Glowing In The Dark

Image via SkinDex

For something a bit more ominous, try the Glowing In The Dark skin. Depending on what server you’re loading into, this skin can be beneficial for spooking your friends. If you wait in a dark place, the skin will blend into the background, causing other players to only see this eerie orange glow that looks like it’s far away. Just make sure they don’t notice you’re sporting that skin before you hide.

7. Pumpkin Patch

Image via SkinDex

This is another cute skin that’s cozy and spooky at the same time. It features a fluffy-looking pumpkin sweater, with detail not only on the hair but also on the shorts and sweatshirt. It’s a great skin if you want something soft for the season, something with a little Halloween flair added to it for good measure.

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6. Skeleton Outfit

Image via SkinDex

The Skeleton Outfit is right on the border between cute and spooky, with a full-body skeleton for the most part underneath a normally designed head. This one is great for any occasion, having well-shaded hair and eyes, with detail on the skeleton that looks great from all angles. While it isn’t a full-on skeleton, don’t worry; there are plenty of those skins around, some of which are on our list.

5. Skelly

Image via SkinDex

Skelly is a cute costume for if you like skeletons but also like the fall aesthetic colors of the earth. It features browns and mossy greens, both in the front and the back of the outfit, via hair and pants. The shading on it is impressive all around, with more detail on the skeleton and pants than anything else.

4. Spooky Nights Halloween

Image via SkinDex

The Spooky Nights Halloween skin is great if you like pumpkins and a lot of detail. No part of this skin is symmetrical; there’s detail to be seen from the front to the back, to the cute little ghost and pumpkin leggings. This is an excellent choice if you want something that catches the eye and has a surprise every time you turn. Everything from the sweater the skin is wearing to the mask on the skin’s head is shaded well and punctuated with pixelated detail.

3. Pumpkin Elf

Image via SkinDex

For something a little more low-key but still pleasing to the eye, consider the Pumpkin Elf skin. If you like oranges but don’t want to hurt your eyes, this skin has gentle browns and soft oranges that are a tad easier on the eyes. It even features a cute pumpkin beanie that you can see in all its detail from the back.

2. Angel Halloween Costume

Image via SkinDex

If you’re hoping to dress up your look and go as a character during your adventures in Halloween-themed servers, this one is a great one for an angel getup. While there’s no real way to give yourself wings on a skin alone, this one does a great job of depicting everything else you need in an angle, from the robes to the way the space in the back gives place for wings. It’s a simple skin, but that doesn’t disqualify the detail in not only the purple hair but in the design of the robe, both front and back.

1. Purple Skeleton

Image via SkinDex

To go full spook, you should go complete skeleton. This skin is perfect for the occasion, giving you a bit of color on top of the appeal of being one rattly skeleton. The skin, despite being a simple concept, has a surprising amount of shading throughout. The front and back are detailed, featuring a lovely haunting purple for your spookiest endeavors.

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