Top 10 Best Pop Culture Character Creations in Baldur’s Gate 3

Many players have gotten lost in BG3’s intricate customization system, spending a considerable amount of hours on their character’s hair, body type, and other attributes. While some users have established a warrior of their own, others have been inspired by the entertainment industry to recreate notable figures within the fantasy universe. 

So, now that players have had enough time designing their avatars, we’ll go over our picks of the best pop culture character creations in Baldur’s Gate 3.


Murder Barbie in Baldur's Gate 3
Image Source: Larian Studios via airdnaxela

With the massive success of the Barbie film, it’s no surprise that this character creation from airdnaxela made its way into Baldur’s Gate 3, adding a touch of pink to the dark world. Nevertheless, I don’t think I expected to see Murder Barbie, but I suppose it fits well with the Forgotten Realm’s never-ending battles. 

A few players have also added Barbie’s counterpart into the mix, such as Reddit user Haunting_Eye_1651’s character name inclusion of the Just Ken meme. Maybe this time, he can prove he’s Kenough by slaying a bunch of goblins and undead, getting him off the beach and onto the battlefield.


Kratos Build in Baldur's Gate 3
Image Source: Larian Studios via TheBerkay

The God of War character creation from Reddit user TheBerkay will certainly make you double-take, as it almost perfectly encapsulates Kratos’ unique design from the series. One of the first noticeable attributes is his distinct beard which is relatively identical to the franchise’s version, along with a similar head tattoo.

To top it off, the Kratos build features his trusty axe, giving him enough power to eliminate the realm’s formidable beasts with his godly powers. All that’s left is for him to take down one of the Deities to commemorate the character’s journey, or at least call one person “Boy!” to make it feel like Atreus is with him.

Papa Smurf

Papa Smurf Build in Baldur's Gate 3
Image Source: Larian Studios via SugahFree_

If there’s one character I didn’t anticipate seeing in Baldur’s Gate 3, it would definitely be this Papa Smurf design from Reddit user SugahFree_. But, since a few races (Dwarfs, Halflings, and Gnomes) match the height of these beloved creatures, it makes sense for them to be included in the mix. 

Regarding classes, Papa Smurf could probably lean toward a Wizard or Cleric, as he is well-versed in the magical arts. Many fans in the comments have also advocated for the creation of the Smurf’s main antagonist, Gargamel, so it could be possible to see this enemy’s appearance as more users play the game.

The Lord of the Rings

Lord of the Rings Builds in Baldur's Gate 3
Image Source: Larian Studios via Spud The King

When playing Baldur’s Gate 3, you can make a lot of comparisons to other fantasy universes, from Game of Thrones to Skyrim. Yet, the one series that came to my mind was none other than the Lord of the Rings trilogy, which has already been implemented into the game with numerous character creations.

YouTuber Spud the King has made not one, not two, but four customizable individuals, including Gimli, Legolas, Gandalf, and Frodo. Several classes and races match perfectly with their attributes, whether it be the Wizard class for Gandalf or Halfling type for Frodo. In return, you can establish your own Fellowship of the Ring by collecting the many jewels of the game (just don’t cast it into the fire so you can barter it with a Trader.)

Duke Leto Atreides

Duke Leto Atreides Build in Baldur's Gate 3
Image Source: Larian Studios via Gobbo14

While you wait for Dune: Part Two, you can show off your love for the series with this Duke Leto Atreides creation, taking fans back to the desert planet of Arrakis. Gobbo14’s build has all the necessary characteristics, like his hirsute beard and slicked-back hair, with a twist of a scar on his face.

As the head of the House of Atreides, Duke would be an excellent party leader, given how dedicated he is to his duty and his people. BG3’s Nautiloid also pairs well with this build, primarily since the Dune series is known for having a variety of ships. 

The Witcher

Ciri and Geralt Builds in Baldur's Gate 3
Image Source: Larian Studios via Senhoshi

Aside from the Lord of the Rings, you’ve probably compared the Witcher series to Baldur’s Gate 3, especially since they are both RPGs set in a medieval universe. YouTuber Senhoshi brought this correlation to life with their Ciri and Geralt builds, using their appearances and personalities to shape their character creation.

The Ciri build showcases the Human race and Fighter class to go along with her upbringing, as well as her distinct emerald-colored eyes and facial scarring. Geralt exhibits a similar outline regarding race and class, but you may want to change them to a Warlock or Sorcerer, as they have these qualities in the series.


Shrek Build in Baldur's Gate 3
Image Source: Larian Studios via Kalagos

Shrek is love. Shrek is life. And now, Shrek is a bloodthirsty Barbarian who seeks justice, thanks to the YouTuber, Kalagos. Although there isn’t an ogre race type, the Half-Orc still has enough layers to give off the illusion of one as long as you have that iconic green-colored skin and hairless appearance.

If you want to take it a step further, you can attach the Rage Action from the Barbarian class, allowing Shrek to roar in anger just as he did in the movies. You could also get a companion like Donkey with the dog Scratch or the Owlbear Cub.

Drax the Destroyer

Drax the Destroyer Build in Baldur's Gate 3
Image Source: Larian Studios via MrForshows

Marvel’s multiverse of madness has transcended into Baldur’s Gate 3 with this Drax the Destroyer build from MrForshows. The creation wouldn’t be complete without his classic head tattoos, almost resembling his designs from the comics and films. Outside of his looks, the Barbarian type seems the most suitable for his demeanor, considering his rage and thirst for battle.

When making this build, you can equip the dual-wield weapon attribute to coordinate with his legendary Dual Knives. Then, players can get him back on the path of revenge with the Mind Flayer instead of Thanos. That is, if the enemy could actually see him.


Belthazor Build in Baldur's Gate 3
Image Source: Larian Studios via DerSchwede

Cole Turner’s Belthazor form has arrived to Baldur’s Gate 3 through DerSchwede’s creation, showcasing his notable dark red skin and face markings. Given his sinister background, players could select the Dark Urge origin to hone in on his devilish desires. Or, you focus on his more compassionate side to mimic his time in the Charmed series.

Based on Belthazor’s abilities, you can attach a ton of spells to complement his demonic powers, such as Telekinesis, Burning Hands, and the Mask of the Shapeshifter. Nevertheless, you’ll still need to watch out for those dynamic Halliwell sisters to reign supreme in the Forgotten Realms.

World of Warcraft

Sylvanas Build in Baldur's Gate 3
Image Source: Larian Studios via Senhoshi

The Sylvanas build is another creation from Senhoshi that brings the World of Warcraft universe to Baldur’s Gate 3. Those who are fans of the long-running RPG franchise will recognize the character’s blonde hair and pointy elf ears. Like Sylvanas, this build also includes the Ranger class to fit her history, which will help you with long-range battles.

Even if there isn’t a Banshee race available, the Drow will suffice as an elf of the Underdark, with the addition of the Lolth-Sword sub-race. If you want to see other World of Warcraft characters, the YouTuber continues to make build ideas for Baldur’s Gate 3 players, especially with their Draka creation.

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