Top 10 Best Dog Pokemon of All Time

Everyone loves a good doggo, Pokemon Trainers included. Thankfully, there have been plenty of canine Pokemon developed over the years, bringing a variety of furry friends to the table for fans to admire. We’ve rounded up ten of the heckin’ best dogs in the Pokemon franchise for everyone to admire, so follow along below to see some very good bois.


Arcanine in the Pokemon anime
Image Source: The Pokemon Company

C’mon, as if Arcanine could be left out of the mix – this Pokemon was literally one of the very first canine Pokemon to exist as part of the original 151 ‘Mons in Kanto. On top of that, Arcanine is known as the ‘Legendary’ Pokemon, despite not being a Legendary itself – which is more than enough reason to be considered one of the best doggos of the franchise. On top of that, Arcanine is the biggest, the fluffiest, the friendliest, the most loyal, and you can even ride on its back for transport – it doesn’t get much better than this big ol’ orange doggo!


Houndoom from Pokemon
Image Source: The Pokemon Company

Houndoom gives that spooky demon dog energy with its large, bone-like horns, pointed demon tail, sharp claws, and little skull-like chest emblem. As a Dark and Fire Dual-Type Pokemon, Houndoom is most certainly the best bad dawg in town, and this Doberman-looking dude sure means business.

Not only does Houndoom look all tough and menacing, but its Pokedex entries are absolutely brutal. Apparently, if you are burnt by the flames from Houndoom’s mouth, the pain will never go away. On top of this, if other Pokemon hear the eerie howls of this fearsome doggo, they will scurry back into their dens to hide; and I don’t blame them!


Lycanroc forms from Pokemon
Image Source: The Pokemon Company

Lycanroc is easily one of the best doggo Pokemon in town, and what makes it even more unique is the fact that this Pokemon comes in three different forms, Midnight, Dusk, and Midday. There’s no doubt in my mind that this trio creates the coolest pack of wolves in the Pokemon universe, each one managing to balance both badassery and cute and cuddly elements at once – even the werewolfish Midnight Lycanroc!

Each one of these wolfish ‘Mons is absolutely fascinating and endearing in their own way. Midday Lycanroc is a trustworthy partner Pokemon who will never betray its Trainer when raised from a young age. Midnight Lycanroc prefers to live alone rather than in a pack, and will happily sustain injuries to take down its opponent. On the other hand, Dusk Lycanroc carries the temperaments of both of these Pokemon, usually shown to be rather calm and quiet, yet vicious and hostile in battle.


Manectric from Pokemon
Image Source: The Pokemon Company

Manectric is a fierce little lightning doggo capable of discharging some serious electrical power from its mane – so much so that the sparks from this electricity are capable of starting forest fires. Manectric can also create a thundercloud above itself to drop lightning bolts from, making this guy the ultimate thunder canine.

And just look at his design, the little spiky tufts of fur around Manectric’s front paws look like lightning blasts, and the spiky hip fur and chest carry this one, appearing as if you could get an electric shock just by petting this good boi.


Yamper from Pokemon
Image Source: The Pokemon Company

Cute corgi alert! Yamper is one of the smallest, stubbiest Pokedogs in existence, but also undeniably one of the cutest little canines around, too. This Electric Type resembles the beloved corgi breed, but don’t let those stubby little legs fool you – this Pokemon is commonly used as a herding dog in the Galar Region.

As Yamper runs, it discharges electricity from its tail. However, this Pokemon doesn’t like to work for free, it will only assist people because it wants treats in exchange. Honestly, Yamper, I can respect it. Also, one more final important fact: the markings on Yamper’s butt make a heart. You’re welcome.


Mabostiff from Pokemon
Image Source: The Pokemon Company

Look at this bestest ol’ boy. If you’ve played Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, chances are you’ve met Arven and his beloved Mabostiff. And after completing that storyline, how could you not love this loyal doggo, the only one to stay by Arven’s side and keep him company as he grew up with absent parents?

Truthfully though, this Pokemon is a special kind of endearing that will appeal to anyone who has owned an elder dog of their own. This Pokemon is as gentle as they come, and loves playing with young children, but will take on an intimidating appearance in an instant to protect its family. Mabostiff, I present you with one heckin’ good boi award.


Poochyena from Pokemon
Image Source: The Pokemon Company

Poochyena, known as the ‘Bite’ Pokemon, wholeheartedly carries that nipping little puppy energy, chasing prey and taking a bite at anything that moves. Aw, you silly little doggo, using your big fangs and large, bristling tail to try and intimidate others. Let’s not tell everyone that if they fight back, you’ll turn tail and flee.

Poochyena is also known to be an omnivore, meaning it will eat pretty much anything. Honestly, I can definitely see this little guy chomping down on a big pile of assorted foods, everything from berries to meat and perhaps the occasional dessert too. Watch your snacks, Trainers! Poochyena will probably nom ’em all when you’re not looking.


Lucario in the Pokemon anime
Image Source: The Pokemon Company

Lucario is the only bipedal doggo that made it onto the list, but it certinly deserved a place for good reason, as one of the most popular and beloved Pokemon of all time. Heck, this fighting doggo has even starred in its own movie, Lucario and the Mystery of Mew.

Lucario has some rather remarkable abilities, such as reading the auras of others. This enables Lucario to detect an individuals emotions from over half a mile away. On top of this, Lucario can fire off its own auras to devastating effect, capable of crushing boulders to nothing more than dust.

Zacian / Zamazenta

Zacian and Zamazenta from Pokemon
Image Source: The Pokemon Company

Ah, yes, the beloved Sword and Shield doggos. How could anyone have anything but love for box art legendaries who are nothing more than big dogs equipped with armor and weapons? Not only do they look big and fuzzy enough to give all of the pats to, but this duo is also incredibly powerful, making them some of the best canine critters in the Pokemon franchise.

Zacian, when in Crowned Sword mode, can defeat even Gigantamax Pokemon with nothing more than a single swipe of the sword. In a direct parallel to Zacian, Zamazenta’s Crowned Shield form enables it to deflect any attack, making it the mightiest defense dog in the Pokemon franchise.


Greavard from Pokemon
Image Source: The Pokemon Company

How could this list possibly be complete without the addition of everyone’s favorite spooky pupper, Greavard? introduced in the Paldea Region, this ghostly little doggo is known for burrowing underground, leaving just its candle-like head sticking out from the surface. Then, when Trainers encounter one of these little long-haired pooches, they’ll jump on out to give you a surprise, in true spooky jumpscare fashion.

Despite being a spooky, ghostly, ‘Mon, Greavard is one of the most adorable and friendly doggos around. According to the Pokedex, simply paying it even the slightest bit of attention will make it so overjoyed that it will follow you wherever you go and that it doesn’t like being alone. Awww, you’re more than welcome to follow me around on my Pokemon adventures, Greavard. That’s some real best boi energy.

About the author

Grace Black

Grace is a writer and digital artist from New Zealand with a love for fiction and storytelling. Grace has been writing for Twinfinite for one year and in the games industry for two years. She’s an enthusiast of everything spooky, an occasional anime enjoyer, and a die-hard Ghost-Type Pokemon fangirl. Her favorite video games include Overwatch 2, Life is Strange, The Last of Us, Baldur’s Gate 3, and Pokemon – all of which she will never tire of.

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