Top 10 Anime Girls With Girlfriend Material

There’s plenty of talk about anime girls and waifus online, but how many of these girls would actually make a good girlfriend? Let’s go over a few.

10) Yukino Yukinoshita

Yukino Yukinoshita |
The timid Yukino

To kick things off we have Yukino Yukinoshita from Oregairu. She’s shy, reserved, and doesn’t speak much to other people. Yukino fell for Hachiman due to his key role in helping her find herself, so if you think you got what it takes to do that then you might just have a chance.

9) Tsukasa Yuzaki

TONIKAWA: Over The Moon For You 01, tsukasa yuzaki HD wallpaper | Pxfuel
Tsukasa and the moon

It’ll come as no surprise to Tonikawa fans that Tsukasa is on this list. She’s a dedicated, loving wife who can take care of all of your needs. The way that she looks after Nasa and shows concern for his wellbeing is a trait that anyone would want in a romantic partner. She’s super easy to get along with due to her laid-back nature, and rarely overreacts to things (she has her moments, but don’t we all?)

8) Micchon Shikimori

HD wallpaper: shikimori, Kawaii dake ja Nai Shikimori-san, anime girls |  Wallpaper Flare
Shikimori would make sure no harm comes your way

Shikimori is the badass girlfriend that everyone wants. Not only is she well renowned for her beauty, but she’s a certified life-saver. Judging by the amount of times she saved Izumi from the trouble he finds himself in, it’s fair to say that you’d be in safe hands with her. She can get a little jealous though, as seen at the riverbank where Izumi got a kiss from a young girl.

7) Marin Kitagawa

The Perfect Character Design of Marin Kitagawa (My Dress-Up Darling) –  Jonah's Daily Rants
Marin Kitagawa’s interests could line up with yours

Marin Kitagawa took the anime world by storm when My Dress Up Darling released in early 2022. As the popular girl with a nerdy side, having someone to share her true passions with was just was Marin needed. I’m sure many people feel the same way, therefore having Marin as a significant other would be perfect for them. Physically, she’s said to be very attractive by her classmates.

6) Chizuru Mizuhara

Chizuru Heads to the Temple in Rent-a-Girlfriend x TenPuru Anime  Collaboration - Crunchyroll News
Chizuru is dead set on her dream

Like all the girls on this list, Chizuru is incredibly alluring and possesses beautiful physical qualities. More importantly though, her dedication to her dream is really admirable – other dream-chasers will resonate heavily with her enthusiasm and might even fall for her. As a couple, Chizuru would be there to get you back on your feet if you fall, and remind you why you’re so set on your goals.

5) Kyoko Hori

Anime Corner on Twitter: "Anime version of Hori is also beautiful! 😍  [Horimiya]" / X
Push aside the fetishes and Hori is an almost perfect girlfriend

Despite her strange fetishes Hori is a kind, happy girl. She’s an eighteen year old high school senior who is in a relationship with Izumi Miyamura. Horimiya has a very realistic portrayal of what it’s like to be in a relationship at her age – her and Miyamura don’t have all that many arguments which definitely happens in real relationships, but their interactions with each other seem really genuine.

4) Hinata Hyuga

Fierce Naruto Cosplay Highlights Why We Love Hinata
Hinata has got strength to go with her looks

Hinata is arguably the best girlfriend in the Naruto series. While Sakura eventually settled down and married Sasuke, we can’t really just push aside all the abuse and trouble she gave Naruto and others throughout the original series and Shippuden. Hinata on the other hand is always polite and well-mannered to everyone, and has proved her dedication as a wife and mother during the Boruto series. If you were there to show her your kindness just like Naruto did, perhaps it could’ve been you who married and started a family with her.

3) Mai Sakurajima

Mai Sakurajima does the thing (full scene) - Bilibili
Mai is an average tsundere at first

While a little cold at first, Mai has shown that she can be a committed and devoted girlfriend if you can melt her heart. Much like Hori and Miyamura, Mai and Sakuta have a genuine, meaningful, realistic relationship. If you can show your persistence in wanting the best for her, you’ve got a good chance of getting into a relationship with this tsundere bunny girl.

2) Miku Nakano

Miku Nakano is shy and unconfident in herself

Each one of the quints has their own individual qualities and would make a great girlfriend in their own right, but today we’re going to focus on Miku. While being very timid throughout most of the series, she displayed confidence and assertiveness at the beginning, before her crush on Futaro developed. There’s no doubt that Miku would be a loyal and loving girlfriend, you might just have to take care of the cooking yourself though.

1) Kana Arima

Kana Arima by Nkbhd on DeviantArt
Kana needs someone to be there for her

Kana‘s backstory is one of sorrow. Her declining success since her stardom as a child actor is something that weighs heavily on her, and crushes her everyday. Being there for Kana and giving her a shoulder to cry on could just be the thing that gives her what she needs to feel better about life. Watching Aqua‘s disinterest in reciprocating her feelings was really tough, I hope Kana can find someone who truly cares for her in season two of Oshi no Ko.


Who would you want to take out on a date the most? Did we miss anyone? Let us know in the comments below!

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