Tom Welling Teases Possible Superman Comeback in a Smallville Film


  • Tom Welling, known for his role as Clark Kent in Smallville, expressed openness to the idea of a Smallville movie during a podcast interview.
  • Welling reflects on the lack of follow-up projects from the success of Smallville and the enduring impact of the show and its characters.
  • The potential comeback of Tom Welling’s Superman symbolizes the genre’s lasting charm and its ability to continuously reinvent itself while paying homage to its origins.

Recently, Tom Welling, renowned for his portrayal of the Man of Steel in the beloved TV series Smallville, opened up about the prospects of donning the iconic cape once more. This revelation came during a special episode of Michael Rosenbaum’s podcast, Inside of You, marking its 300th episode. Michael Rosenbaum, famous for his portrayal of Lex Luthor in Smallville, hosted an interview that journeyed through past memories while also teasing the possibility of new ventures.

Smallville ended its impressive ten-season run nearly 13 years ago. The series chronicled the early years of Clark Kent. Since then, the landscape of superhero storytelling has evolved immensely, with characters traversing from comic book pages to the silver screen and beyond. The portrayal of Clark Kent by Welling, evolving from an adolescent confronting his own essence to a hero accepting his fate, profoundly impacted the genre. Discussing the possibility of a Smallville movie in the podcast, Welling expressed an openness to the idea, albeit with a sense of curiosity about its execution, stating:

“Of course! I mean listen, I was thinking about this the other day right before we did our Talk Ville Podcast, we were on one of the most successful shows in the history of television like Top 50. From that show, I’ve never gotten an incoming call from anyone involved in that show for further work. I don’t mean to, I’m not saying like I don’t feel bad about that, I don’t harp on anybody about that. But you would think that when you’re successful, you would be continued successful with successful people. But I think the time has changed.”

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Reflecting on his time on Smallville, Welling conveyed a sense of pride and a hint of surprise at the lack of follow-up projects from the success of the series. This introspection came ahead of his involvement in the Talk Ville Podcast, a testament to the enduring impact of the show and its characters. Despite the hiatus, Welling briefly returned to his Superman role in the Arrowverse’s “Crisis on Infinite Earths” crossover, alongside Erica Durance’s Lois Lane, offering fans a glimpse into Clark Kent’s life post-heroics, focusing on family life at the Kent farm.

Superman’s Ever-Changing Saga and the Enduring Charm of the Smallville Legacy

Superman’s legacy, however, extends far beyond Smallville. Since its creation by DC Comics, the character has stood as a cultural cornerstone, sharing the spotlight with other legends like Batman. The Superman adaptations have been diverse, from the seminal 1978 film featuring Christopher Reeve to the more recent renditions by Henry Cavill under Zack Snyder’s direction. Superman’s chronicle is ever-changing, with James Gunn’s Superman: Legacy leading the charge in reshaping the superhero cinema realm, mirroring a broader metamorphosis within the DC Universe.

The prospect of a Smallville movie emerges in this context of continuous reinvention and nostalgia. The announcement of a Smallville animated TV series by Welling and Rosenbaum in 2022 further fuels speculation. The success of this venture could potentially pave the way for a more substantial return to the world of Smallville, perhaps through a feature film. In the dynamic realm of superhero franchises, the potential comeback of Tom Welling’s Superman represents more than just a possibility; it symbolizes the genre’s lasting charm and its ability to continuously reinvent itself while paying homage to its origins.



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October 16, 2001


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