Tokyo Revengers Season Two: Christmas Showdown Recap

With the Tenjiku arc airing in October, let’s take a look back at the previous seasons of Tokyo Revengers and recap what went down. This time, we’ll be going over the Christmas Showdown Arc. If you haven’t read our recap of season one yet, you can check it out here.

Episode 1: It Is What It Is

screen shot 2023 09 22 at 19.34.48
Kazutora in the future

Picking up right where we left off at the end of season one, Takemichi finds himself outside and with a bandage around his leg. After killing Chifuyu, Kisaki shot Takemichi in the leg, although it was insinuated that he shot him in the head. As it turns out, Kazutora was the one who rescued Takemichi, but then proceeded to beat him up and call him a worthless loser. The reason is because in this timeline, as a top exec of Toman, Takemichi was a complete douche. Kazutora told Takemichi that the reason that Toman went in the wrong direction is because of people like him and Kisaki. Now that the real Takemichi is back from the past and in his present body again, he apologised to Kazutora for his wrongdoings and got Kazutora on his side.

The two of them drive to an alleyway where Takemichi is put under arrest by Naoto. Once at the station, Naoto explains how awful the current timeline really is. Kisaki played Takemichi like a fiddle and used him to give Akkun the order to kill Hina. Takemichi had no idea that the one who was going to be killed would be Hina – from his perspective he was just ordering a hit on some random person. Takemichi shakes hands with Naoto and returns to the past in an attempt to yet again, fix the future.

Episode 2: Gotta Go

screen shot 2023 09 22 at 19.37.03
Yuzuha and Hakkai

Now in the past once again, Takemichi finds himself in a bowling alley with Hina. In the lane next to him stands a tall, scary looking guy who Takemichi immediately knows is familiar. His name is Hakkai Shiba, the 11th leader of the criminal enterprise Black Dragon. Takemichi remembers Kazutora telling him that the Hakkai of the future killed the 10th generation Black Dragon leader for money, so already Takemichi is wary of this guy. As it turns out, he’s not so scary after all – he and Takemichi have fun bowling against each other and seeing who can get the most strikes. Hakkai is also a member of Toman, he’s the vice-captain of the second division below his captain Mitsuya.

Hakkai is there with a girl too, her name is Yuzuha. She goes over and sits with Hina and talks with her while Takemichi and Hakkai bowl together. After a while, the four of them leave together and head to Hakkai’s house. On the way, Yuzuha reveals herself as Hakkai’s older sister. Once they arrive at Hakkai’s house, at least twenty Black Dragon members are loitering outside. Once they realise Takemichi is in Toman, they gang up on him and attempt to give him a beating. Hakkai punches a member to protect Takemichi, but it doesn’t make much difference. As Takemichi attempts to run away with Hina, the Black Dragon leader comes running out of an alley and pummels him to the floor.

Episode 3: Stand Alone

screen shot 2023 09 22 at 15.57.28
Taiju intimidates Takemichi

As it turns out, the current Black Dragon leader is Taiju Shiba, the older brother of Hakkai and Yuzuha. As it also turns out, he’s a massive jerk. He continues to beat Takemichi black and blue in front of his Black Dragon underlings, and even hit his sister Yuzuha when she tried to intervene. Hakkai steps in and tells Taiju that he will leave Toman and join Black Dragon just as his brother has been asking him to. This makes Taiju stop brutalising Takemichi and back off.

When Takemichi wakes up, he is in his room with Akkun and the gang, who have joined Toman in Takemichi’s division.

Now that Toman members know that Hakkai’s brother is the leader of Black Dragon, many of them won’t be happy with him being in Toman. Hakkai realises this and attempts to leave, but Takemichi and Chifuyu want to stop him. The pair try their hardest to convince Mikey to let him stay, but Mikey places the decision in Hakkai’s captain’s hands – Mitsuya. Mitsuya says that Hakkai isn’t going anywhere and that he’s going to talk to Taiju himself.

Episode 4: Family Bonds

screen shot 2023 09 22 at 19.38.08
Hakkai swears to kill Taiju

Mitsuya, Takemichi, Chifuyu and Hakkai meet with Taiju and his two Black Dragon lieutenants – Kokonoi and Inui. Mitsuya tells Taiju that he will allow Hakkai to join Black Dragon as long as he sets Yuzuha free. Taiju accepted the deal, but denied any accusations that he abuses her. It is revealed that ever since they were children Taiju has been violently beating both Hakkai and Yuzuha, until Hakkai stepped up and told Taiju to only beat him from now on and to spare his sister.

One of the jobs that Taiju made Yuzuha do was to collect money from rich connections that aid Black Dragon financially. Taiju told Yuzuha that she doesn’t need to do that job anymore, Yuzuha relays this information to Mitsuya and thanks him. However, Mitsuya notices that there is still something off about her.

Takemichi explains his time-travelling powers to Chifuyu, and surprisingly Chifuyu actually believes him. Takemichi now has a friend he can confide in about these things when the going gets tough.

Kisaki approaches Takemichi and Chifuyu and suggests that they work together to take down Black Dragon. While the two of them immediately reject him for obvious reasons, they eventually realise that some benefit could come from working with him to defeat a common enemy. Kisaki, Hanma, Takemichi and Chifuyu meet in a karaoke bar with a rat that Kisaki has in Black Dragon. The rat is busted by Kokonoi, who barges in and gets his men to drag him away. In exchange for 100,000 yen, Kokonoi himself lets the Toman members know that Taiju will be alone in a church on Christmas day, a perfect time to ambush him.

Hakkai tells Takemichi and Chifuyu that he himself intends to kill his older brother Taiju. Takemichi has to stop this from happening or else the future will end up the same as it did before, with Hakkai becoming the 11th generation Black Dragon leader.

Episode 5: Christmas Eve

screen shot 2023 09 22 at 19.39.47
Takemichi after dumping Hina

The biggest revelation in this episode is that Hina knows who Kisaki is. The two of them went to middle school together and Hina always stuck up for Kisaki and spoke to him despite his lack of friends. One day as the two of them were walking home, Hina finds a group of boys beating up a cat. She attempts to tell them to to stop despite Kisaki telling her not to, and the boys move on to bullying her. Out of nowhere, Takemichi arrives in a red cape, looking like some kind of hero. He tries to beat up the bullies, but as expected he gets put down very quickly. Hina thanks him for helping her, and tells him that someone who tries to help and loses is cooler than someone who tries to help and wins.

Takemichi talks with Hina’s dad, who tells him to stop dating his daughter as he doesn’t want her to be involved with gang culture. Takemichi agrees, and later that day breaks up with her in Umishita Park. Hina punches him to the floor, and then proceeds to beat him while he’s down. She then walks away, devastated. With this done, Takemichi gets ready to ambush Taiju at the church on the following day.

Episode 6: Whip Up Morale

screen shot 2023 09 22 at 19.40.47
The true villains – Hanma and Kisaki

The day to ambush Taiju arrives. Kisaki, Hanma, Chifuyu and Takemichi arrive outside the church with a plan in place: stop Hakkai from killing Taiju and put an end to Taiju some other way. Takemichi enters the church alone to talk with Hakkai while the other three wait outside to hold Taiju off once he arrives. No surprise here, but Kisaki deceived both Takemichi and Chifuyu. Kisaki and Hanma tie Chifuyu up and place him inside the church, and then walk off back into town. With no one outside to stop Taiju, he walks right in and interrupts Takemichi’s conversation with Hakkai.

Taiju goes for Hakkai and starts choking him, Takemichi’s efforts doing nothing to stop him. Yuzuha arrives with a knife and stabs Taiju in the back, Takemichi’s gasp gives Taiju a split second to dodge, redirecting the knife into a area where he has no vitals. As it happens, Kisaki gave Yuzuha the knife and encouraged her to kill Taiju. Now enraged, Taiju starts mercilessly battering his younger sister Yuzuha until she can barely stand.

Episode 7: Sibling Rivalry

screen shot 2023 09 22 at 19.44.29
Mitsuya joins the battle

The Christmas showdown in the church continues as Taiju beats up Yuzuha. Yuzuha picks the knife back up in an attempt to retaliate, but Mitsuya arrives and stops her. Mitsuya then goes at Taiju and puts up a good fight, landing punches and doing damage.

Chifuyu arrives shortly after, Mitsuya untied him on the way in. But also joining the fight is Kokonoi and Inui, Taiju’s two lieutenants. Takemichi and Chifuyu go after the lieutenants so Mitsuya can focus on Taiju, despite the fact that Mitsuya was hit round the head with a metal pole a few minutes prior.

After holding off Kokonoi for a while, Takemichi goes after Taiju himself, and receives what was possibly his biggest beatdown yet. Taiju threw punch after punch until Takemichi’s face was barely even recognisable because of the blood. Hakkai, the only one who hasn’t joined the fight so far, watches in horror as Takemichi is beaten to near death before his eyes. Despite this, Takemichi doesn’t fall. The episode ends with Takemichi telling Taiju that he will kill him and become the next leader of Black Dragon (to change the future, but he doesn’t tell Taiju that part).

Episode 8: Strive Together

screen shot 2023 09 22 at 18.30.28
Takemichi and Hakkai charge at Taiju

Hakkai never actually told Taiju to only beat him and to spare Yuzuha, it was the other way around. Yuzuha noticed how afraid Hakkai was of Taiju and swore as his big sister to protect him, and from that day forth took all of Hakkai’s beatings as well as her own. After being called lame by the Toman members in the church and feeling inspired by Takemichi’s brave performance, Hakkai throws away his Black Dragon coat and challenges his older brother Taiju for the first time.

Hakkai and Taiju have a dramatic clash between brothers with Taiju landing more hits but Hakkai holding his own well. After a long fight, Taiju announces that he has a hundred of his best men surrounding the church and that no one can run away. As he he says so, the door slides open and a familiar face comes walking in – Mikey.

Episode 9: Dawning Of A New Era

screen shot 2023 09 22 at 19.46.44
Mikey puts Taiju down

Mikey arrives, and asks why everyone is fighting on such a day as Christmas Day. Taiju punches him in the face, and after some talking Mikey retaliates with his signature kick to the head, this one being at supersonic speed, sending Taiju down to the floor. Kokonoi wonders how he got past all the men outside, and it is revealed that Draken stayed outside and took them all out. Overcome with shame, Taiju loses the will to fight and falls to his knees. Everyone walks outside as the sun comes up and the Christmas showdown comes to an end. Yuzuha tells Taiju that despite all of the grief that he put her and Hakkai through, she still loves him.

At the end of the episode Mikey brings Takemichi to an undisclosed location. When they arrive, Takemichi finds himself face to face with a certain someone – Hina.

Episode 10: The Light Of My Life

screen shot 2023 09 22 at 19.47.44
Takemichi cries in front of Hina

When faced with his ex-girlfriend, Takemichi does his usual trick and starts crying profusely, asking if they can get back together. Hina agrees of course and they resume their relationship. Hina’s mom and dad watch from the window nearby, her mom smiling and her dad accepting the situation. Mikey tells Takemichi that if he ever loses his way, he wants Takemichi to straighten him out and talk to him, just like his brother Shinichiro would have. Takemichi agrees.

For the rest of this episode, we get an insight into how Mitsuya met Draken. Mitsuya ran away from home, leaving his two younger sisters unattended, and met Draken in an alleyway. Mitsuya is spray painting graffiti of a dragon on the wall when Draken comes along and compliments it. They go back to Draken’s house (a brothel) and play cards with the hookers. The next time the two meet, they both have the graffiti of the dragon tattooed on their heads, Draken demanded that Mitsuya grew out his hair so they didn’t look the same, which he did. This is how Mitsuya and Draken came to be known as the twin dragons of Toman.

Episode 11: On My Way Home

screen shot 2023 09 22 at 19.49.41
Kisaki declares himself as “the darkness”

The episode opens with a Toman meeting. Mikey announces the arrival of two new Toman members who will be placed under Takemichi’s division – Kokonoi and Inui, Taiju’s two lieutenants. Obviously there is outrage at this, but Inui tells them that over time they should come to trust each other and work together. Mikey then tells everyone the purpose of the meeting – to kick Kisaki out of Toman.

Chifuyu told Mikey about how Kisaki tied him up during the Christmas showdown in the church, which led to Mikey’s decision to remove him. Kisaki begged and pleaded with Mikey to let him stay, telling him that he is the darkness of Toman that needs to remain within for Mikey’s own sake, but Mikey was firm and kicked him out. Hanma told Mikey that if he kicked Kisaki out then he would follow, and so would the many Valhalla members that joined Toman alongside Hanma. Mikey encouraged him to leave, and stated that he hadn’t been happy with how big Toman had been getting anyway.

Mikey and Draken fixed up a bike and gave it to Takemichi. The engine in it was one of two that Mikey’s brother found in an old building in the Philippines, the other engine being in Mikey’s bike. Mikey teaches Takemichi how to drive the bike while they are out on a ride together.

Episode 12: Last Order

screen shot 2023 09 22 at 19.52.18
Takemichi meets with the Mikey of the future

Upon returning to the present, Takemichi comes to find that someone else has died this time – Mitsuya. He checked his phone and realised that Hina had been killed too. He meets up with Naoto and asks him what’s been going on in this timeline. Naoto explained that all the original members of Toman had been killed – Pah, Mitsuya, Kazutora and even Draken had been killed. Chifuyu and Hakkai were murdered too. Naoto then revealed that the murderer was none other than Sano Manjiro – Mikey. This led Takemichi to call this timeline the worst yet.

Takemichi gets a message from Mikey to meet him in the abandoned building in the Philippines where Shinichiro found the two motorbike engines. Takemichi does so, but brings Naoto along too. The Mikey of the future is there, and asks Takemichi to end his life. Mikey admits to killing the Toman members and tells Takemichi that he doesn’t feel anything when he kills someone. Takemichi tells Mikey that he can’t do it, so Mikey attempts to kill him. As he does, Naoto shoots him through the head. After a few heartbreaking final words, Mikey dies.

Episode 13: When It Rains It Pours

screen shot 2023 09 22 at 19.33.01
Kisaki joins Tenjiku

Takemichi goes back to the past in an attempt to fix the mess in the future. He meets Chifuyu and explains what is going to happen. The two of them agree to confront Mikey about everything, and beat him in a fight.

Kisaki approaches Izana Kurokawa, the leader of a Yokohama-based gang called Tenjiku. They exchange a few words and Kisaki mentions revenge.

At Shibuya station, swarms of Tenjiku members hop off the train, looking for Toman members. They find Makoto and Yamagishi, and beat them up. Chifuyu stays and fights while Takemichi gets away with an injured Akkun on his back.

Takemichi and Akkun meet up with Makoto and Yamagishi, all four of them run down the street away from the Tenjiku members. They are cut off and beaten up despite putting up a valiant fight. The Tenjiku members part down the middle, and this season closes out the same way the first one did, with the villainous Kisaki, this time in Tenjiku uniform, saying a mysterious phrase to our main protagonist Takemichi – My hero.


There you have it, If you read our recap of season one and now this one, you’re completely caught up and ready for the Tenjiku arc. Leave a comment if you’re hyped!

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