Tokyo Revengers Season One Recap

With the Tenjiku arc airing in October, let’s take a look back at the previous seasons and recap what went down. First up – season one!

Episode 1: Reborn

screen shot 2023 09 19 at 14.53.37
The present version of Takemichi

The journey begins! So in the first episode, we get introduced to the lonely, maidenless Takemichi Hanagaki. He works in the local DVD store and takes a lot of verbal abuse from his manager. He’s unhappy, and unfulfilled, and wishes that his life had gone differently. He checks the news one day to find his girlfriend from back in his teenage years, Hina Tachibana, has been killed in a gang-related incident. Of course, he feels sad, but the news reminds him that she was the only girlfriend he’s ever had – reinforcing the belief that he really did go wrong in life somewhere.

Whilst at the train station, Takemichi slips off the platform and is hit by an oncoming train. When he wakes up he doesn’t find himself in the afterlife, but in the body of his fourteen-year-old, delinquent self. Many things are different in this time – for starters, Hina is still alive and is Takemichi’s current girlfriend. Takemichi bumps into a young boy who is being picked on by some bullies. After beating the bullies up, he learns that the boy’s name is Naoto, and that he is Hina’s younger brother. He shakes hands with him, and ends up in the present time, with the grown-up version of Naoto.

Episode 2: Resist

screen shot 2023 09 19 at 14.51.45
Takemichi after his beating

While in the present, Takemichi and Naoto realize that the trigger for the time travel is a handshake between them. They formulate a plan to save Hina from meeting her tragic gang-related death by targeting the top two members of the infamously brutal Tokyo Manji Gang, or “Toman” for short. The two leaders’ names are Tetta Kisaki and Sano Manjiro. With this information and a plan in place, Takemichi shakes Naoto’s hand and returns to the past.

When he arrives in his teenage body once again he is in the middle of a street fight between himself and another high school student. His three friends Akkun, Takuya, and Makoto cheer him on, but everyone else is rooting against him. Remember: the Takemichi that is inside his teenage body is a 26-year-old DVD store worker with absolutely no fighting capabilities, so as you might expect, he starts catching a serious beatdown from his opponent. These fights are organized by the cruel and ruthless, Kiyomasa. Takemichi asks Kiyomasa for information on Sano Manjiro, one of the leaders, and is met with a beating at the hands of Kiyomasa. At the end of the episode, Takemichi challenges Kiyomasa to a fight in order to protect his friend, Takuya.

Episode 3: Resolve

screen shot 2023 09 19 at 13.52.42
Mikey befriends Takemichi

As expected, Kiyomasa absolutely batters Takemichi. All hope seems lost until the arrival of the number one and two of Toman – Mikey and Draken. Mikey gives Kiyomasa the beating that he deserves and asks Takemichi to be his friend (It’s worth noting that whenever Mikey calls Takemichi by his name, he mispronounces it, calling him “Takemitchy” instead. Draken picks up on this, and starts doing it too). Draken and Mikey walk away, and Kiyomasa is left bleeding on the floor. It’s revealed that Mikey’s true name is Sano Manjiro, one of the two leaders of Toman in the present, and the only leader in the past. Tetta Kisaki is a name that no one in Toman has ever even heard of at this point.

Now that Mikey and Takemichi are friends, Mikey and Draken storm his school and ask him to ditch so they can hang out. Takemichi accepts and heads for the exit – Hina sees him leaving and slaps Mikey across the face. Draken gets violent with her so Takemichi mans up and defends her. Mikey and Draken are impressed by his bravery and tell him that they can hang out another time.

Episode 4: Return

screen shot 2023 09 19 at 14.50.00
Akkun in the present

Takemichi and Hina go to a fireworks festival as a couple. In an attempt to hold her hand, Takemichi grabs the hand of Naoto instead and ends up in the present once again. Takemichi and Naoto review their plan and how things are going, Takemichi tells Naoto that he has made contact with Sano Manjiro and that he doesn’t seem like he’s such a bad guy. Naoto snaps at this and reminds Takemichi that Manjiro is responsible for the death of Hina, and will never forgive him.

Takemichi goes to find his friend Akkun in the present after hearing that he runs a hostess bar for Toman. The two of them head to the roof to talk, and Akkun reveals how terrified he is of the second Toman leader, Tetta Kisaki. Akkun explains that Kisaki has completely taken over Toman, and that all the violence caused by Toman in the present is because of him. He then takes his own life by jumping from the building. Takemichi swears to save both him and Hina by stopping Kisaki from taking over Toman.

Episode 5: Releap

screen shot 2023 09 19 at 14.57.46
Mikey is happy with his flag

Takemichi and Naoto learn that due to a dispute, Toman split into two factions – the Mikey faction and the Draken faction. Naoto also told him that Draken died during this dispute. To find out what caused this, Takemichi shakes hands with Naoto and returns to the past. When he wakes, he finds himself in a karaoke bar with a half-naked girl. I mean really, first the fight, and now this? Takemichi really knows how to wake up in a sticky situation.

He bumps into Hina on the street, and the two of them head to a Toman meeting spot, where loads of members are gathered in uniform and on motorbikes. The girl from the karaoke bar is also there, her name is revealed to be Emma. She has a crush on Draken, but Draken doesn’t pay any attention to her, hence why she attempts to sleep with Takemichi and make Draken jealous. At the meeting, Takemichi meets a few new Toman members – Mitsuya and Pah. The reason for the meeting is to discuss whether or not to have a conflict with the rival gang Moebius. Because of Moebius’ brutality towards Pah’s friend and his friend’s girlfriend, most voted to go ahead with the conflict. Takemichi realizes that this conflict is most likely where the Mikey and Draken factions will be created.

Draken and Mikey visit Pah’s friend’s girlfriend in the hospital. Her parents berate the two of them for the violence that gang culture brought upon their daughter. Draken bows and apologizes, forcing Mikey to do the same.

Episode 6: Regret

screen shot 2023 09 19 at 16.18.29
Young Draken and Mikey

In the present, Naoto tells Takemichi that the conflict with Moebius isn’t what kills Draken, but rather an internal Toman conflict. Still in the present, Takemichi goes to see the leader of Moebius, Osanai. Like Akkun, Osanai is paralyzed in fear when the name Tetta Kisaki is mentioned, and due to this refuses to give any information about what happened during the Toman x Moebius conflict.

This episode gave us some insight into Mikey and Draken’s past. As kids, Draken was told to bring Mikey to a certain location to be beaten up. The opposite happens, and Mikey destroys everyone despite being outnumbered. Draken gains respect for Mikey after watching this and befriends him.

Aftet returning to the past, Takemichi realizes the day of the conflict with Moebius has arrived, and Toman is waiting at the decided meeting spot. Osanai and Moebius arrive and immediately start taunting Mikey and Toman. Despite Takemichi’s begging to rethink this idea, the fight goes ahead.

Episode 7: Revive

screen shot 2023 09 19 at 16.16.08
Pah stabs Osanai

Pah challenges Osanai one-on-one to get revenge for his friend, but due to Osanai being older Pah gets beaten up. To Takemichi’s shock, Mikey just watches and lets it happen. Following Pah’s defeat, Mikey uses one kick to take Osanai down. Unable to let go of what Osanai did to his friend, Pah stabs Osanai. Police sirens ring, so both gangs flee the scene. Pah insists on being caught by the police, but Mikey refuses to let this happen. Draken drags Mikey away. Pah is arrested, and Mikey and Draken stop talking to each other because of this.

Episode 8: Rechange

screen shot 2023 09 19 at 15.37.53
Peh death stares at Draken

After witnessing a funny scene at Takemichi’s house, Mikey and Draken get back on good terms with each other. Takemichi and Hina go to a fireworks festival, and Takemichi looks forward to spending some quality, peaceful time with his girlfriend. It doesn’t go that way though, as Takemichi is informed that many Toman members aren’t happy with Draken allowing Pah to be arrested, and want to kill him. Some of these members are plotting nearby the fireworks festival, so Takemichi investigates. Turns out, it’s Kiyomasa. Takemichi is seen, tied up, and left in the rain. Hina finds and unties him, telling him that despite his uselessness in battle he’s the coolest person she knows.

Takemichi rushes to tell someone about the plot to kill Draken, and finds Mitsuya. The two of them set out to find Draken. Turns out, the person behind the plot is Peh, Pah’s best friend. Peh finds Draken first, and stares him down angrily.

Episode 9: Revolt

screen shot 2023 09 19 at 16.14.35
The kick that put down Osanai is easily blocked by Hanma

When Takemichi and Mitsuya find Draken, he’s taking on at least fifty Moebius members by himself and winning. The battle turns into a full-scale war between Moebius and Toman, with the fearsome Shuji Hanma acting as its temporary leader following Osanai’s hospitalization. Mikey arrives on his motorbike and joins the battle by fighting Hanma himself.

Takemichi works his way through the battle trying to find Draken after losing him. He crosses paths with Kiyomasa, with a knife in his hand. Not too far away is Draken, bleeding out from a knife wound.

Episode 10: Rerise

screen shot 2023 09 19 at 16.12.19
Takemichi and Draken encourage Kiyomasa’s goons to come at them

Kiyomasa wanted to kill Draken because of Mikey and Draken’s intervention back in episode three, his fight ring disbanded and he lost a source of money from bets. With Hina, Emma, and Draken watching, Takemichi summons the strength and faces the evil Kiyomasa. The two brawl and Takemichi wins by strangling Kiyomasa into unconsciousness. Akkun and Takemichi’s other friends arrive to take care of Kiyomasa’s goons so Takemichi can rest after taking down Kiyomasa for good.

Episode 11: Respect

screen shot 2023 09 19 at 16.10.05
Takemichi obtains the signature Toman uniform

Draken is rushed to hospital in a critical condition, and everyone is worried that he might not pull through. The surgery is a success, and everyone rejoices. Mikey steps outside to a secluded location and cries in happiness, not wanting anyone to see him. While recovering in hospital, Draken gives Takemichi his own Toman uniform, officially making him a Toman member.

Takemichi returns to the present and visits Akkun, who now, after Takemichi changed the course of time, is training to be a barber. He gets a call from Naoto and is told that not only is Akkun alive, but Hina is too. Takemichi joins Naoto and they go to see Hina.

Episode 12: Revenge

screen shot 2023 09 19 at 15.59.03
Hina’s tragic fate

Takemichi meets Hina in the present and finds himself just as in love with her as he was as a teenager. They spend time together and reflect on what life was like twelve years ago. Whilst sitting in her car, another car rams into the back and causes a massive explosion. Takemichi rushes over and is horrified to see that the driver of the car is Akkun. He tells Takemichi that he is too scared to defy Kisaki, and that fear led him to this situation. Akkun then passes away. Takemichi runs back over to Hina, they share a heartbreaking final moment together, and the car explodes. Realizing that he has failed in his mission to save his best friend Akkun and girlfriend Hina, Takemichi is overcome with despair.

Episode 13: Odds and Ends

screen shot 2023 09 19 at 16.20.49
Takemichi and Naoto after Hina’s funeral

After Hina’s funeral, Takemichi and Naoto go to see Draken, who is in prison for murder. Draken tells them that he is dead set on killing Kisaki, due to what he has turned Toman into. Takemichi goes back to the past again to stop Kisaki from taking over and turning Toman into such a violent organization.

Episode 14: Break Up

screen shot 2023 09 19 at 17.26.53
Takemichi punches Kisaki

Toman members gather for the appointment of a new captain. To Takemichi’s surprise, it’s none other than Kisaki himself. Takemichi begs Mikey to rethink his decision to make Kisaki a captain, but Mikey won’t listen. Takemichi knows that if Kisaki becomes a captain, he’s one step closer to becoming a leader and changing Toman for the worse. Takemichi punches Kisaki cleanly across the face, throwing him to the ground. A member of Toman who has been banned from attending meetings arrives and starts ruthlessly beating up Takemichi. Once finished with Takemichi, the banned member, named Baji Keisuke, declares that he’s leaving Toman and from now on will be an enemy.

Mikey shows Takemichi a picture of the six founders of Toman back when it was first created – Mikey, Draken, Mitsuya, Pah, Baji, and a mysterious sixth person who seems really close with Baji. Mikey instructs Takemichi to bring Baji back to Toman without failure, or he will kill him.

Episode 15: No Pain, No Gain

screen shot 2023 09 19 at 17.14.19
The sixth founder of Toman – Hanemiya Kazutora

First Mikey and Draken barge in, and now a strange black and yellow haired guy enters Takemichi’s school looking for him. His name is Kazutora, the sixth founder of Toman and the one who looked close with Baji in the photo. Kazutora leads Takemichi to a dodgy-looking building with a group of gang members inside. Hanma stands above everyone else, spectating Baji giving a beatdown to a Toman captain, Chifuyu. This is Baji’s test that he must complete before joining this ruthless gang, Valhalla.

Episode 16: Once Upon A Time

screen shot 2023 09 19 at 17.49.16
Baji faces Mikey after the tragedy

This episode focuses on the days before Toman was formed. Mikey, Draken, and the other Toman founders are enjoying a warm summer and riding around the town on their scooters. Baji and Kazutora decide that they want to get a real motorbike for their leader Mikey’s birthday and see the specific model that he’s always wanted in a shop window. They wait until night and raid the shop, and attempt to bring the bike to the back door. The shop owner arrives, and Kazutora strikes him behind the head, killing him. As it turns out, the shop owner that they were attempting to steal from for Mikey’s sake, was Mikey’s older brother. Tragic.

Episode 17: No Way

Takemichi visiting Draken in prison.

Takemichi and Chifuyu, the latter still recovering from his injuries due to Baji bludgeoning him, visit Osanai in an attempt to gain information on Kisaki. Osanai explains that he doesn’t want anything to do with Kisaki because of his extreme cunningness, and how he could get anyone killed without getting his own hands bloodied.

Cut to the present – Takemichi visits Draken in prison again to ask him who the true leader of Valhalla is, and Draken replies that it is Mikey. In a clash titled “Bloody Halloween” Toman and Valhalla have a savage battle and Valhalla comes out on top, placing Toman underneath them and acting as a parent organization. Draken explains that during this fight, Mikey killed Kazutora.

Episode 18: Open Fire

screen shot 2023 09 19 at 18.06.43
Baji enjoying the breeze on the bridge

Now that Takemichi and Chifuyu know Kisaki’s goal during the clash between Toman and Moebius was to kill Draken and take his position as the number two of Toman, they’re super aware of him and anything that he might try to pull during the upcoming battle on October 31st. Chifuyu asks Baji to meet him at a location so they can talk, and Chifuyu tries his best to convince Baji to come back to Toman. Baji tells Chifuyu that he has left Toman for good and that he will crush Toman in the battle. At a Toman meeting, Mikey tells everyone that he cannot fight his friend Baji, so the purpose of the fight will be to kill the Valhalla members and bring Baji back to Toman.

October 31st arrives, and Toman and Valhalla meet at the designated location ready to begin the battle. The battle is spectated by many different gangs all across different areas and districts of Tokyo.

Episode 19: Turn Around

screen shot 2023 09 19 at 18.18.48
Rage-filled Mikey after beating Kazutora

The battle begins, and blood is splattered left, right, and center. Takemichi makes his way through the crowd by aimlessly swinging his arms around, which somehow works. Draken encounters Hanma and engages in a fight with him. Kazutora sends two of his goons at Mikey, which he does battle with for a while. After Mikey tires, the two goons hold him still while Kazutora beats him around the head with a metal pole. Kazutora states that he’s going to become a hero by killing his enemy, which angers Mikey as Mikey remembers how Kazutora killed his brother, despite it being unintentional. Mikey breaks out of the hold and kicks Kazutora in the head, knocking him out.

Episode 20: Dead Or Alive

screen shot 2023 09 19 at 18.34.30
Baji strikes Kisaki

A Valhalla captain sees his chance to finish off a weakened Mikey and charges over. Mitsuya and Draken see this, but can’t get over to him because there are too many Valhalla members blocking the way. Just as Mikey is about to meet his end, none other than Kisaki punches the captain down and saves Mikey. While Kisaki is off-guard, Baji strikes Kisaki across the head with a metal pole (there are a lot of metal poles lying around huh? Or maybe they brought their own). Baji’s only reason for joining Valhalla was to gain intel on Kisaki, now that they’re on opposite sides, he can attack him freely. Clashing for a while, the cowardly Kazutora snuck up behind Baji and stabbed him, leaving him in a bad condition. Despite this, Baji kept fighting.

Episode 21: One and Only

screen shot 2023 09 19 at 19.33.14
Chifuyu cries at Baji’s death

Mikey saw what Kazutora did to Baji and is enraged. Mikey goes at Kazutora with the intent to kill him, completely putting aside how much he cares for his friends. After Baji starts coughing up blood, Kazutora has a mental breakdown and can’t grasp the situation. Baji then stabs himself, claiming that Kazutora will not be the one to kill him, and passes on to the next life in Chifuyu’s arms through suicide.

Episode 22: One For All

screen shot 2023 09 19 at 19.32.14
Toman’s founders

The episode opens with the Toman founders as kids having fun and deciding what to name their new gang. When cut back to the battle, the police arrive and arrest Kazutora, Baji is pronounced dead. The second half of the episode details how Chifuyu met Baji in high school. Baji acted as a nerd to try to prevent himself from being held back another year, so Chifuyu helped him with his spelling.

Episode 23: End Of War

screen shot 2023 09 19 at 19.07.28
Kazutora’s shock at Mikey’s message

Two weeks forward, Mikey and Chifuyu visit Baji’s grave to pay respects while Takemichi and Draken visit Kazutora in prison. Draken delivers Mikey’s message to Kazutora “You’re still a part of Toman”, which makes Kazutora tear up, showing that he feels really guilty for being a part of his friend’s murder. Kazutora was very mentally unstable due to his time in juvenile prison for killing Mikey’s brother, this played a big part in why he tried to kill Baji. At the end of the episode, Mikey calls a Toman meeting with Hanma joining him on the stage.

Episode 24: A Cry Baby

screen shot 2023 09 19 at 19.30.59
Kisaki threatens Takemichi

The final episode of the first season. The reason for Hanma being at the Toman meeting is because Toman and Valhalla are going to merge. Kisaki orchestrated this, obviously for his own gain, and Chifuyu promotes Takemichi to first division captain in Baji’s place.

Cut to the present, and Takemichi is a top executive of Toman. He attends a meeting with other executives, and Kisaki arrives. He calls Takemichi and Chifuyu into a separate room and poisons them – when they awake they have been tied up. Kisaki explains his scheming throughout the twelve years that has got him into one of Toman’s top positions. Kisaki kills Chifuyu, and this season comes to an end.

Final Thoughts

There you have it, Tokyo Revengers season one. It ended on a real cliffhanger too, so waiting for the second season sucked. Keep an eye out because we’ll be recapping season two soon!

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