This Life Starts As A Child Actor Chapter 21: ‘Jino And Soohyun’ Release Date & Spoilers

The story of This Life Starts As A Child Actor has just taken a dramatic turn as Soohyun’s friend from his previous life makes an appearance. As seen in the flashback from Soohyun’s previous life, Soohyun and Jino had a love-hate relationship, but this time, Soohyun is faced with Jino, who’s still a child. How will Soohyun treat Jino this time? And will he be able to learn more about Jino in this life? 

This Life Starts As A Child Actor Chapter 20 opens up with the beginning of the filming of the scene: “the main character and his friends in the street.”

Soohyun and Hyundo begin acting out their scene, but the director immediately stops them because even though Soohyun is doing great, Hyundo still has issues with his vocalization. The Director asks Hyundo to practice even more, and then she tells everyone to take a break for half an hour. 

This Life Starts As A Child Actor
Soohyun and Hyundo(Jino) (Credits: Kakao)


Other Members of the set also approach Soohyun to commend his acting skills, but Hyundo starts to feel left out because of it. Soohyun then approaches Hyundo to help him in his practice, but Hyundo coldly rejects his help and directly asks Soohyun why he’s so good at acting.

By looking at the way Hyundo asked that question, Soohyun starts to wonder if Hyundo is the Idol Jino from his previous life. The focus then shifts to Soohyun’s previous life so that the readers can find out who exactly Idol Gino is. It’s Christmas time, and Soohyun can be seen distributing gifts to the kids while dressed as a human reindeer.

After hours of hard work, Soohyun finally finishes his work and takes off his mask. Soohyun’s coworkers immediately covered Soohyun’s face with cake and wished him a happy birthday. They then bring a small cake for Soohyun, which they prepare in a hurry, but Soohyun feels grateful nonetheless. Soohyun’s friends tell him that they’ll organize a big party next year if their group manages to succeed.

This Life Starts As A Child Actor
Soohyun In His Previous Life (Credits: Kakao)

Soohyun’s friends say that they should join Black Star in their year-end special broadcast as it would provide them great exposure. They all then turn towards Soohyun to await his response because Soohyun is friends with the Leader of Black Star, who can help them join the broadcast.

A Short description of Jino is given to explain why Soohyun becomes depressed every time his name is mentioned. Jino debuted at the same time as Soohyun, but now his group has reached the top and is worlds apart from Soohyun’s group. The Leader of Black Star is Jino, and he’s a natural genius, the peak of talent and personality.

Due to Jino’s outstanding abilities, he was able to gain massive support from the audience, which helped him skip the rookie days and immediately become a star among the stars. When Jino and Soohyun met for the first time, Jino immediately grew fond of Soohyun.

This Life Starts As A Child Actor
Jino In Soohyun’s Previous Life (Credit: Kakao)

Since that day, Jino has done everything he could so that he can stay close to Soohyun, but this makes Soohyun uncomfortable. Soohyun returns home with his friends after celebrating his birthday. Finally, being left all alone after so long, Soohyun looks out the window at the cold horizon and spends his time in solace.

Soohyun remembers how he used to celebrate his birthday with his family when he was a child, but then it all changed. Soohyun’s mother got divorced, and she left him because she found it hard to raise him. With no one by his side, Soohyun spent his life like a rolling stone. He looks at his phone to call his mom, but he decides not to because he doesn’t want to annoy her.

The day goes by, and the next day, Jino visits Soohyun to wish him a happy birthday. Soohyun accepts Jino’s gift and then apologizes to him because he didn’t prepare any gift for him. Jino laughs and says that it’s okay because just being with Soohyun is enough for him.

Jino says that Soohyun must have enjoyed his birthday with his family, and these words hurt Soohyun. Soohyun remembers All of his memories and becomes depressed again, but he still decides not to say anything. Jino tries to help Soohyun, but Soohyun instead starts lashing out at him.

Soohyun starts to think that Jino has only become his friend because he wants to help someone who’s below him.

After hearing such disrespectful words, Jino couldn’t contain himself, so he angrily countered Soohyun by saying that he didn’t know anything about him. This was the last conversation Soohyun had with Jino before he got sent back in time, but now Jino is standing in front of him again.

Release Date and Where to Read

This Life Starts As A Child Actor Chapter 21 will be released on Thursday, December 07, 2023, at 10:00 PM JST. 

  • Japanese Standard Time: 10:00 PM on Thursday, December 07, 2023 
  • Pacific Time: 05:00 AM on Thursday, December 07, 2023 
  • Australian Central Daylight Time: 11:30 PM on Thursday, December 07, 2023 
  • Greenwich Mean Time: 01:00 PM on Thursday, December 07, 2023 
  • Philippines: 09:00 PM on Thursday, December 07, 2023 
  • Korean Standard Time: 10:00 PM on Thursday, December 07, 2023 

You can read This Life Starts As A Child Actor Chapter 21 online in Korean raw format on Kakao Page.

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