These Marvel Heroes and Villains Could Stop Fall Of X

Fall Of X gives readers the end of the Krakoa Era, as the Orchis Initiative has been able to break the power of the mutant nation of Krakoa. The X-Men have been fighting a guerilla war against Orchis, as the majority of Krakoan citizens do their best to survive being trapped in the White Hot Room by Mother Righteous. Things aren’t at their best for the X-Men right now, with even some of their most powerful members separated from the team. The X-Men could use a miracle to defeat Orchis.

Luckily the Marvel Universe is full of miracles. There are plenty of characters the X-Men could turn to for help, from mutants who haven’t had their chance to help out in the Fall Of X era to allies from outside the mutant sphere. The Orchis Initiative is quite powerful, but the X-Men have some allies that would be able to destroy Orchis.

10 Doctor Doom Has Already Agreed To Help The X-Men


Fall of X Has Transformed the X-Men Into Amoral Killers

Marvel’s Fall of X has placed the mutants in the most harrowing predicament ever – and transformed the X-Men into amoral killers.

Doctor Doom is nominally a villain, but he cares deeply for the people of Latveria, including the mutants there. Doom has kept Latveria free of Orchis and created his own team of mutants. Wolverine, Shadowkat, and Ms. Marvel went to Latveria and Doctor Doom agreed to help them against Orchis. This simple alliance could easily be all the X-Men need to triumph over Orchis.

  • Doom’s armor is possibly the most powerful armor on Earth, with a power siphon system that can steal a god’s power
  • Doom’s magical skills are just below Doctor Strange’s and Orchis’s magical division has just taken a loss fighting Madelyne Pryor, giving Doom a huge advantage over them
  • Doom’s super genius is enough to write viruses that could wreak havoc on Orchis’s computer systems, their Sentinels, and Nimrod himself

Doctor Doom has figured out a way to become God and save the multiverse from the Incursions. Doom is much smarter than anyone on Orchis’s side and has even created his own Sentinels to join his already powerful army of Doombots. Doctor Doom can even call on his ally Morgan Le Fay to help him crush Orchis if felt like going for some overkill. Doctor Doom is not an enemy Orchis ever should have made, as he holds the power on his own to destroy them.

9 Monarch’s Reality Altering Powers Would Cut Orchis Down To Size

Jamie Braddock

Monarch is the reality-altering oldest sibling of the Braddock clan. Jamie Braddock is the most powerful of the three Braddock children, his powers driving him mad. This has made Jamie less dangerous in the long run, as instead of coldly dispatching his siblings and their allies, he enjoys playing games with them. Monarch is currently living up to his name in Otherworld, ruling the realm of Avalon.

  • Monarch sees the world as invisible string constructs and can unravel or build anything he wants
  • Monarch can manipulate time, creating an army of alternate-reality versions of him if he so wants
  • Monarch’s powers also allow him to bestow powers on someone, augment someone’s existing powers, or take them away

Monarch is basically a deity, so the damage he could do to Orchis is amazing. Monarch can create an army of himself to fight Orchis, all with his full powers, with every Monarch unraveling armies of Orchis troops and Sentinels. Monarch can make the mutants fighting alongside him more powerful and probably could completely nerf the weapons of Orchis’s soldiers and their Sentinels. Monarch would be able to bring an army of reality-altering versions of himself to bear against Orchis and tear them apart.

8 Doctor Strange’s Magical Might And Years Of Experience Would Be The End Of Orchis

Doctor Strange flies into action


Marvel Zombies May Regret Not Embracing its Comic Roots

The upcoming Disney+ series based on Marvel Zombies ignores some of its source material’s most special elements, which it may regret.

Doctor Strange is the Sorcerer Supreme, the most powerful magic user on Earth. Strange has protected the Earth from godlike threats for years, and has worked with the Illuminati, the Avengers, and the Defenders. Doctor Strange has made a career of surviving against the greatest odds, and he excels at beating enemies who are ostensibly more powerful than him. Strange is as canny as he is powerful, which has made all the difference in his battles against foes like Dormammu.

  • Doctor Strange has the greatest magical library on Earth
  • Wolverine was a teammate of Strange’s on the New Avengers, so he could ask him for help, as could Magik, who has worked with Doctor Strange in recent years
  • Doctor Strange’s magical artifacts give him an advantage over Orchis, as their magical nature would make it difficult for them to counter

Doctor Strange would be able to wreak havoc on Orchis. Orchis wins because they have the technology to trump the mutants. Magic is much harder to counter since it doesn’t follow the rules of reality. Orchis has multiple divisions, but even at full power, their magic division wouldn’t be able to touch Doctor Strange. Strange has all the tools to take Orchis apart.

7 Sersi’s Eternals Powers Make Her More Than A Match For Orchis

Sersi in Eternals

The X-Men and Eternals had a climactic battle during the Krakoa Era, with Prime Eternal Druig using war against the mutants as a way to cement his power. Not every Eternal worked with Druig, as Ikaris, Makkari, Ajak, Sprite, Phaestos, Gilgamesh, Thena, Kingo, and Sersi fought against Druig. Sersi helped her group of Eternals get in touch with the Avengers, and they worked together to build a Celestial. This backfired, but the important part is that Sersi is a friend of the mutants, which means they could ask her for help.

  • Sersi’s Eternal nature makes her immortal and indestructible; the only to kill her is to destroy her at a molecular level
  • Sersi has all the powers of an Eternal – high-level super strength, invulnerability, cosmic energy manipulation, and mental powers
  • Sersi also has the power to manipulate matter, which Orchis wouldn’t have any defense against

Sersi’s matter-altering powers give her all the advantages she needs against Orchis. The Eternals are an unknown factor to Orchis, so it’s doubtful they have any way to hurt an Eternal as powerful as Sersi. Sersi, on the other hand, could use her powers to take apart everything Orchis throws at her. Sersi is very good at manipulating inorganic matter, and most of Orchis’s best weapons are made of metal. Sersi would be able to disassemble Orchis piece by piece.

6 Loki’s Powers Would Spell Doom For Orchis


Loki might not seem like the best person to take on Orchis. Loki is the God of Stories, and Orchis has a rather powerful AI contingent, which would make them hard to manipulate. However, Loki’s magic is very powerful, and they can wreak havoc on Orchis from the inside. Loki can look like anyone they want, allowing them to infiltrate Orchis’s headquarters and do massive amounts of damage. Loki has spent centuries playing tricks, and the tricks they could play on Orchis’s human contingent are incalculable.

  • Loki has thousands of years of experience to use against Orchis
  • Loki doesn’t have any magic weapons like his brother Thor, but their powers more than makeup for it
  • Loki would hate Orchis’s smug superiority and enjoy destroying them

Loki would have a harder time against Nimrod and Omega Sentinel, but they have their weaknesses against Loki. Both of them depend on their technology to mess with the powers of their foes, but their technology can’t trump godly magic. Loki probably couldn’t destroy Orchis all in one go, but they would be able to stop them before they could make their final move against the mutant race.

5 Silver Surfer Has The Power Cosmic On His Side

Silver Surfer has always been a tragic being, having spent years working with Galactus to save his homeworld and the woman he loved. Since leaving the employ of the World Devourer, Silver Surfer has traveled the universe and helped defend the living. Silver Surfer spent years on Earth but rarely worked with the X-Men. It would be difficult for the X-Men to get in touch with them, although Wolverine has enough connections that he could almost certainly find someone who could get in touch with Silver Surfer and ask him for help.

  • Silver Surfer wields the Power Cosmic, which is a primal source of power in the universe
  • Silver Surfer is practically indestructible and has a litany of powers.
  • He has super strength, cosmic energy manipulation, super speed, cosmic awareness, matter manipulation, and a multitude of other cosmic powers

Orchis win because they study their foes and figure out ways to nullify their enemies’ powers. That’s not something they could do against Silver Surfer, since he was given his powers by Galactus, who is an integral part of the universe’s ecosystem. All of Orchis’s technology is meant to destroy mutants but would have no effect against Silver Surfer. It would be a long shot that the X-Men could get Silver Surfer to help them, but if they did, Orchis wouldn’t stand a chance against him.

4 The Hulk Would Smash Orchis

The Incredible Hulk attacks

The Hulk is the most dangerous being on Earth. The Hulk is considered the strongest human ever, his gamma radiation powers giving him infinite strength potential. The Hulk isn’t exactly known for teaming up with people; quite the opposite. However, the Hulk and Wolverine did recently have a team-up, where Hulk helped Wolverine get rid of some Wolverine clones that Beast made. Hulk and Wolverine are usually enemies, but there’s a good chance that Wolverine could talk Hulk into helping him.

  • Hulk is an expert at dismantling military forces
  • Hulk’s powers are very hard to nullify since he’s a limitless battery of gamma energy
  • The Hulk might not seem smart but he’s proven to be quite crafty in battle

The Hulk has been able to run through pretty much anyone one-on-one. Nimrod was able to beat Juggernaut several times, so there’s some speculation that he can beat the Hulk. However, that definitely wouldn’t be the case. Orchis can bring a lot to bear, but the Hulk is used to having the odds against him. Hulk would smash through Orchis, which would be all the sweeter because Orchis thinks they’re unstoppable. Hulk would show them what unstoppable truly means.

3 Karnak Can Find The Weaknesses In Anything

Karnak about to hit someone with an ax kick


The Last Hope for Mutantkind in Fall of X Lies in One Gut-Wrenching Decision

The only hope for the future of mutantkind might be the worst decision that Charles Xavier will make in any of his lifetimes.

The X-Men and the Inhumans aren’t on the best of terms. The two sides were involved in a rather brutal war over the Terrigen Mists, one that ended with the destruction of the Terrigen Mist cloud. This would prove to be the end of the Inhumans as a force in the Marvel Universe, but if the X-Men were able to get a hold of them and convince them to help, it wouldn’t be that hard since Orchis would certainly target Inhumans eventually, there is one Inhuman who could help them the most – Karnak.

  • Karnak’s powers allow him to find the weakness in anything, and he’s even been able to free himself from a teen Jean Grey telepathic trap
  • Karnak’s a master martial artist, which allows him to use his powers to take out foes with one shot
  • Karnak’s powers also work when making plans, as he instinctively knows where an enemy is at their weakest

Karnak can help the X-Men figure out the perfect plan to attack Orchis. There’s a good chance that Orchis knows how to deal with Inhuman powers, but that would have to wait until Karnak’s actually on the attack. Karnak’s plan and ability to see weaknesses would allow him and the X-Men to tear through Orchis. If there’s anyone who can one-shot someone like Nimrod, it’s Karnak and that would make all the difference in the battle against Orchis.

2 Storm Has Reached A Whole Level During The Krakoa Era

Storm is back in business

Storm has always been a powerful X-Man, but the Krakoa Era has seen her truly come into her own. Storm started as a member of the Quiet Council and was made Regent of Arakko after the first Hellfire Gala. Storm’s mutant mastery of the elements has always been amazing, but she’s mastered it to a greater extent on Arakko, where she was constantly challenged by the Arakkii. Storm has spent most of the past several years on Arakko and was able to lead the Arakkii to victory over enemies like Uranos of the Eternals and Genesis and the Arakkii of Amenth.

  • Storm was able to defeat Tarn, who can control other mutant’s mutations, without her powers
  • Storm was able to beat Vulcan, who has complete control of energy, more than once
  • Storm can bring the surviving Arakkii to bear against Orchis

Storm hasn’t had a chance to fight Orchis since they attacked the third Hellfire Gala. Storm has proven herself to be an amazing tactician in the Arakko civil war and a master of using her powers in smart ways. Orchis knows what to expect from pre-Arakko Storm, but this new Storm is truly different. Storm was always called a goddess, but recent years have seen her truly step into that role. Storm has everything she needs to tear Arakko apart, especially once she gets Magneto back on her side.

1 Jean Grey Has The Power Of The Phoenix Again


10 Deadliest Marvel Heroes, Ranked By Kill Count

Marvel heroes are known for being wholesome and protective, but there are a few of them like Wolverine and Punisher who have amassed huge kill counts.

Jean Grey was targeted by Orchis at the third Hellfire Gala and killed. However, she was able to survive as a psychic phantom and used her powers on Doctor Stasis to make him believe that Firestar was an Orchis spy. That’s a pretty amazing feat, and she ended up in the White Hot Room of the Phoenix Force, where she learned that she and the Phoenix were bonded in ways that no one else could imagine. Jean was almost sacrificed by Mother Righteous so Righteous could become a Dominion but was saved by Hope and Exodus, who were trapped in the White Hot Room along with the rest of the Krakoan mutants by Mother Righteous. Jean is still in the White Hot Room, with the power of the Phoenix and most of the mutants of Krakoa.

  • Jean Grey has proven able to control the Phoenix Force, which was shown during Grant Morrison’s New X-Men run
  • Jean is one of the few beings to ever reach the level of White Phoenix
  • It’s unknown if Jean has the full omnipotent power of the Phoenix Force, but her actions since her “death” at the third Hellfire Gala have proven her power levels have increased

The Phoenix Force is quite dangerous for mortals to use, but Jean and it are inextricably connected. Jean returning from the White Hot Room with the power of the Phoenix Force is game over for Orchis. Jean will have the full power of Krakoa’s mutant population with her when she returns, including Hope Summers, who can also tap into the Phoenix Force. Jean Grey is certainly going to play a big role in Fall Of X’s endgame, and she could easily lead the X-Men to victory over their enemies.

Cyclops, Beast, Angel, and Marvel Girl vs Magneto on the cover of Marvel's X-Men #1


Since their debut in 1963, Marvel’s X-Men have been more than just another superhero team. While the team really hit its stride as the All New, All Different X-Men in 1975, Marvel’s heroic mutants have always operated as super-outcasts, protecting a world that hates and fears them for their powers.

Key members of the X-Men include Professor X, Jean Grey, Cyclops, Wolverine, Iceman, Beast, Rogue, and Storm. Often framed as the world’s second strongest superheroes, after the Avengers, they are nonetheless one of Marvel’s most popular and important franchises.

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