These Anime Characters Are Just Like Makima From Chainsaw Man

One of the most fascinating aspects of Chainsaw Man‘s world is its characters, with Makima being one of the most popular and intriguing by far. She appears calm and polite on the surface but is a master of manipulation in reality, whether it’s by fear or her womanly charms. For much of the series, Makima’s true powers and motives are hidden, shrouding her character in mystery. Part of what makes Makima such a fascinating character is how unique she feels, as there aren’t really other anime characters that are exactly like her.

By breaking down Makima into her various core character traits, though, there are other anime characters who embody parts of Makima’s character. Some are master manipulators who appear friendly and charming on the surface but are cruel and self-serving deep down, while others are openly cruel but possess such power and status that other characters don’t dare stand against them.

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10 Esdeath (Akame Ga Kill!)

General Esdeath and Tatsumi looking at each other on a beach in Akame Ga Kill!.

While Akame Ga Kill!‘s Esdeath has genuine romantic feelings for the protagonist, unlike Makima, who uses Denji’s feelings toward her to manipulate him, the two are similar in other ways. For one, Esdeath is cruel and enjoys inflicting pain on others, and she doesn’t regret any of her heinous actions.

Despite Esdeath’s cruel streak, others can’t help but be inspired by her charisma and led to follow her. She’s charming and strong, and others fear her power, and Esdeath is perfectly fine using these traits to her advantage, much like Makima.

Lust from Fullmetal Alchemist

Each homunculus from Fullmetal Alchemist is named after the sin they represent, with Lust being the cruelest and most manipulative of the group. Rather than being controlled by her sin like the others, Lust uses her charms to manipulate others, trick them, or get information out of them.

Lust is calm and patient, often hiding her true emotions beneath an outward persona, as does Makima. While Lust loyally follows Father’s orders, she has goals of her own that she’ll do anything to achieve, even if it means using and killing countless humans.

8 Balalaika (Black Lagoon)

Balalaika from Black Lagoon

Going by the nickname Balalaika, Black Lagoon‘s Sofia Pavlovna Irinovskaya is a ruthless and respected mafia leader. Balalaika doesn’t exploit her charm like Makima, but her leadership and combat prowess are so respected that she doesn’t have to. Her men will loyally follow her orders regardless.

Even other powerful Black Lagoon characters fear Balalaika due to her strength and influence. Being a ruthless mafia leader, Balalaika stops at nothing to achieve her goals. She doesn’t care who she has to use or kill to get what she wants, and this even extends to children.

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7 Light Yagami (Death Note)

Light Yagami holds the notebook in Death Note

What allows Light to survive without being caught for so long in Death Note is his intelligence and charm. Light manipulates numerous women, both those aware and unaware of his true identity as Kira, and he has no qualms about killing them if they jeopardize his master plan.

As Kira, Light is feared for the power and absolute control he has over others. Most are unaware of the true power he possesses and fall for the charming facade he puts on, which is similar to how Makima hides her true nature beneath her calm demeanor.

6 Rachel (Tower Of God)

Rachel from Tower of God

There are notable differences between Makima and Tower Of God‘s Rachel. Rachel doesn’t like or have confidence in herself, her appearance, or her abilities. She’s openly spiteful and jealous of other, more talented people, but because of this, she’s determined to achieve her own goals.

Rachel’s similarity to Makima lies in her willingness and ability to manipulate and deceive others. Rachel is unable to take accountability for her actions, seeing herself as able to do no wrong, and will use whoever she has to in order to reach the top and obtain what she desires.

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5 Kirari Momobami (Kakegurui)

Kirari Momobami looking smug in kakegurui

Many of Kakegurui‘s cast members share similarities with Makima, but none come closer than the student council president, Kirari Momobami. She became president after beating the previous president in a gamble and enacted the housepet system where those who don’t win are seen as less than human.

Kirari acts refined on the surface but is cruel and calculating underneath, viewing everyone else as mere objects for her entertainment. Similar to Makima, Kirari is also fine with losing and being taken out in the end, as long as her own goals are met in the process.

4 Osamu Dazai (Bungou Stray Dogs)

Bungou Stray Dogs Osamu Dazai split image

Bungou Stray Dogs‘ Osamu Dazai is a mysterious person who never lets others know his true intentions. Having earned the status of “the youngest leader in the history of the Mafia,” Dazai shrouds himself in darkness and shows no remorse about taking human lives.

Osamu Dazai is a master of manipulation and persuasion and is able to break targets that even actual torture squads couldn’t get information from. Another little-discussed side of Makima that Dazai shares is unfathomable loneliness, as no one can truly understand who he is and what he wants out of life.

3 Elsa Granhiert (Re:Zero – Starting Life In Another World)

Elsa Granhiert from Re:Zero

Similar to Makima, Re:Zero‘s Elsa Granhiert is a charming woman who typically wears a near-blank expression, making her thoughts and emotions incredibly hard to read. She appears refined on the surface, but Elsa’s true nature couldn’t be farther from her outward appearance.

Under the surface, Elsa is a cruel, bloodthirsty individual who lives only to feel the warmth of her opponents’ blood and internal organs. Instead of fighting to prove her own strength, Elsa fights simply for the joy of it regardless of the outcome, and this attitude gains her both respect and fear.

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2 Haruko Haruhara (FLCL)

Haruko Haruhara from FLCL

Author Tatsuki Fujimoto has referenced FLCL as a source of inspiration for the Chainsaw Man girls, with Makima likely taking inspiration from the series’ main character and antagonist, Haruko. Haruko is incredibly unpredictable, making her hard to read, and she has a talent for persuading others.

Haruko is more playful than Makima, but she shares Makima’s will to obtain what she wants, regardless of the means and without remorse. She’s also willing to act flirtatious and promiscuous as one of her manipulation tactics if it makes men more susceptible to her whims.

1 Sato Matsuzaka (Happy Sugar Life)

Satou from Happy Sugar Life smiling with her hand in her face

Happy Sugar Life stars Sato Matsuzaka attempting to protect the fragile, twisted happiness she shares with Shio. On the outside, Sato is a friendly and cheerful girl who’s incredibly popular and admired by both her co-workers and peers. She’s smart and adaptable, typically knowing what to do or say in most situations.

This is all a facade Sato puts on to hide her true nature. In reality, Sato is highly manipulative, typically using social manipulation to get what she wants. She’s not above murder if she thinks someone is threatening her and Shio’s “happy sugar life.” While she truly loves Shio, unlike Makima with Denji, it’s her hidden nature and willingness to use and kill others that connect the two.

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