The X-Men’s Mutant Nation is Owned by the Kingpin


  • The X-Men and their allies are facing a tragedy as most of the mutants have been removed from Earth
  • The Kingpin now owns the X-Men’s island nation and has become the White King of the Hellfire Club, potentially granting the mutants outside support.
  • The mutants are fighting back against Orchis and are willing to reach out to unlikely allies in order to survive.

The following article contains spoilers from Immortal X-Men #14, on sale now from Marvel Comics.

The mutants of Krakoa have suffered a horrific tragedy. Orchis has manipulated events to remove most of the mutant population from Earth, leaving only a handful left in the world. It was to be expected that the survivors would begin scrambling to defend what is left of their people. Immortal X-Men #14 (by Kieron Gillen, Lucas Werneck, David Curiel, Erick Arciniega, and VC’s Clayton Cowles) reveals the beginning of the mutants’ counteroffensive as the Kingpin is made the new White King of the Hellfire Club.

While this may sound catastrophic, it could also be a good thing. Kingpin was elevated to this position thanks to the machinations of Emma Frost, one of the mutants still active in the world. This, coupled with rumors that Tony Stark is to become the new Black King of the Hellfire Club, gives the mutants an opportunity to call upon outside assistance in their fight against Orchis.

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The Kingpin Has the Means to Assist the X-Men

Shaw Owns the Island

Recently, Kingpin (aka Wilson Fisk) became a citizen of Krakoa thanks to his marriage to the mutant Typhoid Mary. It was a way for him to seek sanctuary after he lost his position as mayor of New York. Unfortunately, he didn’t get to enjoy time in paradise long before Orchis enacted their plan to be rid of the majority of the mutant population. Still, Kingpin is nothing if not an opportunist, and it seems he and Emma Frost have concocted a new scheme that not only gains Fisk influence and wealth, but a way to repay the debt he owes the mutants when they gave him shelter.

As the new White King of the Hellfire Club, Kingpin is in control of all of Krakoa’s assets. The island itself may belong to Sebastian Shaw, but the capital, the pharmaceuticals, and virtually every resource the mutants had to make their nation a success is now his. Ordinarily this would be a terrifying prospect. Giving the Kingpin practically limitless wealth is dangerous no matter whose side he is on, but Emma Frost seems to be directing that brutality towards the enemies of mutantkind.

In many ways, Fisk leading the Hellfire Club could be a good thing. The mutants of the world are facing an unprecedented crisis right now, and having a human at the head of their former global trading company could deflect from any prejudice. More to the point, people know who the Kingpin is and what he is capable of. Now that he has a stake in the prosperity of the mutants, he will fight tooth and nail to defend it. That would be enough to give any enemy hesitation.

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The Kingpin Has Become the X-Men’s Newest Weapon

Shaw Is No Longer a King

Right now, the mutants are at their lowest point in years. The majority of their population has been transported away to an unknown location and the few remaining on Earth are scattered and left to pick up the pieces. In essence, they are starting from scratch. In that sense, there is no one better to have on their side than the Kingpin. He is no stranger to building himself up from nothing, and as such is the perfect partner to help them rebuild what they have lost.

Granted, Fisk will likely only be able to offer assistance from a financial, and influential stance. Kingpin is still human after all, and his mutant connections don’t extend far beyond his wife. At the moment however, rebuilding their resources is a good step forward for the mutants. They’ll need every option available to find their lost allies and establish a new base of operations.

Wilson Fisk is the key to this. With his new position, Kingpin can not only call in favors he has accumulated over the years, he can also form new working partnerships. The Hellfire Trading Company had its hand in the global economy, dealing in legal and illegal transactions, effectively granting them numerous powerful contacts. Some of these associates may not be inclined to help the mutants, but they would be hard-pressed to refuse a meeting with the Kingpin.

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The X-Men Now Have a Better Chance of Fighting Back

Kingpin is the New White King

The Kingpin’s alliance with the mutants is just the first step in their retaliation against Orchis. With rumors abounding that Tony Stark will become the Black King after marrying Emma Frost, a picture is beginning to form about how the mutants will be able to fight back. They have always chosen to internalize their affairs, prefering to lean on each other for support. While that may have given them the strength to create their own nation, it also alienated many potential allies who have been sympathetic toward mutants.

Now, with their numbers reduced yet again, the former Krakoans have learned that to survive they need to reach out to unconventional allies. The Kingpin is one, bringing with him influence and enough of a threat to cow any vultures looking to claim the remains of Krakoa’s greatness. In Tony Stark, they have a technical genius capable of undoing the work Orchis has put into their science and sentinel tech.

All in all, Kingpin’s new position as the White King is an indicator of a change in tactics by the mutants. They are no longer content to suffer through Orchis’ attacks on their own. They are now prepared to reach out to whoever is willing to help, no matter how unsavory the alliance. What needs to be considered is how far they’ll take their retribution when the time comes. Orchis has had years to let their irrational hatred guide their actions, but in the process they have given the mutants a deadly new motivation: Revenge.

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