The Weakest Power Rangers In The Franchise, Ranked

As superheroes, the Power Rangers are much more powerful than the average person. They are constantly fighting against monsters and aliens and can also control giant robots that combine to become even bigger mechanized fighters. Every Ranger has a mastery of hand-to-hand combat and uses a wide variety of weapons and tools to take down their opponents. Even the least effective among them can take down a half-dozen putty patrol monsters by themselves before needing to call for backup.

The weakest Rangers in the entire franchise still have something to them that makes them worthy of being a Power Ranger. Usually, their personality shines, making them incredibly popular for their nature as outcasts. Additionally, they tend to be the heart and soul of their team. They just happen to be the worst in battle.

Updated on September 15th, 2023 by Mayra García: With the announcement that Power Rangers: Cosmic Fury will be the last entry of the TV franchise, fans can’t help but look back and remember some of the strongest Rangers ever, such as Jason David Frank’s Tommy. Now that Cosmic Fury is about to premiere, the fandom will want to remember those Power Rangers who happen to be the franchise’s weakest.

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20 Billy – Blue Mighty Morphin Power Ranger

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, Season 1

 David Yost as Billy Cranston, smiling in Power Rangers Mighty Morphin

Some of the most hardcore Mighty Morphin Power Rangers won’t admit it, but Billy Cranston was the weakest link of his team for a while during the first season of the series. Obviously, he grew up as a fighter, as shown in Once and Always, where he basically leads the team.

Regardless, during the first episodes of the series, Billy wasn’t as skilled and strong as his peers, and he knew it. Given this, his lack of physical prowess combined with his lack of confidence makes him a terrible warrior. If it wasn’t for his brains, Billy would’ve never made it as a Ranger in the first season.

19 Kat – Pink Zeo Ranger

Power Rangers Zeo

Kat Hillard In Power Rangers Zeo, smiling

The second-ever Pink Ranger, Kat Hillard, is one of the franchise’s most beloved characters for her kind and generous attitude. However, as a Ranger, she didn’t have many standout moments. In fact, Kat’s teammates had to save her a few times during the series.

Of course, this had a lot to do with the fact that Power Rangers Zeo depended on Chouriki Sentai Ohranger footage. Given this, Kat returned to Once and Always more capable than ever. Since the Zeo Rangers are among the most powerful teams, Kat is still quite powerful, even if she’s among the worst of the best.

18 Carlos – Green Turbo Ranger & Black Space Ranger

Power Rangers Turbo & Power Rangers In Space

Carlos looking down In Power Rangers In Space

After Adam Park chose him to become his successor, Carlos Vallerte took the Green Turbo Ranger spot with the Turbo Rangers. A year later, he became the third Black Space Ranger of the Space Rangers. Even though he was part of two of the most powerful teams ever, Carlos never stood out.

Carlos’ main issue was his lack of confidence. In both series, he struggled with his own perception of himself, which greatly affected his performance on the battlefield. Although he was always the most loyal Ranger of his team, he was never among the strongest heroes of his generation.

17 Jayden – Red Samurai Ranger

Power Rangers Samurai & Super Samurai

The red ranger of the Samurai Sentai Shinkenger team holding his sword in his elbow

Jayden from Power Rangers Samurai and Super Samurai is more of a bad Ranger in general rather than a weak one. As is, he has access to a variety of different forms and powers. Jayden’s Mega Mode, Super Mega, Super Samurai, Shark Attack, and Shogun forms give him an extra boost in power.

However, what really puts Jayden down is the fact that he is an unpopular character, and there’s an even better Red Ranger in Samurai. It was revealed that Jayden’s sister, Lauren, was the true Red Ranger. Lauren is overall a more likable character, and she is better than Jayden in almost every way.

16 Gemma & Gem – Silver & Gold RPM Rangers

Power Rangers RPM

Gemma and Gem smiling and posing in Power Rangers RPM

Power Rangers RPM doesn’t have a sixth ranger. Instead, it has a pair. Gemma and Gem are the Silver and Gold RPM Rangers. These twins are known for their incredible connection — often finishing each other sentences — and their childish attitude.

Gemma and Gem are an absolute dynamic duo. Their abilities complement each other, making them some of the strongest Power Rangers out there. However, on their own, they’re nothing special. If anything, they’re even weaker than the rest of their team, the RPM Rangers — who are already the weakest Power Ranger team in the franchise.

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15 Sam – Omega SPD Ranger

Power Rangers SPD

The Omega SPD Ranger using his quick fist in battle

First showing up as a mysterious ally, the Omega Ranger from Power Rangers SPD was later revealed to be a Ranger from the future named Sam. Due to some time-traveling issues, he can’t have a physical form out of his Ranger suit. Without his suit, Sam is only a ball of light.

As the Omega Ranger, Sam is gifted with great strength and superpowers. However, since Sam is nothing more than a ball of light, he doesn’t get many chances to shine outside his few appearances in his Ranger suit.

14 Rocky – Second Mighty Morphin Red Ranger

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

Rocky, the Mighty Morphin Red Ranger, posing before battle

Jason Lee Scott from the first season of the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers is one of the strongest Rangers ever. His unfaltering leadership, his stoic personality, and his being a good role model made him excel as the Red Ranger.

When Jason Lee Scott left the second season to join a “Peace Conference,” Rocky took his place as the Red Ranger. Rocky is supposed to be the lovable doofus of the cast, meant to play second-fiddle to Tommy’s White Ranger. While he isn’t necessarily a super weak Ranger, he comes off as ineffective when compared to what came before.

13 Trip – Time Force Green Ranger

Power Rangers Time Force

A split image of Trip, the Green Ranger in Power Rangers Time Force, in and out of his suit

Trip from Power Rangers Time Force is actually a lovable character. One of the more sensitive male Rangers to appear at that point, Trip comes from a distant planet in the future. That makes him one of the few non-Earth-based Rangers.

A lot of Trip’s personality centers on him being insecure and acting like a little bit of a clutz. Even his alien ability to see moments into the future is completely useless more often or not. The show establishes the fact that Trip isn’t as skilled or proficient as his fellow Rangers, but he has a lot of heart.

12 Kat Manx – S.P.D. Kat Ranger

Power Rangers S.P.D.

Composite image of Kat Manx as Kat Ranger from Power Rangers SPD

Although Kat Manx isn’t an official Power Ranger — she mostly heads R&D and helps the Rangers from the headquarters –, she became a Ranger with a temporary morpher to help them during “Katastrophe.”

As the Orange Kat Ranger, she proved a skilled fighter. However, she still ranks among the weakest Power Rangers ever because her power is fairly limited. For instance, she doesn’t have her own Zord, which makes her pretty much useless during combat against giant monsters. Besides, her Morpher only lasts one hour, so she can’t be ready for action 24/7.

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11 Jake – Black Megaforce Ranger & Green Super Megaforce Ranger

Power Rangers Megaforce & Power Rangers Super Megaforce

Split image of Jake as the Green Ranger in Power Rangers Super Megaforce in and out of his helmet

Like all the Megaforce and Super Megaforce Rangers, Jake Holling can harness the power of previous iconic Rangers to help himself in battle. Even though this means he can tap into the power of heroes such as the Black Dino Ranger or the Green Galaxy Ranger, Jake’s biggest weakness is his attitude.

Although he’s as charismatic as they come, Jake is also the class clown. He often jokes at the wrong time and doesn’t really read the room. Jake constantly gets distracted from his duty as a Ranger and has a hard time putting it first from his own priorities. This truly impacts his performance in battle.

10 Xander – Green Mystic Force Ranger

Power Rangers Mystic Force

A split image of Xander as the Green Ranger in Power Rangers Mystic Force, in and out of his suit

Xander from Power Rangers Mystic Force is only one of the few Rangers with an Australian accent. Xander is a fun character, having a charm to him that makes him stand out from the rest of the somewhat bland Mystic Force cast.

Unfortunately, even though he is a good character, Xander is also one of the laziest Rangers in the series. He would constantly try to talk his way out of any sticky situation or try to avoid them altogether. Ultimately, that is part of Xander’s appeal as a character.

9 Ronny – Yellow Operation Overdrive Ranger

Power Rangers Operation Overdrive

Ronny, the Yellow Ranger in Power Rangers Operation Overdrive, wielding his weapon in battle

Power Rangers Operation Overdrive is often ranked as one of the worst seasons of Power Rangers. Most of the main five Rangers are among the weakest Rangers in the entire franchise. The exception is Mack the Red Ranger, who turns out to be a robot.

Ronny the Yellow Ranger is meant to be a very determined and highly competitive race car driver with superspeed powers. However, when push comes to shove, she backs away from being a Ranger when better Rangers come in to aid her team. What really cements Ronny’s ineffectiveness as a Ranger is that Xander proves more impressive than her even though Xander isn’t a strong Ranger either.

8 Ethan – Blue Dino Ranger

Power Rangers Dino Thunder

Ethan amidst tranformation In Power Rangers Dino Thunder

Ethan James, aka the Blue Dino Ranger, was famously known for his team-oriented attitude and his incredible skills using the Hovercraft Cycle. However, even though he was the only Dino Ranger with such a cool vehicle, he also ranks as the weakest one due to his special superpower.

While Kira has the Ptera Scream — a supersonic wave using her voice — and Connor has T-Rex super speed, Ethan’s ability is way less offensive. Instead, he has thick, impenetrable skin. This proves useful in battle but does very little against the Rangers’ enemies.

7 Dustin – Yellow Ninja Storm

Power Rangers Ninja Storm

Dustin Brooks from Power Rangers Ninja Storm showing his morpher while smiling

Fans love Dustin Brooks, the Yellow Ninja Storm Ranger from Power Rangers Ninja Storm. However, beyond his charisma, it’s impossible to deny that he’s not as strong as his peers. This lovable comic geek is the most naïve member of the team, and he is also its worst fighter.

Time and time again, Shane showed his true strength, both in and out of Ranger form, and so did Tori. They even faced Keizaks on their own, but Dustin didn’t do it. In fact, the Yellow Ninja Storm Ranger didn’t even have a Battlizer of his own.

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6 Justin – Blue Turbo Ranger

Power Rangers Turbo

Carlos And Justin In Power Rangers Turbo looking concerned

Justin, the Blue Ranger from Power Rangers Turbo, is literally a little kid who magically grows taller as he morphs into a Ranger. It was such an outlandish idea that many fans, even those who were young children themselves, rejected him right off the bat.

Justin never appeared weaker than any of the other Rangers. In fact, it is pretty impressive that a kid can keep up with Rangers who are older than him. Nevertheless, Justin is still just a small child. He doesn’t have the same maturity as most other Rangers, and he lacks experience.

5 Albert – First Purple Dino Charge Ranger

Power Rangers Dino Charge

Albert in battle as the first Dino Charge Purple Ranger

Albert wasn’t a Ranger for very long, and when he was, he wasn’t a particularly good one, but he at least tried. Albert from Power Rangers Dino Charge is an older gentleman who offers people Bigfoot Tours in New Zealand.

One day, Albert came across the Purple Energem, which turned him into the Purple Dino Charge Ranger. His heart was in the right place, but his fear of monsters prevented him from doing much as a Ranger. He eventually severed his connection to the Purple Emergem, ending his duty as a Ranger. His run as a Ranger was one of the weirdest storylines in the franchise.

4 Dana Mitchell – Pink Lightspeed Rescue Power Ranger

Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue

Dana Mitchell the Pink Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue holding her arms high

The Lightspeed Rescue Rangers were all known for their specific abilities in different areas. Carter was a firefighter, Chad was an expert swimmer, Joel was an aerial stuntman, Kelsey was a professional climber, and Dana was a trained paramedic. Given this, Dana was indispensable for the team, but not in battle.

Contrary to Carter, Joel, and Chad — who had their own Battlizers — Dana never got cool enough weapons. Besides, while all the other rangers had abilities that involved physical strength and dexterity, the Pink Ranger’s medical expertise was mostly about her brains. This made Dana the weakest of her team, even if it was only during a one-on-one fight.

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3 Nate Silva – Grid Battleforce Gold Ranger

Power Rangers Beast Morphers

Composite image of Nate Silva as the Gold Ranger holding his blaster and without his suit

Nate Silva, aka the Grid Battleforce Gold Ranger, is the main reason why the Grid Battleforce Rangers from Beast Morphers exist. He’s a genius-level intellect working with the Grid Battleforce and he’s the main creator of Morph-X, the fuel that powers this team. Unfortunately, as a Ranger, he isn’t that great.

Nate’s biggest strength is his intelligence, so he’s far from the most skilled combatant of his team. Of course, he makes up for it by being a great tactician, but this isn’t enough. He’s the weakest Beast Morphers ranger when it comes to physical prowess.

2 Dax – Blue Overdrive Ranger

Power Rangers Operation Overdrive

Dax the Blue Ranger in Operation Overdrive Power Rangers during battle

Rounding out the Operation Overdrive Rangers, Dax set a pretty low bar in a season often viewed as one of the worst. He was meant to come off as the awkward movie actor whom audiences end up loving, yet his character became too unlikeable.

Dax lacked charisma, didn’t do anything particularly special, and never knew when to shut up. Furthermore, just like every other Operation Overdrive Ranger, he basically gives up being a Ranger when better Rangers show up to help. Dax didn’t even do anything cool after he gave up being a Ranger.

1 Ziggy – Green RPM Ranger

Power Rangers RPM

Power Rangers RPM Ziggy holding his helmet out of desperation

Ziggy from Power Rangers RPM is one of the most likable characters in the franchise. Despite that, he is also one of the weakest. First, Ziggy is a criminal who just so happens to bond with Green Ranger Morpher. Second, he has no training in combat and is a complete clutz on the battlefield. The only reason Ziggy makes it out alive is because of dumb luck.

However, Ziggy stumbling his way into fans’ hearts makes him an enduring character. He is incredibly flawed and is a hero only by accident, which makes him one of the worst Power Rangers in one of the worst Power Rangers series in the whole franchise. Yet, underneath all that is a character who progressively gets better as the season plays out.

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