The Way You Shine Episode 21: Release Date, Preview & Streaming Guide

The Way You Shine, a Taiwanese ongoing drama, is set to drop the 21st episode soon. Only four episodes of the current season remain to be released, marking the series’ conclusion. The audience felt sorry for the main characters because of how long they had to endure. And all they want is for their ship to continue sailing to the very end. 

The Way You Shine is a story about Xin Xing and Tian Yu. They met in an unforeseen circumstance and fell for each other without worrying much about their backgrounds. However, it would eventually become the primary cause of a disruption in their relationship. 

The 20th episode started with Xin Xing meeting An Ni at her company when she was passing by. She told her about Tian Yu’s accident which left him traumatized. The next day, he took Xin out for a trip by car as he got the license. But he kept remembering the memories from the past while driving. He was so lost that he almost ran into the car coming from the front. However, he got hold of him.

Let’s Catch Up With Episode 21 of The Way You Shine

Tian’s mom or the Chairman, Yun Qi, passed an envelope to Xing’s mom, Mei Na. She told Zhang Yong Fu that Xing’s father and Mei’s husband, Zhou Zheng Da went bankrupt because of their company and committed suicide. Yun Qi then speculated about Xin Xing’s possible motivation for pursuing a relationship with Tian Yu.

Mei Na’s had any other option but to accept Yun Qi’s choice. Meanwhile, Tian Yu woke up, and Xiang he was sorry for ruining their trip and that he was taking her to meet Grandma Chen. His son worked for their company and died while working only.

the way you shine ep 20
The Way You Shine Episode 20 (Credits: Viki)

So, Tian’s dad used to give them a visit and buy gifts for his son because it was their responsibility to take care of them. He also told her everything that happened on the day of his father’s accident.

The following day, they went to see Grandma Chen, and Tian recognized Kai there because he had also seen him in his company. The other day, he observed him meeting with his mother. They told him his mother was looking after them after his father died.

Tian visited his home to pick up Grandpa and his mother in the morning. They stopped by for a coffee together before heading to the company. Tian asked his mother to get along with Xin Xing in exchange for moving back to his home.

Wei Ting again approached Xing. She asked him to stop bothering her and also told him his mother slapped her when she came for the delivery. Meanwhile, in the meeting, Tian and Zhao Xun disagreed on the choice related to the company. But Xun had to accept as Tian was persistent.

Later, Xun met Chairman Li and again received an offer to come to Zhengsheng Group. On the other hand, An Ni booked a restaurant for Xin Xing and Yu Qi. Xin went along without Tian Yu. Meanwhile, Tian found out about Xing’s father’s case. 

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The Way You Shine Episode 21 Release Date

The Way You Shine Episode 21 will be released on the 20th of August, 2023. According to the Taiwan Standard Time (TST), the episode is planned to be telecast at the time of 8:00 P.M in Taiwan. But it alters at different places as following dates and hours: 

  • India: At 05:30 PM, Indian Standard Time, on the same day 
  • Japan: At 09:00 PM, Japan Standard Time, on the same day
  • China: At 08:00 PM, China Standard Time, on the same day
  • South Korea: At 09:00 PM, Korean Standard Time, on the same day
  • Thailand: At 07:00 PM, Thailand Standard Time, on the same day
  • USA: At 08:00 AM, Eastern Standard Time, on the same day
  • Europe: At Noon, Greenwich Standard Time, on the same day 
  • Canada: At 08:00 AM, Eastern Standard Time, on the same day
  • Australia: At 10:00 PM, Australian Standard Time, on the same day 
  • Britain: At 01:00 PM, British Standard Time, on the same day 
  • Indonesia: At 07:00 PM, Indonesian Standard Time, on the same day 
  • Philippines: At 08:00 PM, Philippine Standard Time, on the same day
  • Malaysia: At 08:00 PM, Malaysia Standard Time, on the same day
  • Germany: At 02:00 PM, Germany Standard Time, on the same day

How to Watch The Way You Shine Episode 21

The Way You Shine will be airing its 21st airing on the 20th of August, 2023, on the local television network TVBS, Youku, and EBC exclusively for Taiwan viewers. The episode will be available on Rakuten Viki with English subtitles for the international audience. It needs no subscription fee.

The episode will also be accessible on Line TV with English subtitles only in selected regions. But the viewers must pay the subscription fee.

How to Watch in the UK, US, and Canada

The UK, US, and Canadian fans can watch the episode on the mentioned time and date above on the online service Rakuten Viki for streaming with English subtitles for free.

How to Watch in Australia and Germany

The episode will be available for Australian and German audiences on Rakuten Viki, with English subtitles for streaming for free.

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