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Suzy Batiz is not your typical CEO and Entrepreneur. By harnessing the energy of intuition and transformation, she’s used her passion and alive ideas to turn them into a multimillion-dollar empire.  Rather than leaning on privilege, she proved herself a survivor – of sexual and domestic abuse, depression, and two bankruptcies – which led her to discover the power of pattern-breaking and the art of manifestation.

Fast-forward to more than a decade later, Suzy has used her entrepreneurial drive to build each of her brands [~Pourri, supernatural, and AliveOS] from the ground up and help others discover the strength and passion that already lives within them.

She’s what you’d call “alive as shit.”

Suzy sat down with Rolling Stone to discuss her story, the disarming power of humor, and why “hope” isn’t enough.

The story of Poo~Pourri is something that feels straight out of Hollywood. How would you pitch it as a biopic?

The story of Poo~Pourri starts with a woman who was born without a lot of resources (internal and external), but now can somehow say, “[I] made it.”

It happened by having a knowing within [me] and by letting a higher part of myself guide [me] to understand that there was always something more that I wasn’t seeing or experiencing. I believed that I had it within [me] to create and build something that would help others.

I feel like it comes back to the idea that [our] internal knowing guides our story and empowers us to create our own destiny.

Is “empowerment” the central theme of your story?

Oh yeah, for sure. It’s [empowerment] acknowledging that not everything is as it seems and accepting the circumstances you’ve been given. Once you do that, then you can fully dive in and discover your truest self.

What does it mean to be “alive as shit?”

It means to be filled with [a] purpose. Well, that word can be charged, right? So let’s replace ‘purpose’ with passion – [alive as shit] means to be fulfilled in life; to be filled with the things that get you up in the morning, that turn you on, and lights you up. The name [ALIVE] stands for Abundance Lives in Vibrational Energy. When you can keep the vibration of that passion in its highest frequency, then it allows you to look at a piece of art and understand what the artist is telling you – you can feel that energy. It’s the same thing with a product and how I run my businesses.

What’s the first step to being truly alive?

The first thing would be to get real, really real. It starts by taking a step back to recognize and acknowledge, ‘This is where I am [in life] and I don’t feel passionate about it.’ If you stay in denial and keep ignoring the problem, then you won’t face [reality] it. Once you identify the problem, then you can make choices that will drive you [in] the direction you want to go. Hope is the biggest drug. I feel very passionate about turning the idea of ‘hope’ into real actions.

You’ve successfully used humor to remove the stigma from “bathroom talk.” Why was that the key?

I have realized that humor is how we bridge the gap to taboo topics and the way to address a problem head on. It feels good to say, “Hey, shit happens! But let’s face it, take care of it, and do it in the most fun way possible.” We could have gone a different direction with Poo~Pourri but we wanted to replace the negative connotation around going to the bathroom and lead with humor instead.

You’ve completely disarmed people just by talking about shit.

I think when you approach people with the truth in a kind way, then it is undeniable. If you are speaking from your heart, then it allows people to let their guard down. No one likes to be sold [into] something. They hate it. It’s the idea of a used car salesman. You go up and you’re like, ‘Oh shit, here we go. They’re going to try and sell me the car I don’t want.’  [It’s that] versus someone or something that stops and listens, identifies the true issue you are having, then really tries to help solve it. I think that idea is very empowering for a brand and people.

Never content in a single lane, I hear you’re now breaking into music.

Yeah, so my partner is a musician [Preacher]. [We] fell in love and it’s this magical, crazy story in that all the words we’re saying to each other, we would just start writing down!


So, we have thirty songs right now that we’re writing and they’re incredible, because [they] also contain the energy of that. It’s so authentic.

We’re writing three albums right now and it’s amazing. I’m really writing my story.

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