The Sopranos’ Prequel Update Avoids The Worst Possible Future For The HBO Show


  • No more prequels for The Sopranos is a relief, especially after The Many Saints of Newark, which didn’t capture the greatness of the original series.
  • More prequels could harm the legacy of The Sopranos, diluting the story and creating plot holes. It’s best to leave the franchise where it is.
  • The Many Saints of Newark serves as a fitting place to end Chase’s story, setting the stage for Tony Soprano’s character arc and offering a glimpse into his future.

The Sopranos creator David Chase’s recent prequel update bodes well for the franchise, as it confirms the HBO show is avoiding the worst possible future. When the series premiered back in 1999, there was no telling that The Sopranos would become one of those TV shows that changed the medium forever. During its six-season run, The Sopranos proved that antiheroes could be compelling protagonists, paving the way for shows like Breaking Bad and Ozark later on.

Given the massive success of The Sopranos when it was on air, it’s no surprise that Chase returned to pen a prequel years after the series ended. But while 2021’s The Many Saints of Newark offered further insight into Tony Soprano’s story, it didn’t fare nearly as well as the show it was based on. And Chase recently told TV Insider that there were no plans to revive the franchise any further, confirming, “The prequel was it.” This may come as a disappointment for those missing The Sopranos’ heyday, it’s probably for the best.

The Sopranos and The Many Saints of Newark are available to stream on Max.

No More The Sopranos Prequels Is A Relief

James Gandolfini as Tony Soprano during a therapy session in The Sopranos

The confirmation that there will be no more The Sopranos prequels comes as a relief, especially after The Many Saints of Newark’s lackluster debut. While the 2021 prequel film isn’t necessarily bad, it isn’t a truly great movie either — especially compared to the six seasons of The Sopranos. This may not feel like a fair comparison, but The Sopranos is regarded as one of the best TV shows of all time. A successful follow-up needs to recapture that level of greatness, and The Many Saints of Newark just doesn’t.

More prequels would compound this problem, as every return to the world of The Sopranos risks hurting the original series and its legacy in some way. Another prequel could dilute the story, open up plot holes, or create unwanted retcons. Those are things that shouldn’t happen for the sake of capitalizing on a popular IP. The Sopranos doesn’t need to continue any further, and The Many Saints of Newark is probably the best place for Chase to leave it.

The Many Saints Of Newark Is A Fitting Place To Leave The Sopranos

Dickie Moltisanti at the door in Many Saints of Newark-1

The Many Saints of Newark isn’t a necessary addition to The Sopranos franchise, but it feels like a fitting place to end Chase’s story. The 2021 prequel movie sets the stage for Tony Soprano to become the man viewers know and love, with his moments like his pinky swear adding significance to his later character arc. Dickie’s death also offers a mirror of Tony’s future, teasing what could happen to The Sopranos’ lead at any time — and seemingly does in the controversial series finale. With such things in mind, it makes sense for The Sopranos to end with The Many Saints of Newark. Anything else might muddy its legacy.

The Sopranos Poster

The Sopranos

Considered to be a quintessential drama series to watch, The Sopranos is a crime-drama series that follows Tony Soprano, who tries to manage the expectations of an Italian-American patriarch while acting as the head of a prolific New Jersey crime family. Burdened by the stress of the expectations thrust upon him, Tony regularly visits a therapist throughout the series run. This helps give context to Tony’s actions as a ruthless boss with violent tendencies.

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