The Slowest Mounts in Palworld (That Still Have Uses)

Sometimes, slow and steady does win the race! These pals won’t be winning world drivers championships anytime soon due to being the slowest mounts in Palworld, but they still have good uses!


palworld icy pal cooling
Image Source: Pocketpair

Don’t be taken in by that soft and cuddly fluff, Sweepa is by far the slowest mount in the game even compared to some early-game Pals. Please don’t sleep on them though because they are good at keeping your food from spoiling with its cooling ability.

They are also incredibly powerful and can become even stronger if you have Swee in your party. Sweepa and Swee are highly connected, as Sweepa is the grown-up version of a Swee. This is where a Sweepa’s power comes from, as the fact there are not many of them means that most Swees don’t make it to adulthood. The existence of the strong Sweepa proves that the ones who do are greatly rewarded.


Rushoar, one of the slowest mounts in Palworld
Image Source: Pocketpair

While Rushoar might seem like it would have more use as Porchetta and ham, hear us out. Yes, they are a good food source, providing meat that can be cooked or used in recipes, but you should tame at least one.

In fact, it’s crucial because they have a unique skill called Hard Head where they can make it easier for you to mine items. In doing so, you’ll shave off some time and energy in resource collecting. Rushoar are also appealing for their access, as you can get them almost right when you start the game. All mounts have something they’re good at, so always check!


riding the slowest mount melpaca in palworld
Image Source: Pocketpair

Do you need your first land mount but keep getting knocked out by Eikthyrdeer? If so, start smaller with the fluffy Melpaca. They are painfully slow, but it’s easy to catch for beginner players and less of a threat to your HP bar than Eikthyrdeer.

The attacks for it actually hit good for lower-level enemies and it’s a Pal that’s relatively simple to find. Not to mention it’s adorable, do you see those fabulous pink boots? Make sure to unlock the saddle for it as well in your technology points section to be able to ride it.

Melpaca are a great long-term investment because once you get faster mounts, you can put them on the ranch for wool.


Grizzbolt in Palworld
Image Source: Pocketpair

We’re not condoning theft, but did you know there is a special Pal you can catch in the first boss fight? The Winnie the Pooh of Pals, this fellow called Grizzbolt is a bit too chunky to be quick on his feet, there’s just more of him to love!

However, he certainly makes up for the slowness by being able to use a gun while you ride him thanks to his Yellow Tank skill. At the base, he can be used to generate electricity, collect wood, or build things.

If you failed to catch him at the battle in the Rayne Syndicate tower, you can find him later on in the game on the Pal Sanctuary island.


Surfent the slowest swimming mount in Palworld
Image Source: Pocketpair

Admittedly, the map of Palworld is very hard to explore without external help. If you can’t swim, you won’t get far, which is why it’s crucial to get yourself a water mount as soon as possible. The first one available is the serpent Surfent.

While it looks majestic, it moves like a rowboat. However, they’re important because there’s a huge level gap from there to when you can access the next water mounts. If you want to open where you can travel to, you have to get one because regular mounts can’t swim without losing stamina.

Surfent’s ability, Swift Swimmer, prevents it from having that problem. It’s the handiest way to travel from place to place since some flying mounts lose stamina as well.


Nitewing in Palworld
Image Source: Pocketpair

In Palworld, you’ll build a base in a location of your choice but will have to leave it occasionally to explore and find some resources, in some cases traveling far. To get back to your base quickly, you’ll first be at the mercy of finding a fast travel port, which are the statues that glow.

To cut that time in half, you have to unlock the flying mounts, which can take you to the air so you can see where your base is or where a travel port is. The first one available will be Nitewing and it’s truly one of the slowest mounts in Palworld.

However, no matter the speed, traveling by air is just way easier in the game compared to running around on the ground looking for ports. By being able to fly, you can find items that are sitting on top of high structures.


Grintale in palworld
Image Source: Pocketpair

There’s a lot of cute cats in this game, but none as cute as the Cheshire-like Grintale. Just like the Catbus in My Neighbor Totoro, Grintale will always take you where you need to go. They are a rough early game boss, but completely worth catching because of their strength.

The way it just full-on charges into smaller Pals like a truck is quite hilarious and, in some cases, saves you the trouble of hunting. Using its main attack is a lot of fun because it’s basically a Mario style ground pound, those Syndicate thugs won’t know what hit them.

When you get one, it’s going to be like having a defensive bulldozer with legs despite being one of the slowest mounts in Palworld. In addition, their partner skill allows them to strengthen neutral attacks.


Arsox in palworld
Image Source: Pocketpair

You probably learned early on that at night, the temperature in the game drops. Or did you die and now all your things are missing and you’re slowly freezing to death? If you have a rideable Arsox, you can prevent that through its Warm Body skill, which keeps the player’s body temperature regular during those times of emergency.

You’ll stay alive while you make the trip to find your lost things or get new things if you’re in the higher difficulty mode. It might take time to get there considering Arsox is one of the slowest mounts in Palworld, but you’ll do it without becoming a popsicle. When they’re not on warmer duty Arsox are also great for putting to work in the lumber yard, smelting or cooking food.

These Pals prove that even when you’re not the hare of the story, your value always shines in other ways.

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